Mariah Carey still insane, wears clams

mariah_carey_clams.jpgI’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable expalanation as to why Mariah Carey is sporting a pair of clams on her breasts, but honestly I just don’t care. I’ve decided I’m not even going to try to understand the things she does anymore. Case in point, the lovely Virginia was watching the Billboard Music Awards last night and reported this little gem to us:

I am currently watching the Billboard music awards and Mariah Carey just won. She read her “thank you” speech from her palm pilot. As if that wasn’t bad enough she complained to “whoever wrote this list for me” because they left names off of it. She can’t even write her own thank you speech. Nice.

At least she didn’t a rip off her clothes to show off some drawn on abs. Actually I didn’t even watch the damn thing, so for all I know she did.

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