Mariah Carey’s breasts are getting out of control

October 5th, 2009 // 88 Comments

Mariah Carey attended the New York Film Festival screening of her new movie Precious, and her breasts are getting way out of hand. Somewhere over the past few months they passed the fine line between huge and hefty waitress at a truck stop diner. But the important thing is we’re aware now so somebody can have the Jaws of Life ready when Nick Cannon gets trapped inside. Granted, he’ll suffocate almost immediately, but at least his poor mother will get to see his body at the funeral. We got your back, Nick.


  1. M

    what a heifer

  2. Nameless

    Although she’s never been that hot, the weight looks good on her. Those thinking she’s fat can go back to looking at Ashlee Simpson one blog down.

  3. Dread not

    @ 39. dogface – October 5, 2009 5:50 PM

    “Turn em loose!!!!”

    – Yep.

  4. mfbinc

    give me 1 hour with those things!!!!!!!!

  5. BasinPipes

    She keeps getting hotter….love the curves.

  6. heavenScent

    I don’t know why a lot of people hate on Mariah, she’s been in the biz a long time, she handled her “meltdown” pretty decently, I mean getting a divorce, having her stylist/close friend commit suicide and losing your father is hard on someone, no matter what anyone thinks….even if you can’t stand her music she at least contributes in writing/producing and has had so many awards/number one hits…because she’s tall she does tend to go on the “bigger” side but personally I think it’s better than the days of when they starved all pop stars into twigs…as for her and Nick well good for her maybe she’ll be happier this time around…..and she’s always willing to have a good laugh at herself whether it’s the over the top clothes or her wig wearing alter ego in her vids….she also may be pregnant…she looks good for her age….I certainly prefer her over the garbage we endure nowadays….xoxoxo

  7. Yes they are. On the bright side, her hair is looking fabulous.

  8. Nobody cares about her because she is cheap and tawdry and tacky. She ruined it all with her cheeseball image…and she ain’t so pretty.

  9. Robert Acquafresca

    Just another hot chick who you hate to see talk because that just destroys any positive vibes her body gives off. If you think she is fat, you are gay. This is a hot chick. But alas, she marries a negro and talks too much. Id still hit it and want to see as much of those breasts as possible.

  10. KT

    She’s preggo…she announced it in the most recent In Touch.

  11. i like the thick curvy look, but i prefer the old mariah

  12. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Tits are huge because she’s getting fat.

    Also, Nick Cannon is a huge fucking faggot.

  13. Rhialto

    If her boobs were a painting.Then it’s nicely framed.

  14. typical dumbass superficial commenter

    @ 61 -

    She IS a negro, dipshit. She’s half black.

    And yes, she has large breasts. I would like to let you all know I will soon be masturbating furiously to her large breasts, which I have no chance of ever seeing or touching because I’m an idiotic Superficial commenter with no life.

  15. NANA

    MariaH look sexy and very beautiful go girl!!

  16. yowillie

    Be careful.

  17. She looks terrible. I can’t understand all the comments here that say she looks good. Post a picture of someone who’s actually attractive and in shape and everyone here says they’re fat and ugly, but post pictures of Mariah Carey and you think she looks good??! If Kim Kardashian is fat to you, then Mariah Carey should be a friggin beached whale; her proportions are completely uneven, she’s top heavy at best, her hair is a mess and her face is too round. Yes I’m hating right now, because you ppl confuse the hell out of me.

  18. Sangria

    She has nice tits for a man. Pity her balls so small, but hormones will do that to a man.

  19. Cam

    I have a theory that people dress in keeping with whatever age/era at which they felt best about themselves – so apparently her self-image peaked in 1988.

    There’s no shame in getting older – I just don’t know that super low-cut spandex with a hemline that barely covers her @ss is really the best look for a 39 yr old. Or, okay, anyone. Ever. I’m not her husband or her doctor – I do NOT need to see this much Mariah!

  20. dickpower

    Her huge boobs drive me mad. I hope they’re not silicon.
    She looks amazing in Playboy video

  21. powell

    Her huge boobs drive me mad. Hope they’re not silicon.
    She is amazing in Playboy video

  22. MightyD

    Holy mammaries Batman!!

  23. obz

    sweet mary mother of jesus our lord and saviour, i want to motorboat those babies

  24. Harper Mackenzie Bossip is a Hot mess they said shes pregnant… if her kids come out looking like micheal jacksons kids at least we know who the father is *cough* lol …eminem

    2. But she do got 18 #1′s show some Damn respect lol.. her ass has been making HITS for yall ungrateful asses for like 20yrs.

  25. mikie

    That’s what we call built where I come from. But even better than how well she photographs is that wonderful sense of grace she always has. Just charming. Tracked by photographers just like Britney and the others, but she handles it well and the photographers appreciate it. She gets the best press in the business.

  26. Enigma_2099

    Someone’s approaching MILF territory…

    … is she still stupid?

  27. Wow what a huge breast.. Mariah Carey’s is looking so sexy in this pics..

  28. I ahve no diea how she has hung around all these years

  29. mackdaddy

    she sure is pretty! i’m telling you, she’s got a great lips, beautiful face. if i had her i would spend 24/7 with her in my bedroom. she can blow on my cock anytime she wants to. i would come in her mouth and tell her to blow me back up again.

  30. she looks sexy with these breasrs. i will put her in bathtub & munch on her breasts indefinitely

  31. finch
    Commented on this photo:

    Kim kardashans u look great.Anytime I see u on a screen,I say thats my baby.happy Xmass.

  32. stephany
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    Omg you and katy perry look so cute together great pic

  33. --unknown--

    big breasts are fine for me, as long as its not HUGE like mariah’s! i mean..HER CHEST IS BIGGER THAN HER FRIGGIN HEAD! its a bit too much!

  34. Commented on this photo:

    i think is pretty

  35. bdog6089

    I clicked on a picture then clicked on view full size,my screen wasn’t big enough

  36. blahblahblah
    Commented on this photo:

    Who the f decides these things, as though they were pronouncements from the lips of the Almighty?

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