Mariah Carey still insane, wears clams

December 7th, 2005 // 28 Comments

mariah_carey_clams.jpgI’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable expalanation as to why Mariah Carey is sporting a pair of clams on her breasts, but honestly I just don’t care. I’ve decided I’m not even going to try to understand the things she does anymore. Case in point, the lovely Virginia was watching the Billboard Music Awards last night and reported this little gem to us:

I am currently watching the Billboard music awards and Mariah Carey just won. She read her “thank you” speech from her palm pilot. As if that wasn’t bad enough she complained to “whoever wrote this list for me” because they left names off of it. She can’t even write her own thank you speech. Nice.

At least she didn’t a rip off her clothes to show off some drawn on abs. Actually I didn’t even watch the damn thing, so for all I know she did.


  1. derekd

    Crazy or not I’d still bang her tired ass. So what if she wants to call me “father” while I plug her.

  2. MrPloppy

    I agree, in fact the craziness is a turn on. I bet she

  3. boo

    are you sure those are clams? looks like five fingered monster hands to me.

    of course, it’s still way early and i’ve not had coffee yet. could be anything. plankton. algae.

  4. Caroline

    Her abs still look kinda drawn on, at least in that picture. She can draw all the abs on she want, it’s not going to erase our memory of Glitter.

  5. 5th boring post in a row again…

    call me when you get some sexy pics.

  6. artmonkey3000

    She’s a mermaid! A sociopathic mermaid! It’s a perfectly logical wardrobe choice. Gosh….

  7. J-Bo

    I wouldnt mind drawing on some fake abs with my flesh crayon…give me a girl with clam boobs and a vapid look in her eyes anytime.

  8. faerietnk

    Ok people, get over it, the pic is like 2 years old, it was holloween, and she was a mermaid. The fake abs were extremely funny, but this pic is old, those are her abs in the pic, she was training for a film she never ended up doing. saw her at her concert a little after the pic was taken, her body was in great shape and she sounds better live.

  9. HollyJ

    LOL @ the airbrushed abs!! HA HA

    An empty-eyed chick with clam-boobs is hot? Just when I think I couldn’t POSSIBLY have any LESS respect for men, I’m proven wrong again… Don’t you people have standards, other than “not too fat?”

    Shouldn’t “IQ of 85″ or “tiniest glimmer of personality” be a minimum requirement for plugging yourself into someone? Just wondering…

  10. hafaball

    Those clams look more like hands that have been skinned and the muscle formed in a way to look like clams. And her boobies must be really saggy or something, cause that looks very uncomfortable.

  11. martini1275

    WHAT???? I don’t get it? With all that money she makes, you think she could improve her body. Get a damn trainer and get that flabby ass into shape! And get a better boob job too!

  12. FreekyDeeky

    Crazy doesn’t begin to cover it. After she went whore half a decade ago, she should have gone the way of John Tesh and disappeared from our society forever. Alas, we couldn’t be so lucky…and now she’s popular again. Armageddon is closer than I thought.

  13. MrPloppy

    HollyJ. Yes most of us have little if any real standards. But please don

  14. Mariah would look hotter if she didn’t dress like a desperate old chick trying to get some attention. Hey Mariah, the chick everybody wants is the one that looks like we can’t have her. You look like everybody can have you…..all at the same time.

  15. HollyJ

    Plop – Brad’s IQ is in the double digits? Who knew? I wouldn’t touch him with someone else’s genitals, but I think you’re 100% right on that

  16. Sparkly Toaster

    Sadly most women would but then Jen got herself an upgrade to someone a little more real so the world isn’t quite ready to end yet.

    BTW why don’t they show more fat Mariah? She always cheers me up for being so utterly deluded into thinking she still wears the same size she did when she first appeared.

  17. voodoochild

    yah, bloated sausage mariah pics next to airbrushed tilted head to 45 degree angle mariah. that’s entertainment!

  18. sassy

    Somebody should tell her she has a bugger in her hair…honestly!


  19. Nurse Kellie

    Hair and makeup artist……500.00
    Clams to hold up boobs……300.00
    Finding out you paint your abs on…..Priceless

  20. The Devil

    Clams? Who cares if she’s wearing them, I’d just like to see her Ham Clam.

  21. IKillChildren

    She’s not a mermaid…well if she’s trying to be she looks like King Triton from the Little Mermaid. Totally disporportioned body, looks like she’s got 3 breastplates. Disgusting.

  22. TheLuciousDeluxe

    She looks kind of charming in that picture. Highly disturbed, but charming anyway. I wish her lots of luck and less clams and abs.

  23. andrea22

    Fat, haggard bitch!

  24. braindeadmonkey

    She is HUGE…

  25. yogui

    wow she is hoooooot . Ummmmm…. this picture is old and the abs……it was for halloween….yeah. WHY ARE YOU JUST STUPID ENOUGH TO TALK ABOUT THE PAST!!!!!!!

    yeah and forget glitter CAROLINE that is also old.
    tihs is 2006. glitter was almost ten years ago.

  26. Moksha

    She thinks she’s Mae West but in fact Mooriah has all the class and charm of a can of cheap tuna. HENCE THE CLAMS.

  27. LaydeeBug

    Thanks HollyJ, you said it. Oh, Mr. Ploppy, you need to think of a better man than Brad Pitt to use as an example. He does NOTHING for me. Any Spin, always a pleasure to hear your comments. (smile) Does anyone notice how she is holding in her stomach, thus giving her that plumped up appearance. As a woman who made holding in her tummy an art, I know hat I’m saying. She looks like she is struggling to get some air. Oh, Sparkly Toaster, you hit it with the “utterly deluded” comment. Rock on!

  28. Destiny-xx

    Excuse me, none of you have the RIGHT to slate MAriah Carey. Probably none of you are priviledged enough to KNOW the fabulous woman and how she actually is as a person. How she dresses is just a reflection of their personality and EVERYONE makes fashion mistakes come on?

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