Marilyn Manson’s feelings are hurt

July 29th, 2009 // 94 Comments

Marilyn Manson has his panties in a bunch after an item in LA Weekly claimed he’s a “paranoid cocaine addict who is nothing like his onstage goth persona.” Here’s what he wrote on his MySpace blog (Wow. MySpace?) via Page Six:

“If one more ‘journalist’ makes a cavalier statement about me and my band, I will personally or with my fans’ help, greet them at their home and discover just how much they believe in their freedom of speech,” Manson warns. “I dare you all to write one more thing that you won’t say to my face. Because I will make you say it. In that manner. That is a threat.

Marilyn Manson is a 40-year-old woman on the verge of menopause.

NOTE: I live at Spencer Pratt’s house and look exactly like him. So much so that people often confuse us with their fists and/or firearms. (Preferably the latter.)

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  1. Que

    Que upsetting.

  2. Mckinzzzz

    Jeeze… He looks like Death from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure with that hood up!

  3. Janice L

    he does look like a woman in meno

  4. amanda

    he didnt age well…bummer

    @2 HAHAHAHAHA he totally does!!

  5. Josh

    “or with the help of my fans”

    My god, more evidence to confirm that manson is the biggest pussy on the planet. He talks so much shit, but will never actually be a man and fight someone. If he does anything, he will just give his fans the address on his blog, thats it, he wont do anything.

    • Paige

      don’t know about that man. Journalists always talk more shit than the stars themselves and they do it to make money not to defend their name.

  6. sam hain

    Alright I dig his music and the shows but the Emperor Palpatine get-up has got to go!!

  7. McHuge

    “I will personally or with my fans’ help”

    What douche. What fans? You mean there are MM fans who will leave their parents basement? HAHAHA Good luck. Or does he think that anyone who listened to his music in 1995 still actually cares about him?

    Seriously, Marilyn Manson should disapear like Limp Bizkit and all those loser late 90′s poser bands.

    • Paige

      he’s a douch? look at your comment name Mcdouche. His lyrics and image are bigger than you’ll ever be bro.

  8. Stinky

    Wow, a goth pansy talking tough…

    You’ll notice that he defaulted to using his fans to do his dirty work if it looked like he might chip a nail or something.

    Does anyone else see a grumpy Michael Jackson clone?

  9. RD

    so michael jackson isn’t dead? Now I’m confused.

  10. amanda

    @7 limp bizkit (or however you spell it) is going back on tour, yuck

  11. nhood


  12. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Poor Marilyn. The OMEGA MAN: THE MUSICAL auditions were LAST week!

  13. Harold^Sick

    Is it just me, or would he have been perfect to play Darth Maul in Star Wars? I mean, he wouldn’t even need to put on make-up or a costume.

  14. NoMoreDouches

    Hilarious, way to write Fish!!! Two with one stone we can only hope…

    (Low voice)-Take care young Jedi, you know nothing of the power of the Force, now bring me my lipstick.

    “Marilyn Manson is a 40-year-old woman on the verge of menopause.

    NOTE: I live at Spencer Pratt’s house and look exactly like him. So much so that people often confuse us with their fists and/or firearms. (Preferably the latter.)”

  15. Max Planck

    Would somebody please flush this turd?

  16. Jesus Juice

    If you’re gonna pose like a dildo don’t be indignant when people notice it.

  17. kris

    I live at Spencer’ house too and also look exactly like him so come on over!! HAHAHAH!!!

  18. Doc

    Cheer up, you’re masscara is running.

  19. PlushBarbieTits

    Let’s make a reality show with him and K-Fed – they can both lose weight together!

  20. Courtyardpigeon

    Grace Slick has really let herself go here.

  21. StEvec

    He/she is the USA’s version of Boy George…..

  22. norton

    Personally, or with your “fans” help?

    Which one? Pick.

    What a pussy.

  23. Mchuge

    I think Manson is in his 70′s “Fat Elvis” phase. If this guy showed up at my door, I’ve give him some Xenadrine and tell him to get on a treadmill!

