Mariah Carey is out of her mind

January 8th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Mariah Carey tells V magazine that she keeps twenty humidifiers around her bed and that if she appears too sexy in pictures it’s not her fault. She says:

“Literally I’ll have twenty humidifiers around the bed. Basically it’s like sleeping in a steam room. The bed is all terry-cloth, the ceiling is pitched so the water can’t fall on my head, and it drips down to my side, and the TV is behind glass.”

Carey, who is known for her provocative on-and-off-stage outfits, also discussed her sexy image – and blamed the media.

“I think that a lot of women are just trying to live up to the stereotypes and to the standard that’s set on TV and in magazines, which is airbrushed women who weigh 3 pounds. And it’s not fair. It’s not easy. But everybody gets really protective of me. They’re, like, ‘Be less sexy.’” She said that if she overdoes the sexy look “it’s not intentional – if you film my body a certain way, it’s gonna look like a certain way. But honestly, I’ve been the same way since I was a little kid. Like, I’m just emulating whatever’s on a magazine.”

I suspect either Mariah Carey’s maids replaced all her mirrors with life-sized posters of Cindy Crawford or she’s confused the definitions of “sexy” and “obese” again. She definitely needs to be less of a lot of things but “sexy” doesn’t even make the top five. Although “hungry” is probably up there. As is “looking like a plus-size model.”


  1. ZX10R_AC

    Are you kidding, Site host? Mariah is freaking ridiculously hot. I’ll say it now:

    Better looking than 99% of the stars who show up on this site. Easily. She has no competition.

    In the words of the legendary football coach, Dennis Green: “Crown ‘er!!”

  2. 2muchespn

    she looks like one of the (male) competitors in the steroid-free bodybuilding contests

  3. JENPEACE420


  4. kitty_kat

    She really needs to stop with these ridiculous comments. But I’ve got to admit she has a much nicer body than Kate Moss.

  5. bush twins

    wow the Cowardly Lion really let himself go…

  6. Gigi

    I don’t understand what the humidifiers are for.

    Is it because she is trying to sweat off calories while she sleeps?

  7. wedgeone

    #59 – don’t you mean the “unemployed” coach Dennis Green? The “16-32 over his last 3 years” coach Dennis Green?

    BTW – you’re not Britney Spears’ publicist, are you?

  8. tsarinaamanda

    I can’t believe nobody has said anything about her sparkly microphone that matches her fucking outfit! WTF is THAT all about…stupid diva BS. I’d like to see this bitch try and work ONE DAY at a REAL, NORMAL job, I bet it would be worse than Paris and Nicole on The Simple Life…and that’s really saying something.

  9. wonderwoman

    After Brain-Embolism’s comments about never coming back to this site again, anybody wanna bet how many days it’ll take him to quietly sneak back, pretending he never said it?
    Somebody who’s really gonna leave just leaves, they don’t post the same threat 3 times in one thread (little kid to parents: “I am running away, I am, I am!)
    Kindly leave now B.E – and the same goes for anyone else who doesn’t love the Fish. We’ll try and struggle on without you somehow.

  10. theropes

    hahahahahahahahahaha!! Poor whale.

  11. DieFrau

    Mariah is nasty she’s bigger than a lot of men. She should live with Jessica Alba for a little while.

  12. caffebeotch

    I had the ~ahem~ pleasure of meeting Mariah way back in ’91, when she was just releasing her first single. Even back then, as a complete nobody, she was a completely bitchy diva. Some things never change.

  13. sweetgermangirl

    Biatch is deluded.

  14. whodat

    in fairness, Coach Green was talking to the press after the game where Mariah made 19 unassisted tackles, the most ever for a middle linebacker

  15. Ms. Scarlet

    She’s too ugly to be a plus-sized model.

  16. whodat

    i bet her maid has a few choice words about walking into that 20-humidifier bedroom after Miss Mongo rips one

  17. NipsyHustle

    damn, she looks like a plus sized cross dressing “feivel”.

  18. Truthseeker013

    In the immortal words of the Godfather of Soul, “Let’s hit it and quit!”

    Now, who’s got the eight-pound sledge today?

  19. Bell91501198

    I wouldn’t hit it.

  20. Lowlands

    (17)You know what?You may pick up the crumbs this site leaves you.When you show you’re a good boy from now on.Anyways,i’ve to catch a flight now.You lucky bastard.

  21. somechick


  22. somechick

    she looks like HE-MAN

  23. somechick

    By the power of GreySkull, I… HAVE… THE POWERRRRR……

    HE-MAN…. HE-MAN…

    HE IS HERE to fight the EVIL FORCES OF SKELETOOOORRRRRR (LOHAN looks like skeletor)……

  24. somechick

    HE-MAN’s people tell her to dress less sexy because they know she is making a fool out of herself and they don’t know how to tell her because they don’t want to get fired.

