Mariah Carey smells like s’mores

November 21st, 2007 // 68 Comments

Mariah Carey stopped by Ellen’s show yesterday, you know the one that’s still going on despite a writer’s strike. Mariah was wearing her new perfume, M by Mariah Carey, prompting Ellen to say, “you smell a little like s’mores,” according to People:

“The marshmallow element you smelled before is the top note and was a subliminal thing – just to give you little campfire memories,” she explained of her first-ever fragrance.

Mariah Carey smells like campfire treats. Wow, I was way off. I always assumed she smelled like postage stamps, crazy, and a bushel of cleavage. Shows how much I know. Of course, I do spend half the day with my nose inside a brandy snifter. Is the brandy supposed to go up your nose? Is that how fancy people do it? Because I’m feeling kind of funny. And by funny, I mean awesome, and no longer see the need to wear pants. Stop oppressing me, slacks!

Photos:Pacific Coast News, Getty Images, Splash News

  1. veggi

    smells like smores. looks like a smurf..

  2. G Man

    Psycho Freak…but you need to get naked and let us see those baby feeders and your Hot Pocket…

  3. meati

    I always thought she smelled like a smore (smelly whore)

  4. Jenny Craig

    She’s still fat

  5. Snifter? I don’t even know her?

  6. I love smores! And porn. And stuffed vaginas.

  7. Mystress Jade

    I smell camel toe….

  8. TS

    I would love to see FRIST in that outfit. And I would squirt all my smelly smore stuff on her. Then tell her to get it dry cleaned. I’m a gentleman.

  9. “M”? What an original perfume name. I wonder where she came up with it? Genius. Sheer genius.

  10. I’m a jimbo troll. I can’t help it. But I also can’t help sitting here with my penis between my legs without touching it.

  11. Fuck off troll. Like I would say that!! That’s just stupid! duh.

  12. Fad

    My gosh, she looks like a drunk bimbo.

  13. veggi

    Fad, she IS a drunk bimbo!..

  14. you say “drunk bimbo” like that’s a bad thing…

  15. oh TS! Thanks! I would wear that for you. Then I’d let you lick my butthole.

  16. veggi

    wow! troll-a-fuckin-rama here….

    going to get drunk. See ya fuckers!..

  17. I am also a Jimbo troll. I also like to touch myself. With the left breast gone I only get half stimulation. I wonder just how many Jimbo trolls are out there?

  18. Nefarious Crotch Kicker

    I guess I’m not very surprised that she smells like marshmallow. After all, she looks like a marshmallow. A crazy as hell marshmallow.

  19. I am a Jimbo troll. Maybe I have your other breast.

  20. D. Richards (Surgeon.)

    I don’t wanna associate Mariah Carey with anything, let alone a smell. Smores? No. I never gave-it much thought, but now in retrospect, I guess I would have imagined Mariah to smell almost exactly like the gas that you get right before you shit.

  21. fart knocker

    She might be a drunk bimbo, but we’ve never seen her cooter, now have we??

  22. When I think of smores, I touch myself. I wish I had that other nipple back. oh, poop.

  23. Hey other Jimbo troll maybee we could get Texas Tranny to pick out a bra we could share.

  24. That would be lovely! But I get the back!

  25. I am a new Jimbo troll. It might take me a bit to get the hang of it. Oh, nope. Nevermind. I grabbed it the first time. It isn’t as small as a tack, but not as big as a nose. Still grabbable.

  26. We have so much in common. The smell of smores also gives me a touching urge. We must put our breasts together and have a touch fest.

    On a more series note this is a really slow day at the office. Somebody is paying me 250k to sit here and pretend to be working while I troll Jimbo

  27. amma

    Could she grow up and stop dressing and acting like she’s in junior high? It’s so sad at her age. How about…uh, I dunno…singing? Yeah, singing! Isn’t that what she used to do? Just put on a classy outfit and belt out songs once in a while, make an album. ALL the other stuff is embarrassing…WTF?!

