Mariah Carey won’t be getting love from the paps

April 25th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Mariah Carey’s diva antics have landed her on the paparazzi’s shit list. She also apparently got pissy with the Good Morning America crew where these pics were taken. It looks the paps are super pissed and want to see Mariah go back to unveiling stamps. TMZ reports:

Mimi’s been unofficially placed on a paparazzi blacklist after breaking unwritten fame game rules at a CD signing event last week.
After Mariah showed up two hours late (bad), sprinted down the red carpet (even badder), and wore sunglasses on the red carpet (huge no-no), paparazzi nation decided to unofficially boycott the singer — that means no pictures, no coverage, no love. Surely, she will plummet into obscurity.

Listen up! This is Wesley Snipes. I just knocked that scrawny Superficial Writer out of the chair. Punk keeps making folks call him “Little Vanilla Snipes.” Not on Wesley Snipes’ watch. Gotdamn, look at Mariah Carey! Wesley Snipes would tax that ass. But, wait, Wesley Snipes hates taxes. Aw man, Wesley Snipes is so confused right now. Yo, Little Vanilla Me, Wesley Snipes is sorry. Wake up, man, and give him a hug. Hold up, are you eating Wesley Snipes’ Pop Tarts? Dammit, son, Wesley Snipes needs his frosting!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ted Mosby

    Pap smear?

  2. Jeezy

    The less pictures we see of this smug bitch whore, the better.

  3. your grammar is terrible

    @2 – you mean the FEWER pictures we see of this smug bitch whore?

  4. They White Urkle

    Ted, that was priceless! Diva or not this broad has some nice tits.

  5. Oprah's Gorilla Butthole fucking ph7's mom

    Vapid cunt.

    Hopefully, she will disappear. Now that’d be a magic act I’d pay to see.

  6. deacon jones

    I bet she gives great helmet…

  7. Guy

    I doubt it.

  8. meh

    meh. She’ll get into a car, commando, flashing that never-to-be-babyhead-violated antarctica pussy, and the paps will be smearing their pants.

  9. crabby old guy

    Hey! Look! Jiminy Cricket grew TITS. Cool!

  10. I hate drinking tequila in bars. Well, that’s technically not correct – I LOVE drinking tequila in bars, but I hate waking up the next morning with no memory and a long string of cumburps.

  11. Jumpin_J

    Why does Wesley Snipes keep talking in the third person? When did he start talking like the Incredible Hulk? Hulk smash Mimi!!!

  12. Horny Unmedicated Psychopath with Erectile Dysfunction

    The Fish is on a roll hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  13. It's me Fuckers

    I would pay BIG bucks to see Naomi knock this bitch off of her high horse with a blackberry. It would feature screams in how many octaves? Then we could get Tonya Harding to knock out Naomi with Heather Mills’ leg.

  14. i can not believe such things!

  15. #10 fuck off I’m even bitchier than I was yesterday, I will fucking kill you..

  16. FRIST, Can you let me know the day before when you bring the gun to work??

  17. Amy

    Does Wesley Snipes even talk like a gangster?

  18. rocks

    Jimbo, please, some respect. It’s a touchy subject for Frist (“Bring Your Gunt to Work Day”).

  19. What are you talking about? I carry my gun to work every day.

  20. Stuey

    ok, just like Mr Snipes, these people take their fame to a bad place. Look at the real stars and how they treat people and then the quasi stars and how they treat people.

    Ms. Mimi, 14 minutes…..

  21. You, too, can bedazzle.

    Her mike is bedazzled…I hate her even more now than I did before…

  22. Conscience_Found

    Bad news for the paps. Mariah is enjoying a resurgence.

    As if all those greasy scumbags could work in concert and resist getting a pricey picture. The less photos of her there are, the more one will become worth. One will break ranks and the embargo will be forgotten.

  23. Conscience_Found

    And her body is hot.

    and its ‘beadazzled’.

  24. coffeebean

    Darn upity negroes, you have to cut them some slack, some just have never been taught right from wrong.

