So Here’s That Marilyn Manson Video Shia LaBeouf Directed

“Does that guy have the 2012 carabiner? It’s not supposed to be out until next week!”

For those of you just tuning in, Shia LaBeouf and Marilyn Manson are besties now, and at long last, they’ve premiered The Beef-directed video for “Born Villain” after getting drunk and sidetracked by the aroma of their own sphincter fumes as are a hipster’s wont. MTV News reports:

The two then began prep work on “Born Villain,” which draws heavily from very intense, graphic imagery, specifically a famous French surrealist short film, Shakespeare and theology.
“The song has all these references to ‘Macbeth’ and all this Shakespeare and heavy theology, so we tried to make Manson’s ‘Un Chien Andalou’ macabre ‘Macbeth’ — that’s sort of what that became.” [LaBeouf said.]

Ah, “Un Chien Andalou,” of course. But can we frame this in the light of a child actor trying to escape his Disney past? Show me that:

I also think there are fans of mine who aren’t fans of Manson’s and vice versa; that’s why I think our collaboration is interesting. I don’t really see it on paper,” he continued. “I don’t see fans of mine who went to see ‘Holes’ when they were 12 loving this. I don’t think my audience is the only thing I should exercise my artistic muscle for. I don’t necessarily always do things for the audience; this is one of those.
“I love Marilyn,” LaBeouf said. “Manson is like a brother to me now. He’s a real sweet dude, a real close friend.”

A real sweet dude who just likes to give naked elderly women haircuts. It’s touching really. He’s like a puppy, but instead of a wet nose he stands next to old lady bush and puts eyeballs in their vaginas. It’s all the rage.

WARNING: Video is NSFW in case you just missed all the vagina talk back there.

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