So Here’s That Marilyn Manson Video Shia LaBeouf Directed

September 2nd, 2011 // 63 Comments

“Does that guy have the 2012 carabiner? It’s not supposed to be out until next week!”

For those of you just tuning in, Shia LaBeouf and Marilyn Manson are besties now, and at long last, they’ve premiered The Beef-directed video for “Born Villain” after getting drunk and sidetracked by the aroma of their own sphincter fumes as are a hipster’s wont. MTV News reports:

The two then began prep work on “Born Villain,” which draws heavily from very intense, graphic imagery, specifically a famous French surrealist short film, Shakespeare and theology.
“The song has all these references to ‘Macbeth’ and all this Shakespeare and heavy theology, so we tried to make Manson’s ‘Un Chien Andalou’ macabre ‘Macbeth’ — that’s sort of what that became.” [LaBeouf said.]

Ah, “Un Chien Andalou,” of course. But can we frame this in the light of a child actor trying to escape his Disney past? Show me that:

I also think there are fans of mine who aren’t fans of Manson’s and vice versa; that’s why I think our collaboration is interesting. I don’t really see it on paper,” he continued. “I don’t see fans of mine who went to see ‘Holes’ when they were 12 loving this. I don’t think my audience is the only thing I should exercise my artistic muscle for. I don’t necessarily always do things for the audience; this is one of those.
“I love Marilyn,” LaBeouf said. “Manson is like a brother to me now. He’s a real sweet dude, a real close friend.”

A real sweet dude who just likes to give naked elderly women haircuts. It’s touching really. He’s like a puppy, but instead of a wet nose he stands next to old lady bush and puts eyeballs in their vaginas. It’s all the rage.

WARNING: Video is NSFW in case you just missed all the vagina talk back there.

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  1. Ray

    I fucking can’t stand self-righteous, pretentious bullshit “art” like this…. those who made it are so self-absorbed that they think it is actually clever commentary on life; those who want to understand it just pretend they do, because they’re “deeper” than the rest of us…. fucking shite.

    • jim x

      I absolutely agree, and am further offended because it gives *genuinely* challenging art a bad name. Because to get to something actually good, true and new that says something, people often have to punch their way through pedestrian shock-shlock like this first.

    • Bubba

      Art is a word this knows nothing of. This Nothing is a word too good for this amaturish adolescent Goose Egg.

  2. jim x

    Beginning of the video where Manson is cutting the women’s hair, is a *shameless* rip-off of the actually brilliant cult film “Holy Mountain”. Although I’m sure when cornered LaBeouf and/or Manson will claim it’s an “homage”. I expect the same is true for nearly all of the rest of the images. That, honestly, I skimmed through.

    Good luck to LaBeouf and his journey to rebrand himself as someone edgier.

    • Colby

      Well, Manson and Jodorowsky are close friends so I think it may just be an homage to a friend that made a great film? At any rate, Antichrist Superstar was great, Even Stevens was great. Theyve both been awful since.

  3. mk

    The looping, obnoxious audio ads really add a layer of surreality and terror to it.

  4. Elle

    If your brother calls himself “Marilyn” you’ve got a bigger issue than you thought.

  5. Venom

    Wow, I have not seen anyone use a caribiner as a keychain since I was in undergrad.

    Only douchebags used them then, and it seems to be true today.

  6. Wuce Brillis

    Crap of the day.

  7. rough hurts

    Vidal Sassoon before his handlers demanded he cleaned up before the whole business tanked?

    Art inspire all sort of interpretations. Find yours.

  8. Megan Fox

    I think how LaBoof thinks he has fans. Nigga pleez

  9. titsonsnack

    Ugh Marilyn Manson looks like Nicolas Cage, this song sucks a butt, and the video is poo-poo.

  10. Shia LaBeouf Marilyn Manson Born Villain
    Commented on this photo:

    Haha, He thinks he has fans! how very amusing.

  11. jimbo

    since when can you show boobies on youtube?

  12. Well, he has a beard and a baseball cap, so it was only a matter of time before he became a director. Either that or the homeless guy sitting next to me at Starbucks.

  13. Shia LaBeouf Marilyn Manson Born Villain
    Commented on this photo:

    The working title of the “The Ghost and Mrs Muir” remake?
    “Shia and The Ghost of Roy Orbison.”

  14. Alex

    So what I gather from what Shia stated, I’ll equate this little venture to drunk dialing. Lay off the exotic sauce, Shia. It simply does not pay and you’ll start turning directors off. You don’t have that to lose.

  15. Barbosa

    What a great way to inspire homicidal psychopaths.. that just might be the video to put them over the edge.. you really are a first-rate dick shia ladouche.

  16. sticky-armadillo

    I would rather pass a porcupine through my bladder and out my pee-hole than watch that again. Also i think porcupine kidney stones are more relavent than Manson is today. And you get to keep the porcupine. Added bonus.

  17. dogger 69

    what a bunch of stupid unrelated crappola.. MM used to to be to watch in his pretention .. but this is just way too , full of cliche B.S.