    Also I agree with the girl who dissed BE.


  25. PillowEyes

    This woman is a walking monstrosity.

  26. mikewall

    She looks like someone who is fading out of stardom dont forget she has had better days: take a look

  27. Ren

    I don’t understand when people say she’s attracative.
    I’ve been pretty sure that her body is a giant slab of rotting horse meat since the day I saw her, and I’m honestly quite glad that I’m not alone in thinking so.

  28. I dont think she’s “sexy” but I will hand it to her, she’s about what, 40 or so now and she’s not completely fell apart like Madonna and Whitney…

    and she doesn’t care what people think, she has a positive image of herself…

    I have to give her two thumbs up, but if I had a penis… it would be pointin to middle earth…

    <3 Jess

  29. She ought to really focus on her film career at this point. That’s where the real money and fame are anyways. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel to Glitter.

  30. CantLookBackWontLookBack

    I am SO BUMMED because so many of you think she’s fat and SHE”S NOT FAT. Yea yea, I’ll get responses “OH OKAY, #88, I BET YOU”RE A BIG ASS WHALE” or “OH YEA, CLBWLB, I BET YOU”RE EATING BON BONS” but you know I just can’t help posting that Mariah is NOT FAT. What the fuck? Shame shame. It’s really all a shame. She’s got the ego of Terrell Owens, but she’s hot. Her singing used to be great, I even had two CD’s but no more. She should just – stop talking about herself because she seems like a selfish asshole.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  31. sol

    it’s not that she’s got an ego the size of terrell owens’, it’s that she’s got thighs the size of terrell owens’ (say that 10 times fast). but just like him, she’s not really good at hanging onto balls once they’re thrown at her.

  32. woodhorse

    RICHPORT – that is NOT a sanity injector. The same people who are telling Mariah to be “less sexy” must be telling you to “be less of a genius”.

  33. i quote my friend Katy, “Eww Mariah Carey is fucking disgusting.” and I have to agree. she looks like a midget who has been put in a magical stretching machine that didn’t quite cut it. good luck.

  34. oh my god.

    “But everyone gets really protective of me. They’re, like, ‘Be less sexy.’”

    She’s about as sexy as senior-citizen porn.

    - Lua

  35. Equalparts

    She looks like she colors her skin with Tang.

  36. cm

    Somebody needs a serious ego reduction. Just another self-obsessed celebrity who has been over-pampered to the point of forgetting who she average looking person who can sing. No amount of plastic surgery or fake airbrush tanning will change the fact that she’s just average. She needs to get off herself.

  37. madaboutmark

    #90 yeah, I remember and now she looks like a fucking lion or some weird creature.. Sexy my ass, she needs a reality check.

    what the fuck happened to her???

    ok, thanks!

  38. fabricator


  39. kk123

    you all need to shut the fuck up…. mariah is beautiful. so what if she has a bunch of humidifiers. you guys are so fucking obsessed with talking about her. and i bet half of you.. are not even close to being as pretty as she is. most of you are probably fat hogs who sit at the computer all day talking about how fat ppl are when you weigh like 500 pounds. so stop talking bout how fat and ugly ppl are….cause u aint pretty either. nobody is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! so shut the fuck up bitches.

  40. pana1718

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  41. ha ha…if she looks too sexy? how bout too fat?

  42. mariah carey is hot’sexy

  43. you all are just jealus of mariah carey alright you all are jealus that she has big breasts and is an awsome singer so go bug someone else. just because you want to be like her don’t make fun of all are bithes exept for me because i’m not making fun of her.if you really get to know her i bet she’s really nice and she actually isn’t fat at all. e-mail me if you have any questions,comments or complaints…..

  44. you all are just jealus of mariah carey alright you all are jealus that she has big breasts and is an awsome singer so go bug someone else. just because you want to be like her don’t make fun of all are bithes exept for me because i’m not making fun of her.if you really get to know her i bet she’s really nice and she actually isn’t fat at all. e-mail me if you have any questions,comments or complaints…..

  45. dii

    All of u saying against mariah carey just fuck off ,some of u are just jealous she is ,was and is still beautiful she is a v kind person, she’s a great singer no matter what some of u fuckers say..people like u judge others beacuse of jealousy .She is sexy and she is not fat..she is just avarage.. who critisize her first look in the mirror and see ur fuckin appearance.

  46. ShelleyBonnechance

    I don’t think she looks FAT, but I don’t think she looks slender, either. I think she looks like an average-sized woman, actually. Somewhere in between.

    Although she seems to be suffering from a bad case of Melinda Doolittle’s no-neck syndrome.

    And that outfit…woo. It leaves a LOT to be desired. Not flattering at all.

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