Mariah Carey won’t be getting love from the paps

Mariah Carey’s diva antics have landed her on the paparazzi’s shit list. She also apparently got pissy with the Good Morning America crew where these pics were taken. It looks the paps are super pissed and want to see Mariah go back to unveiling stamps. TMZ reports:

Mimi’s been unofficially placed on a paparazzi blacklist after breaking unwritten fame game rules at a CD signing event last week.
After Mariah showed up two hours late (bad), sprinted down the red carpet (even badder), and wore sunglasses on the red carpet (huge no-no), paparazzi nation decided to unofficially boycott the singer — that means no pictures, no coverage, no love. Surely, she will plummet into obscurity.

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Photos: Splash News
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