  18. TomFrank

    Un Chien Andalou? Try, “We ripped off The Cell. You remember, that movie with Jennifer Lopez? We got high and watched that movie over and over again. Also, you know that Spanish movie where the thing had eyes in its hands? No? Well, it had eyes in its hands, and we thought, Wouldn’t it be cool to put eyes, like, on other body parts? And there’s some David Lynch in there, too. Lost Highway makes a lot of sense when you’re really, really baked.”

  19. zomgbie

    hey marilyn, george lucas called.
    he wants his frog neck back.

  20. BleachMyEyes

    Fetid discharge from the minds of sadistic narcissists.

  21. Pooter

    I think the whole thing is really a bite. The beginning Moog sequence sounds like Empty Spaces.
    Like the Faulkner reference though one of my favorite books

  22. doodles

    this was the shittiest video i’ve ever seen. shit shit shit

    besides who has listened to manson since the late 90s?

  23. NRM!


  24. Kundalini

    God, his voice is horrible! I think shoving ice picks into one’s ears would be a less painful method. I hope Dali gets out of his grave and beats the shit out of Manson for this poorly “inspired” video.

  25. LJ

    I did better stuff in college 30 years ago, and my stuff was really shitty.

  26. jaime

    come on, man. I watched buñuel’s un chien andalou in 2005, i even have it on my ipod. broaden your taste, fool!

  27. this was geared for the goth punk genre not mainstream. there were so many ripoffs. the blonde girl sorta looked like Avril Lavigne in her blue top hat in her video”hot”. also vengence for incestral pedophila. and parts of his religious practices of LaVeyan Satanism.

  28. Arzach

    OK, This looks like an amateur work from someone with lots of money.
    For a Marilyn Manson video is cliche, specially the Romanek and Sigismondi visual references, a total ripoff.
    Tries to be shocking but too obviously, and the continuity is horrible.
    His worst job was in the actors direction, bad acting requires more creativity from the director to make it look good, it is achievable.
    All around is a good exercise for film school but it is not a mature, not even a complete work.

  29. Arzach

    Oh, I forgot!
    Regarding Manson music:
    It is noticeably lacking of the hand of the master genius of Trent Reznor to recover the past glory.

  30. forrest gump

    marilyn likes boy’s with beard……………….
    the idea of a VAGINA is there.

  31. sdodihfiodus

    So weird how MM looks strangely more attractive as an old chubby man than he did in his younger days.

    • Brooke

      Probably because he used to look like a clown on meth. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who thought he was attractive in his prime. He looks more like Nicolas Cage than I’d ever imagined, though.

  32. superjesus

    I really want to give LeBouef credit for trying to step outside the box, but this video just reaks of copy and desperation. It’s the same as any other manson video, and doesn’t do anything different. He screams when he should whisper and he grunts when it would be manlier to give an explination.

  33. Michael

    Jesus tapdancing Christ! What a video! I dare anyone to watch it and not feel like throwing up. I know, it’s Marilyn Manson, but sometimes there is a limit to boundaries. Piercing your skin and doing stuff with eyes is the end game.

  34. Alixia

    I suppose that’s 6.30 I won’t ever get back. I liked in when he got set on fire because i thought that might be the end. The rest was really shit though. I’ve never seen a fake eye in a vagina before though, so thanks Marilyn.

  35. Pete

    Manson ftw

  36. Joeyca211

    Damn, Fish, you really take alternative forms of expression personally, don’t you?

  37. tim b

    Looks a lot like that movie “Bronson”

  38. adriana

    Couldnt even watch the whole video, it sucked too much.

  39. Al

    Oh good, art talk from a guy who called Michael Bay a genius. Takes lot of art to use a strobe light. And he called Manson his brother. That’s sweet. Didn’t he call Bay his brother too while getting his paychecks from him?

  40. Paul

    What do you get when you put two douchebags together? the video speaks for itself.

  41. D-chi

    Hold on, hold on. Holes was a great movie. Stop it, Shia, you are really from Even Stevens, not Transformers.

  42. Shia LaBeouf Marilyn Manson Born Villain
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it just me, or is Marilyn Manson and Boy George morphing into one?

  43. Shia LaBeouf Marilyn Manson Born Villain
    Commented on this photo:

    You can tell he’s the director, because he’s wearing his directors hat and director”s beard.

  44. thespiral

    “I love Marilyn,” LaBeouf said. “Manson is like a brother to me now. He’s a real sweet dude, a real close friend.”

    Translation: Marilyn Manson has really good blow.

    And what did poor Luis Bunuel ever do to these assholes?!?

    • thespiral

      But on the other hand, it’s kind of sweet that Manson has been living in a hermetically sealed bubble since 2001 and hasn’t had to witness wars, revolutions, natural disasters or any other genuinely shocking and disturbing shit lately.

  45. angelalynn79

    wow I really, really wish I hadn’t lost that 6:30 of my life.

  46. Daniel

    I think it’s sad when I read comments like the ones here.

    Art comes in all forms, and if you don’t like it, well good for you. It’s simply entertainment, and for every artist there is a large group of haters. It’s a reflection of his own mind, a reflection of an idea in his head. THAT’S what art is.

  47. o*plz

    Come on…. don’t you people know Manson likes to play with the commercial population…I personally think your comments are far more pretentious than this video…

  48. mika

    AND BAM manson is being talked about again. congrats you idiots fell for it.

  49. Kaethe

    Holy Mountain anyone?

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