Mariah Carey thinks people want to look at her

September 28th, 2007 // 87 Comments

  1. Heidi Montag

    #23. I don’t get it????
    somebody EXPLAIN. NOW!

  2. Smush

    God I hate this bitch. I hate her probably more than I hate any of those other no talent, self absorbed, annoying as fuck celebutards. She seems so full of herself. I hope she ends up obese and destitute. Always reminded me of a yappy, annoying little dog (not that she’s little, mind you).

  3. kfag

    Looks like shes having a hard time sucking all that in.

  4. Xan

    The only thing I would like to watch Mariah Carey do is spontaneously combust.

  5. Dana

    I don’t want to look at Mariah Carey doing regular things let alone sitting on a toilet. In fact, thats probably on my list of things I’d LEAST like to see in my life.

    I bet she had explosive diahrrea and was embarrassed about her uncontrollable anus.

  6. oralingus

    She is nuts but crazy chicks are great fucks so I’d let her consume my sperm and as often as she like too

  7. the emancipation of teetee

    she needs a makeover, pronto.

  8. STeve

    ugh….Carey still reminds me of my childhood……she was the inspiration behind George of the Jungle…her cartoon twin

  9. STeve

    Make that Curious George….ok…i fucked up

  10. SodaPops

    Why does always do so many lame poses?

  11. MrSemprini

    OK Heidi, I’m typing very slowly…

    Try this very carefully






    No, try it again… slowly this time. Sound out all the letters

    Oh, never mind. Go show someone your boobs.

  12. can she still sing?????

  13. betenoir

    @9, 38, 41…. are dead on!

    But geez, I hate this bitch with her tits popping out all the time and that wanton sexy pose that screams: “Look at me, I’m hot. But please don’t touch and don’t look.” I can’t wait for this bitch to go through menopause. She’s going to be a raving lunatic without estrogen. I wish she’d cut the sexy goddess crap out and just SING!!!!!!

  14. Queefer Bukakke

    OK, maybe I’m stupid, but who the hell is Mariah Carey? Is she Jim Carey’s sister or wife or something? Oh wait, he spells it differently. So who the hell is she?

  15. YouThink?

    Maybe, possibly, she might have something that other women do not?

  16. CaffeBeotch

    I met Mariah Carey way back in early 1991 before she was anybody. Her first single was about to be released and Sony was parading her all around. Even back then, she was a bitchy fucking diva wannabe. She acted like everybody should be worshipping her… we had quite a laugh about her “performance” in the office the following day, because everybody thought she was a spoiled bratty bitch.

  17. MeanMofo

    Someone needs to seriously give this woman a nice swift kick in the snatch!!

  18. Kingnitro

    My God, everytime I see that girl she puts on 15-20 lbs!

  19. Erica

    Maybe there’s a reason she doesn’t want people to watch her pee…..maybe she stands up to pee????????

  20. nancy

    why doesn’t her stylist recommend a fringe? her forehead is huge.
    and her eyebrows are munted.
    if you have that much money there’s no fucking excuse.

  21. j

    She’s hot.

  22. Sundance

    Mariah Carey is one big size-queen !

  23. Karina in T.O

    What kind of a self absorbed assclown thinks they have the right to send people into a bathroom to tell the other patrons they need to leave?? Who does she think she is?? The Queen (insert your own punch line here).

    WTF? And really, how did the bouncer keep a straight face as he said those famous words ‘Ask not what your country can do for you….my bad I meant ‘As long as you don’t watch Mariah pee’…. that poor bastard has probably had to do some of the most humiliating grunt work known to man….I bet he’s picking up tampons all the time at the RiteAid for her spoiled ass!

    Well at least we can be thankful she appeared to be clothed for this event.

  24. Karina in T.O

    Oh, and did I forget to mention???


  25. justtheobvious

    She swallows.

  26. Hugo G.

    Obvious transsexual.

  27. Deb

    Is it just me, or did she steal that dress from Morticia Adams???

  28. Missystar

    You guys are especially witty today, keep it up!

  29. alex

    Whats wrong with all of ya? Looks like u guys r the crazy people out there, simply because you replied on this post. Anyway why r all of you so upset, and hatefull.Looks like u haters needs all the help you can get.
    Ok, i admit, i love mariah and 80% of the things she does. And it doesnt matter what she does, there will always be people who r haters. You just wish that u can look like her, cause she’s hot, and all the men who hates her or her lokks r probably gay, oops.
    Get a grip, and get a life, she’s making more money than all of you put together, and the sad part is that she’s making money cause you suckers buys her cd’s.

  30. @79

    Please learn how to spell.

  31. Judd

    Its because she has a dick!!! That’s why they don’t want anyone watching!

  32. I know a woman, who acts like this. It is false.

  33. Amanda

    Ugh, I hate Mariah, she still thinks she in her twenties and she annoys the shit out of me. She is a has been.

  34. Bigberd

    Marriah is the hottest thing to ever hit Hollywood. If you don;t wawnt to look at her you are gay. Like, put your penis in a man’s butt kind of gay.


  35. Pgniss McGee

    Wow, why so many apologists for this michelin man? I know plenty of people who hate her singing, and I despised it from the getgo, so so much for her supposed talent. There are millions of youtube videos emulating her awful style, so she should be jailed for crimes against music. She USED to be hott, although I never got the point of her acting like a virgin and a stripper at the same time, but ok.

    The fact is that now she looks like a mama who eats too many tortillas and takes too many siestas. If you like tubby, she gives plenty, but she is far from hott as anyone I know defines it. Its actually gonna be fun to watch her really trainwreck as she gets even older and uglier and tries harder and harder through the utter self-delusion.

  36. god damn!!! fake boobs everywhere.

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