Mariah Carey’s dancers seem really confident about this

October 2nd, 2009 // 64 Comments

Mariah Carey performed on Today this morning and her backup dancers look extremely confident about picking her up. Not one of them has a look on his face that suggests a fear of hernia. Except maybe the guy holding her left leg. And, okay, the other guy, too, once you look past the teeth.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Josh


  2. somuchbetter


  3. WHAT!!


  4. Richard McBeef

    That bitch is dumber than a box of rocks.

    Nice titties though.

  5. I thought they were used to carrying heavy things like TVs and stuff. This should be a breeze.

  6. wtf

    The guy on the right has that look on this face because he is about to pull a new 52″ Samsung LED tv out of that thing.

  7. pasteve

    Did they digitally remove the forklift?

  8. Taz

    @ #5 ha ha ha. That dude needs braces but gets to touch her ass, I guess the makes up for it.

  9. farty mcshitface

    man, she does look like a fatty. she is gonna be like aretha franklin one of these days. she keeps getting fatter.

  10. Annie Loves Anal

    Dear Mz. Carry,

    It is required by emplyee safety regulations that workers are REQIRED to wear proper back support equipment when lifting in excess of 500 lbs. in order to avert any possible back injury.


    Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

  11. All 7

    What is this lard ass day on the fish?

  12. ohai


  13. kris

    I see 2 hernias in the mix!! She is one big girl! HAHA I love the smile on that guys face!! Good pics!!!

  14. See Alice

    Imagine how much food she must be consuming ! I bet her potty breaks are bowl filling events !

  15. cc

    Look at that…she can smile and sing her way through a good fisting.

  16. Lloyd Johnson

    The guy in photo #5 definitely has a hernia.

  17. Randal

    Now here is another great performer on the stage! Mariah can not only belt out the high notes to her lyrical masterpieces but also entertain with her dance moves. Her dancers are some of the best in the industry!


  18. xxxRandalxxx

    Yo yo yo Randal the elder man wuzzup? What lyrical masterpieces? hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah
    *breathes in deeply*

  19. titsonsnack

    So that’s where the Superficial ads for the tooth-whitener came from.

  20. Jesus Juice

    So she pays these bruthas to pick her up so we’ll think she only weighs 110 pounds?

    Yea, one of her legs weighs that much maybe.

  21. Max Planck

    So people really listen to this shit?

  22. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    They sure had to do some heavy lifting. I hope they are in a Union and get some kind of Workman’s Comp.

  23. Turd the third

    The easist way to pick her up is what the guy on the right of the main pict is doing… TWAT POGO.. hmmmmm, maybe she should visit Mel Gibson, he likes stuffing his hands up beavers…

    God I hate this dumb cu#nt, she’s got nothing to do, you would think she could take a few minutes and a few of her $$ to stay in shape.

    Imagine if you went back in time when she first got famous and showed her this pict of the whale that she had become, what do you think her reaction would be??

    Lets here it from you, post it,, what would she have said…?

  24. GrandpaMccain

    They look like they’re trying to lift a whale

  25. Gern Blanston

    One picture has her grabbing her boob while the guy over her right shoulder looks like he’s trying to rub one out in his drawers.

  26. leid-girl

    I thought she recently lost some weight and was”toned” She made a huge deal about it….
    She said it was a lifestyle, not a diet……….but apparently she has gained it all back.

    She sits on her fucking couch all day eating bon bons……

  27. Savalas

    Make sure you wash your hands after the show, Terrell Owens.

  28. illy

    lolllll! i love how she still thinks shes hot shit though, what a cutie. she looks like that black guy from the matrix in that long leather thing.


    this is wickedly hilarious!!! but im sure the guy on the left can support her with his teeth alone

  30. ppl

    nice teeth, simple jack….da da da, I wanna…to…be…fa fa famous

  31. wth

    remember to lift with your legs and not with your back

  32. That’s awesome that Beetlejuice is a backup dancer for Mariah Carey now!! I’m sure Howard Stern is proud of him.

  33. lol

    that nigger on the left needs braces fo sho.

  34. I`ve always admired her sweet touch. Hats down

  35. it's me

    three….oh jesus christ my back!!!!!

  36. See Alice

    The only way Mariah should be lifted is with a pallet jack.

  37. dk

    Not to be a racist or anything but who hires a guy to go in public looking like that with those fucking teeth lmfao!

  38. jojo

    what is with this lazy ox? She cant move under her own power?

  39. LT81

    She’s not really that big, she just wears clothing that’s not appropriate for a woman with hips and a butt.

  40. Jibbly Biggins

    What’s wrong with a pretty girl on the big side?

    Carey is in her 40s, with a thick body type (even in her 20s). Give it a rest. She’s still prettier than most of the women you see on the street.

  41. JoJo

    I agree she aint THAT fat but she needs to admit that she is NOT that skinny and wear more appropriate clothes.. check out her stomach – its pretty flat its just that ass and massive chest that is making her look chunky.. but STILL if she is that rich she really can afford a personal trainer… hmm GO MARIAH cause u aint bad for 40!!!

  42. jojo

    hahhha everyone I just saw pic 4 .. check out the guys expression… it looks like he is lifting a bag of potatoes .. a heavy bag.. sorry cudnt resist

  43. Darth


  44. Galtacticus

    “How do we get that fat ass lifted up?” *Clenches teeth*

  45. Wow. What kind of money do you get for the job in pic 2 (1) and 12 (11)? That might be alright as heavy lifting jobs go.

  46. Wow. What kind of money do you get for the job in pic 2 (1) and 12 (11)? That might be alright as heavy lifting jobs go.

  47. Imagine

    All I think when I look at that first pic, is hearing those poor men grunting “Holy fuckkkkinnngg shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt!” as they hoist her enormously balloon ass into the air. The fear on the guy’s face on the right is priceless.

  48. victoria

    Sooo funny haha seems like they are about to crack up!

  49. JD

    Looks like they’ll need a forklift for this job.

  50. mariah who

    What’s up with dude’s teefases?

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