Mariah Carey is effin’ Looney Tunes

The Superficial | November 14, 2008 - 10:13 am

Mariah Carey really loves wearing lingerie. So much so, that’ll she even wear it alone by herself on Christmas, according to latest issue of Redbook:

I always get Santa lingerie, even if nobody sees it. But this year it will be appreciated!”
Stripping down for the holidays is apparently a Carey holiday tradition.
“[My girlfriends and I] go in the hot tub in our Christmas bikinis, then roll in the fresh snow and jump back in.”

While that was probably the greatest holiday story ever told, I should probably point out Mariah’s girlfriends eat Meow Mix – and there’s 25 of them.

MARIAH: Unwrap me under the tree, Nick.
NICK: I’m trying, baby, but these cats are everywhere.
MARIAH: Be nice to my girlfriends! They picked out my outfit.
NICK: Say what? Dammit, Whiskers, get off the TV!
MARIAH: Nick! What did I just tell you? Get in your cage.
NICK: Aw, man

Photos: Splash News