Mariah Carey smells like s’mores

November 21st, 2007 // 68 Comments

Mariah Carey stopped by Ellen’s show yesterday, you know the one that’s still going on despite a writer’s strike. Mariah was wearing her new perfume, M by Mariah Carey, prompting Ellen to say, “you smell a little like s’mores,” according to People:

“The marshmallow element you smelled before is the top note and was a subliminal thing – just to give you little campfire memories,” she explained of her first-ever fragrance.

Mariah Carey smells like campfire treats. Wow, I was way off. I always assumed she smelled like postage stamps, crazy, and a bushel of cleavage. Shows how much I know. Of course, I do spend half the day with my nose inside a brandy snifter. Is the brandy supposed to go up your nose? Is that how fancy people do it? Because I’m feeling kind of funny. And by funny, I mean awesome, and no longer see the need to wear pants. Stop oppressing me, slacks!

Photos:Pacific Coast News, Getty Images, Splash News

  1. d

    As much as I love to hate her, and I do. I ask myself from time to time why do I hate this bitch so much; she’s not a media whore, she doesn’t show her poon every chance she gets, and more importatly she actually has some kind of talent.

    Have I been brainwashed by a Hollywood norm of underweight celebrities to think this bitch is fat? Someone please reel me in, I was better off when I didn’t think things through so much.

    See ya, I guess I’m off to buy her new perfum (confused).

  2. jjohnson33

    Quite right, Mariah was phoney and didn’t want to give the audience members a bottle of perfume for free. But the final surprise made her fans more than happy. I aslo found her at the celeb and millionaire singles club She created a personal blog with many nice pics there.

  3. makemepuke

    Hey, if you want any significant respect as a true hollywood whore you have to be thin, I mean thin as a fuckin skeleton, in the face in the thighs, and in the ass…except you need a clit the size of a small penis to show the paparazzi and perky tits with huge nipples, oh and pouty lips help (cocksucking imagery)
    and last but not least you need to have a fragrance in your name….eg. “whore” smells like a pussy with bacterial vaginosis!!!!!

  4. Is it an idea to put this stuck up diva in a stable full of cows, milking it and let her be fucked by several huge, I mean HUGE BULLS!!

  5. linda

    you are so cool. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online ad*ult club sugarmommymeet, by which you are seeking a sexy guy for extramarital relationship.. fu*k u!

  6. Ruby Blue

    Omfg, is that her?? But….it can’t be!! This would mean Mariah is….dare I say it, FULLY CLOTHED!! Ok, I need to go lie down now.

  7. mama ying

    Mariah, why oh why can’t you dress your age and your size? You’re not 20 anymore and you’ve never been a size 2. Please stop stuffing your sausage body into clothes designed for a 20 year old. You look really cheap and people are laughing AT you, not with you.

    (Sigh),,,I miss the old Mariah from the early 90s. Do you remember the long black dress she wore in the Hero video from back then? Mariah, THAT’S what classy looks like.

  8. STeve

    she still looks like that cartoon character Curious George

  9. ph245

    I would like to do a sex with her

  10. Look at her ass… looks so… yuck!

  11. EuroNeckPain

    “eau de Cocksucking Whore” ha haaaaa :-)) @44, you’re hilarious

  12. Pilatunes

    You would have to be truly stunned to buy this shit. Of course, if you already have a bottle of Britney’s ‘Eau to Skank’ that you can return and get it for free…

  13. maranda45678

    Mariah Carey looks casual in this clothes, but still beautiful. right? but i heard that she is dating on asite, i am nut sure it is true or not?

  14. Blondamnation

    nice try, God I hope nobody falls for the propoganda-pushing internet trools who come on here all “oh yes, she’s beautiful. But I hear they’re giving away a million dollars and free cable for 10 years just for looking at I don’t know if it’s true though, do you??” BITE ME!! Go away and come back when you have a soul.

  15. me

    Damn shes so fine!!!

  16. Jaxx

    Hey Blondamnation’s comment was the only funny one. So I’m a couple months late. What can I say I have a life. P.S. MARIAH IS NOT FAT. HEALTHY PEOPLE LOOK LIKE THAT. SOME FAT PEOPLE ARE HEALTHY AND SOME SKINNY PEOPLE ARE. MARIAH IS CURVY AND BEAUTIFUL. NOT FAT. GUESS YOU GUYS HAVE NEVER SEEN PEOPLE OTHER THAN ON T.V. AND THE INTERNET. Thought I would educate you a little.

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