Mariah Carey really wants you to see her side-boob

November 11th, 2008 // 66 Comments

Mariah Carey rocked some insane side-boob at the 2008 World Music Awards in Monte Carlo where she received the Special Achievement Award. Fortunately, the producers made Mariah change her outfit later in the evening when they couldn’t figure out why she kept smuggling pizza dough under her arms. Maybe in case she got hungry, they thought. Who knows?

Photos: Flynet, WENN

  1. timmy the dying boy

    I detect a disturbing hint of lumpiness.

  2. Fucktard

    The blue ring is where her gag reflex kicks in.

  3. xxnubyxx

    wow…her boobs hang as loose as my penis right now….not happy

  4. joho777

    What a fake rack.

    She’s got 6″ of bony chest between her boobs, and then all that blotchy flab sagging into her armpits.

    Somebody lied to her and told her that she looked sexy in that dress.


  5. Michelle

    She isn’t that old and she isn’t fat. She just needs to stop squeezing herself into clothes two sizes too small for her!

  6. Oh mY!

  7. goat herder


  8. Mr. Jones

    “…where she received the Special Achievement Award”

    Um, exactly what did she “achieve”? Help me out here.

  9. Yikes

    She is getting fat again; just look at her fat arms! Ugly hard implants!

  10. rustingrabbit


    MY EYES!

  11. missywissy

    How many times is she going to get this same award???? Last time she had on that black dress with both sides of both boobs hanging out.

    If you don’t want to gain weight, don’t get married! That’s my advice. I say just as long as she sounds good, why would her weight even mattter???? Stupid.

  12. ecs90025

    Ouch! Not a pretty sight.

  13. CakeGirl

    That is really horrible. We’re the same age; she needs to get a grip AND a better stylist. She can dress her damn age and still look sexy. Jerk.

  14. Said it once, and I will say it again: some famous people fantasize about being strippers. Mariah Carey is probably one of them.

  15. Brunettes Take Over

    Dumb Bitch!

  16. xX.Blue Eyes.Xx

    That is disgusting! Mariah You arent young anymore, your old, its nasty to show off tits at your age!

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