  24. dk

    What an ugly minded piece of shit. Ill whip your ass tan! Go se a Dr and figure out why you hide behind make up you ugly, drug addicted bitch.

    Stuart, Fl 34997 Ask anywhre for dk, im not hard 2 find.

  25. Mac


    Says the dude running his mouth anonymously. Go find MM big boy. He’d make you into his b*tch.

    • Paige

      exactly. everyone on here thinks he wouldnt do anything? Manson is crazy and he’s totally not afraid to let your face or your ass know it.

  26. doogleberg

    It’s 2009 and Marilyn Manson is completely irrelevant.

  27. Danklin24

    Your “fans” are 14 year old girls with shitty taste in music, I don’t think they’ll be too much help in a fight there Brian. Why don’t you just go back to draining the blood from live cats and having gross sex with whatever Dita Von Tease look alike youre fucking with your stump this week. Kill yourself, fatass.

  28. Jeff

    Hey number 24. You’re one tough wetback. Bet you like Gator sticks. Queer.

  29. Jeff

    Hey number 24. You’re one tough wetback. Bet you like Gator sticks. Queer.

  30. F.I.N.E

    Think positive! Atleast he grew his eyebrows back….

  31. thatswhatimtalkinabout


    Articles like this are exactly why I keep coming back to this site. Less Perez drivel, Superficial, more boobies and mockery.

  32. Jeff

    Hey 27, Enjoy burning in hell. Wishing death on someone? Really? Stay classy man. Ever heard of karma? You wish death on someone.. In return, a close family member bites the big one. You’re a piece of s*** and rap is garbage. Eat a banana homo.

  33. Marty Balin

    Courtyardpigeon – July 29, 2009 12:48 PM

    “Grace Slick has really let herself go here.”

    —————— This is fucking great!———————-

  34. David

    I didn’t even know he was still around…. people write about him???

  35. Earl J

    he & Madogna ought to have a dance off…

  36. Josh

    When did Marilyn Manson become a dark lord of the Sith?

  37. Pat

    “My band and me.”

    Maybe you should use correct grammar before calling out the “journalists.”

  38. Lisa

    Karma´s a bitch, ain´t it, buddy?

    If he can´t stand the heat, he needs to get out of the fucking kitchen.

  39. dk

    @ Jeff

    Evidently you like snorting coke of pale white cock, to each his own. Ill beat your ass too, im free Saturday….

  40. Jeff

    If your a disgusting human being and do drugs to escape reality, ill bend over and take all your manhood like a good little groupie, holla!

  41. Sarah Palin

    Okay, here ya go “Marilyn”-

    You’re old news. You suck. Nobody gives a shit about your “music” (except eminem). You also blow. You’re like Megamaid from Spaceballs, you suck and you blow.
    Oh yeah, I forgot to say I think you’re a bitch. And, you’re probably on those drugs that make people do crazy things and put your own dick in a roast beef sandwich with Horsey sauce on it.

    Now bring it! Ya know where to find me!

  42. cracka ass

    MM eats cheetos and drinks Faygo while masterbating to Christian Death videos on YouTube. Hit me up on my Myspace, Brian, and we’ll meet up. I’ll put the z’s on your cheeks motherfucker.

  43. Mole

    I bet he’s gone to go cry into some cake. What a fat fuck.

  44. kris

    Wasn’t he going out with Boy George?

  45. Sasha?

    Hey wait, that’s not Brian Warner, that’s SASHA BARON COHEN!

  46. Gar

    from Gar to Marilyn Mansom thingy:

    Come get some.

  47. Jon H

    He’s the Douchebag of Death. BOO!

  48. Steve

    He’s actually one of the few people in Hollywood I’d like to meet and conversate with. But don’t whine like a bitch when people fuck you pal.


    My dear boy, you are more than welcome to visit me at my house and I will be glad to fight you. Have your people call my people and we’ll sort it out. This weekend is good for me.

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