Mariah Carey is effin’ Looney Tunes

Mariah Carey really loves wearing lingerie. So much so, that’ll she even wear it alone by herself on Christmas, according to latest issue of Redbook:

I always get Santa lingerie, even if nobody sees it. But this year it will be appreciated!”
Stripping down for the holidays is apparently a Carey holiday tradition.
“[My girlfriends and I] go in the hot tub in our Christmas bikinis, then roll in the fresh snow and jump back in.”

While that was probably the greatest holiday story ever told, I should probably point out Mariah’s girlfriends eat Meow Mix – and there’s 25 of them.

MARIAH: Unwrap me under the tree, Nick.
NICK: I’m trying, baby, but these cats are everywhere.
MARIAH: Be nice to my girlfriends! They picked out my outfit.
NICK: Say what? Dammit, Whiskers, get off the TV!
MARIAH: Nick! What did I just tell you? Get in your cage.
NICK: Aw, man

Photos: Splash News