Mariah Carey’s giant breasts shoot a video

June 30th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Here’s Mariah Carey on the set of her latest music video “Obsessed” in New York yesterday where reports are pouring in she dressed up like Eminem. Because everyone knows Eminem has black hair, a goatee and looks exactly like a tan-skinned women in a hoodie. No, really, those would be the exact words I’d use to describe him to a blind man. Provided his dog shit on my shoes then killed my brother in a drive-by shooting. True story.

Photos: Flynet, Fame, WireImage, WENN

  1. kingofbeer

    who’s the female posing as a male in those pics with her? need a little more hormone to touch up those patches lady ;)

  2. Does nick make her swallow?

  3. Moto Rola

    Nick must motoboat every night.

  4. Niggler

    Never have found her attractive and never will, but now i get to have nightmares after seeing her in drag.

  5. Pitcher

    It’s great that Mariah got Fred Durst to make a cameo in her video.

  6. Pitcher

    It’s great that Mariah got Fred Durst to make a cameo in her video.

  7. Jimmy Jim

    #4, you might be into dudes, don’t rule it out.

  8. kingofbeer

    agree with #4

  9. Amy

    I think she’s really chunky.

  10. Thats some bullshit

    What the hell are these artists shooting videos for? Its not like any channels actually play them. That is, not unless they star some really fake douchebags like Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner.

  11. uh

    She got fat again.

  12. Pojo

    You guys can call her fat all you want, I would still pound the loving daylights out of her, just more cushion for the pushin’

  13. EB

    Back when Derek Jeter used to date her, I’ll bet he could use that cleavage as a baseball glove if he didn’t have anyone to play catch with.

  14. @11
    I would hardly call her fat… a bit “thicker” yes, but fat?

    That said, the pictures of her as a man are terribly frightening.

  15. kmm

    She makes a better looking dude than dude-ette.

  16. @2 why? Did he make you swallow? (not that you minded)

    Agree with 7

    4 and 8 are gay.

  17. You can count on Backwood bitch to have a homo spin on every discussion….

  18. StEvec

    she’s looking more and more like Curious George, the cartoon chimp everyday

  19. Niggler

    Really @7 really. I just think its funny that you think i am into dudes because i think i chick dressed as a guy is disgusting……..just think your a little confused….and high.

  20. ew

    ewomg gross. Her implants suck!

  21. Rhialto

    Did she gain a few pounds?

  22. StEvec

    she’s looking more and more like Curious George the cartoon chimp everyday

  23. Randal

    Mariah! Haven’t seen you visiting The FISH for awhile, so welcome back! Hope all is well in your life since you last posted here.

    Just wanted to say you should disregard some of the very disrespectful comments here. Your voice has brought you the attention you deserve, not your physical form. Remember your Vision of Love first hit single? That’s the Mariah we all know and love!


  24. ew

    IDGI. Are her teeth fucked up or no?

  25. Nero

    She wouldn’t do a great job as a male!

  26. i would hit that badankadankadankadonkdonk.

  27. i would hit that badankadankadankadonkdonk.

  28. Gando

    She would be gay if she was born as a male.

  29. Galtacticus

    The hooters and chunky ass look great!

  30. uh


    Gee, hate to break it to you, but she definitely got famous for her boobs.

  31. Otto Man

    Where’s the hot slim young natural babe in the sundress from “Vision of Love” video? That was hot!

  32. Regan

    i like her curvyness. she might be a bit of a diva, but for the most part i really like her.

  33. Matthew

    god again I wish I was nick cannon

  34. Max Planck

    Thomas the Skank Engine

  35. Alios

    i always found her hot, for the past 14 years, would definitely tap that.
    btw the addressed linked to “Scope 24 pictures” is hyperliked wrong, might wanna check that.

  36. Lippen Whiskey

    Well, hate to say it, but in #1 at least, she appears to be a hybrid of Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford, a Sleestak. and Mickey Rooney.

    “You big DUMmY! SHeThhhtttezzzeeehhhh…a star!….a STAR!!!”

  37. missywissy

    directed by Spencer Pratt

  38. I think Mariah Carey definitely still has it going on. I prefer her in darker clothing.

  39. Dookie Pook

    She may be a diva, totally untalented apart from a nice set of pipes, and flat out bat-shit crazy. But I’ll give her credit for one thing…

    She’s either pushing (or over) 40, and I’d still fuck her harder than the World Bank and the IMF does third world countries.

  40. Do FreeBird

    WOw lots of facial ‘procedures’ and botox injections.

    If you were walking down the street would you think for a moment that was Mariah Carey?
    On the other hand, she’s got a great rack, and I just know that she takes it up the ass.

  41. Sad to say it but she is def past her prime, but she still pulls it off

  42. Big titties

    Fake tits, fake tits, FAKE TITS.

  43. captain america

    you want honesty?
    PLEASE MOVE ON, folks!!

  44. She is not fat. She is thick, but at least she’s solid. She’s also very unattractive and annoying.

  45. Jennifer H

    OMG can you say SPANX!?!?!?!

  46. eva2009

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  47. Carey filmed some MT scenes at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The music video is directed by “Rush Hour” helmer Brett Ratner.

  48. FACE

    she is getting the monkey face…but I will still do her in the butt

  49. Talk about Maria’s famous boobs. Well, come to think of it, it was a nice implant, right?

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  50. Talk about Maria’s famous boobs. But, hell, come to think of it. Its not that worse, right?

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