  28. BunnyButt

    At least she looks somewhat better in jeans than in the spandex mini dresses … or would if those jeans were two sizes larger. Can’t help but wonder how someone her size wearing pants that tight avoids major camel toe. She’s defying the laws of physics.

  29. cc

    i think she’s wearing spanx. it’s the only way she can get away with those skintight jeans.

    also nice to see a celeb who isn’t underweight…she has a big butt like me :)

  30. I am a new Jimbo troll. My name is Jimbo the 5th.
    Oh I had a dog and Jimbo was his name O J I M B O you one breasted bastard I think im in love

  31. The White Urkel

    I would so love to bang her! But, I am afraid my white cock would not suffice her vagina that has been repeatedly stuffed by coon cock.

    She looks very pretty though.

  32. Supervixn

    Yeah, this was on today 11/21, not yesterday. Mariah was phoney and didn’t want to give the audience members a bottle of perfume for free but finally did. You could tell Ellen didn’t like her at all, she even pulled out 2 twigs with marshmellows on ‘em and tried to set them on fire uncomfortably close to her face, saying, “How do these “notes” smell?” lmfaoooooo…

  33. Shallo Val

    Ugh, her effing moon-pie face make me want to yack.

    Smells like pudding panties. (bwahahaha). Fucking lunatic.

  34. Shallo Val

    Hey, Moon-pies have marshmallow in them. There may be some method to her madness afterall.

  35. Veggi’s right. Trollarama here. I’m going to get drunk too. happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TS if anyone offers you some blow, save me some, k???

  36. LayDeeBug

    Supervixn, are you serious. I love Ellen and would be xtatic to know she did that. I always knew Mariah Cowrey was a cheap assed tightwad.

  37. adeliza

    Any body that buys that perfume is a stupid fucking asswipe.

  38. LayDeeBug

    Adeliza, where have you been YOUNG LADY!!!????

  39. michelle

    i cannot say that i am surprised…. but i would think she would smell of a mixture of cheetos and s’mores too…… who would have thought!

  40. She are fat! Why Mariah looks so good in her clips, but in real life she’s fat?… Just wondering…

  41. Eye-Dish Lass

    What is that weird blue thing around her chest, back, arms and shoulders? Mariah doesn’t wear clothes…only sheets of fabric. WHAT IS THAT?! Is it Britney’s leftover boa constrictor?! Ewwwww!

  42. XFILE102

    WOW. And I would have assumed she would smell like dried semen, and the strong odor of WHOREDOM. You know, that smell that comes from whoring yourself out to one of the richest execs in music for a contract. The old on your knees mouth full of cock Quid Pro Quo. That and a mixture of a number of Hostess Products. Her new Perfume Should be called HoHoTwinkieCheetoStaleSemen eau de Cocksucking Whore. Ellen rocks. She PWNED Mariah on the show.

  43. She look fat to me!

  44. makemepuke

    She is still stuck in a delusion that she actually has fans…prediction, her shitty smelling perfume will fail terrribly and she be left no choice but to flash her Brittany to the paparazzi and this will re-ignite her career for about a week and then she wil slide into oblivion never to be heard from again except 20 years from now when her bloated , feces covered corpse is found in some rundown motel room in Tijuana Mexico…overdose on valium, percs and xenical.

  45. L.Linus

    Sometimes I’m shock at what I read from some people who if you really saw them you’d laugh your head off. The racist remarks are sooo pitiful and low, but what do you expect from a dumb bigot with a small brain and a small dick.

  46. Accckkk . . .

    I absolutely hate the commercial for this perfume. No pretentious, pseudo artistic brooding. No sexy models running in the rain or roaming on beaches or languishing in hotel rooms in black spaghetti dresses. No, just this whale wallowing in a shallow pool of blue water staring vapidly at the camera. Makes me want to kick this b!tch in the twat every time I see it.

    Oh and LMAO @ 44.

  47. her whatever perfume is not sold in my country.

  48. weirdo

    I don’t think Ellen said “you smell like s’mores”, she said “you smell like some whores”!

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