Mariah Carey takes advantage of the homeless

mcarey_homeless.jpgAccording to the JJB forums, the caption that goes with this picture is “Tuesday, June 28, 2005. Mariah Carey goes to dinner with some friends at Koi in Los Angeles, CA and later on poses with a homeless man in a wheelchair who didn’t want to be photographed. She used him for attention and left without even giving him a handshake or money.”

I’m not like close friends with Mariah Carey or anything, considering I kick her in the stomach everytime I see her, but this is so like her. At least the homeless guy got a good look at her breasts. It doesn’t beat money or food or shelter, but it’s probably the next best thing. If you can’t buy stuff or eat or sleep in a warm place, I figure masturbating is the way to go.

[Image via JJB — thanks Bo]

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