Mariah Carey thinks people want to look at her

September 28th, 2007 // 87 Comments

  1. notapc


  2. rockdust

    Alright, I won’t watch her pee, I’ll just stick her head in the toilet when she’s finished… and after I’ve shit in it as well.

  3. big

    Nice big rack

  4. Uncle Eccoli

    Mariah Carey is WRONG.

  5. flavio

    damn… she´s so freaking hot. I´d love to f*** this glorious ass.

  6. notapc

    She puts the chew in voluptuous… oh yeah.

  7. Oops, i crapped my pants!

    Speaking of bat shit nuts, how is Mariah’s life not more closely paralleling Britney Spears?

  8. WTC, don’t they have doors on the stalls there? What kind of ghetto-assed bathrooms they got over there????

    Oh, that’s right, it was VH1

  9. umawwi

    She might be a total nut case, stupid as hell, and an ego maniac, but she is HOT (even though she’s old) and can SING.

  10. Wedaneus

    *feels like doing something violent*

  11. googookachoo

    Damn, she’s really sucking her stomach in.

  12. notapc

    Better handlers, #7. And they gotta be enjoying every second of handling it…..

  13. JagedNS

    suuure the girl got chops but she seems like one of the most egocentric people going.

    It’s funny to see how certain people act/think they should act once they reach a certain level of celebrity/notoriety i.e Mariah, Lindsay, Michael Jackson, Britney. It’s almost like they believe reality is suspended for them. It must be quite the surreal existance.

  14. Jaffo

    Maria is hot. Get over it…

  15. Taylor


  16. Mariah has mastered the Timex styling award, keeps a licking-ticking.

    Come on lady change the hair at least once a decade eh?

  17. trinity

    awww, how cute and naive of her bodyguards… they actually still think people care about her…its’s not fair, someone should really filll them in.

  18. Matthew

    Mariah is hot and a future wife for me her breast is Fannnnnnnnnnnnnn-tiasic

  19. I’d rather watch her pee than watch her eat.

  20. M

    Maybe if she wore more appropriate clothes she wouldn’t have to spend all of her time sucking in her gut. Just a thought.

  21. Brandy

    maybe its because she is actually a dude and does not want anyone to see her peeing standing up?!!??!?!?!

  22. stupidtalk

    she was a one eyed one horned flyin purple people eater. la la la la la.

  23. MrSemprini

    Urination of idiots…


  24. MrSemprini

    I don’t want to see her pee… but, I’d pay a dollar to watch her poop. Not what comes out, you perv, but her facial expressions.

  25. veggi

    23- hahaha! It took me 7 minutes to get it, but I got it, nonetheless.

  26. justplainconfused

    Ok, I admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I fail to see the brilliance of her logic. She doesn’t want other women to watch her pee, but she’s ok bringing in her (I assume) male bodyguards for crowd control???? Did this woman ever go to gym class? It sounds more like she wanted attention than cared who saw her.

    On the plus side, it’s 2 hours till happy hour. Cheers!

  27. Her dress is purple.

    I’m so fucking bored, the one day I’m not up to my eyeballs in paperwork and this is the crap I get??? NEW POST PLEASE.

    Oh…nevermind I’m off in 10.

  28. IfDitaSaid

    IF Dita Von Teese told me to pee on Mariah then I would, bodyguards or not. Why not post some more Dita pic’s. I know this has nothing to do with Mariah. Looking at Mariah pics makes me want to look at Dita pics. Go figure!

  29. ssdd

    Especially pic 6 ..*shudders*.. what a fucking butterface.
    Tits or no tits..this whore is a dog and a pyscho on top of that. …and it appears that she is getting a case of the wonkey eye.

  30. If she sucks in her gut any harder, she’s going to give herself a cerebral aneurysm. I hate when average women try to be sexy, esp in nonflattering clothes.

  31. havoc


  32. Shallow Val

    If I knew Mariah Carey was close by, I would purposely NOT look at her because of who she is. I don’t give attention whores what they want, which by the way, is attention. Fucking big headed boobie-monster. She looks like a frying pan.

  33. robbyrob

    this chick is crazy but man is she fine!! i would take her craziness any day!

  34. antoine

    Maybe that’s just Mariah’s way of saying “I’m getting ready to drop the biggest terd you have ever seen. If I were you I would get out of the bathroom right now!

  35. leatherdaddy

    nice. this old lady is useful as herpes.

  36. sad

    i wish i was pretty and rich :(

  37. Dar

    #36: It’s okay. 0 out of 2 ain’t bad.

    Oh, wait. Yes, it is… That sucks!

  38. LayDeeBug

    Fat retarded mongoloid moon-faced cow. She looks like a melon. WILSONNNNN!

  39. John-o

    That is one skanky ho, and when I say “one” I’m not counting the other skanky ho that “Pariah” scarfed for lunch and is now digesting in her stomach.

  40. ken

    i want to look at her…..that’s what i just got caught doing right now…looking at mariah carey…..why is that i feel like i got caught anyway?….something must be wrong here…i just can’t put a finger on it. hmmmm

  41. KamUK

    Go easy on the orange tan Mariah.

  42. Hecubus

    Anyone who thinks this bitch is ‘hot’ needs to have their eyes checked and their cock amputated. She looks like Andrew Lloyd Weber spraypainted orange.

  43. BunnyButt

    Awww. Poor, stupid thing keeps getting her hands tangled in her hair.

    @18, Which breast (since you seem to like only one)?

  44. shadabo

    UGH! She looks like a glow worm! (doll from the 80′s) – maybe if we squeeze her tummy her face will glow.

  45. At least they got to LISTEN to her pee. I’m surprised there aren’t cell phone ringtones of it yet.

  46. I hate celebrities

    How could they watch her pee? Last time I was in a girls bathroom (today)stalls still have DOORS.

    Wait what is wrong with me I can’t believe I forgot that Mariah is a tranny and in L.A. they have special tranny bathrooms(no offense T.T.) where all sausage packing ladies can whip out their penises in a sparkling, spectacular, stage worthy sequin covered bathroom and watch each other pee into urinals that play Cher’s greatest hits!

    So why was Mariah so shy about letting Cameron Diaz and Fergie see her big malatto penis I mean they have big wangs too… wait… Cameron and Fergie were the two ladies the bodyguards tried to remove right? I mean who else would be in a hollywood tranny toilet trying to get a look at Mariah’s tinkling dinkling?

  47. jacknasty

    well, at least she found a dress that fits her for once! This is like the first time since 1999 that I thought she looked attractive.

    She’s insane though

  48. Heidi

    um what are yall doing here she is FAAAAAAT come back and make fun of me I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed



  49. Zing!

    In Mariah’s case it would be “puss” instead of “pee”, because that is the only thing that would come out of Mariah’s cooter. Oh, that and “A nice yeasty bread pudding”.

  50. JagedNS

    @25 hehehe at least you’re honest.


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