Mariah was always a bitch

tn_mariah_awards_cr.jpgIt’s damn near impossible to go a week without another example of Mariah Carey making an ass of herself. But at least now we know she’s been working on being a helpless primadonna with a fondness for showing off her rack since an early age.

”Believe me, diva is not a new term for me,” Mariah says.
”I was a total glamour queen as a little girl. I have pictures of myself as a six-year-old lying on the beach posing in a bikini. The funniest thing is that I signed one of the photos like I was already a celebrity.”

Yeah, that’s real funny, Mariah. About as funny as forcing people to feed you or marrying another record executive because you need someone to prop up your career. Maybe when you stop making horrible music you can branch out and release your own line of slut gear for prepubescents.