  25. Dana

    M has serious issues and is around yes people so she has a fat head and people are sick of her.

  26. karmapolice

    What amazes me is she fancies herself a real songwriter.
    So the paps got together and said, “vee will stop taking de Mimi’s pic-churse, she is nuting but huge beech”? Didn’t they do this once before during her last piece of shit 18 rapper-collaborated album?

  27. Wow! minus her face, she’s hot!

  28. Yea right. It’ll only take one pap to grow a brain and think he’ll have exclusive pics, and the rest’ll (ahem) rush in like GOP voters defending Bush by calling Clinton a liar.

    #3 – You is a retard.

  29. ph7

    She’s a human sex toy.

    Two thumbs up!

  30. tp

    Eeew, in pic #3 you can see her pits are Mystic-tan stained.

  31. Jeezy

    @3: Thanks for the correction. With any luck I’ll pass the fifth grade this year…

  32. your grammar is terrible

    the fewer vs. less error annoys me the most out of any other grammatical error by FAR. that said, i can’t spell.

  33. #32 – Or employ proper capitalization practices, apparently.

  34. CJ

    A pretty body and so-so voice can’t make up for a personality that sucks. She has not changed one bit since her infamous meltdown a few years ago. She comes back painted a different color and thinks everyone will buy her ‘I’m a different person….really really real.” Please. She’s a has been, over cooked diva, aging fast and up against really hungry and really deserving talent that can blow her out of the water….and the sooner that happens, the better for everyone.


    At least Amy Winehouse is entertaining as all Hell – this conceited bitch just sucks. Hey Mariah, who cares? Call me the next time you have a nervous breakdown, maybe I’ll give a fuck by then.

  36. cool

    She looks very gorgeous today. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs club “M E E T I N G W E A L T H Y dot com”. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  37. kitty_kat

    @24- When will idiots like you get that you aren’t funny or edgy just because you post a comment and throw in a racial slur? Please get a life.

  38. jordan

    yah, sure they say they are done with taking pics of her. give it another 2 hours and they are gonna be goin ape shit over her again, why? cuz she is hot and talented, and u all kno it. u think she looks pissed, thats ONE of the pics, and shes not pissed, look at her others ones, she smiling :D Go look at the pics of some other celebrities, they are actually pissed looking (not naming names) Mariah loves her fans, and she even said that she knows this business has to do with dealing with the papparzzi, and she deals with it gracefully.

  39. Mr. Sticky

    “The Stygian Witches”
    (Heather Locklear, Denise Richards and Mariah Carey)
    “Team Chlamydia”
    (Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears)

    In a one time only event, inside the Octagon, at UFC 85!
    “Give us back The Eye!”
    “We need The Eye!”

  40. Abi

    Oh, GOD! If I wanted to see pictures of a man wearing a pink dress, I would Google D-Rod. Get off your high horse, you tranny whore!

  41. lamb lamby

    Say whatever you want. As long as you are saying something about her, means she is doing something right.

    Besides, While you keep bitchin’ & moaning about her being this OR that,
    Mariah is laughing all the way to the bank STILL rackin’ up the number one hits and adding to her collection of awards and multiplatinum albums.

    Including over 30 BMI songwriting awards which, Are given exclusively to UM…. SONGWRITERS :o)

  42. emmaleigh

    she is too big of a star for the effing papparazzi to ruin. people will still continue to listen to her music whether or not teens and young 20 something women can see her picture in celeb trash mags everywhere

  43. norton

    Mariah Carey is a bitch? That’s SHOCKING!

    I always thought she was a really down to earth gal who understood that she came from the dregs of society to where she is now.

    Oh wait, that’s right – she’s a nouveau riche uber-cunt.

  44. Mo

    Man Mariah Cary is SUCH a DIVA she needs to get over herself!!!! Mariah is hot and she needs to pose NUDE not partially but completely NUDE!! SHOW THEM BIG OL BOOBS :)!!!

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