Mariah Carey is cleavagey

October 24th, 2007 // 88 Comments

Mariah Carey launched her new perfume “M by Mariah Carey” at Macy’s in New York yesterday. She also stood next to a vase and showcased her healthy bosom. I’m sold. Order me 100 bottles. I don’t care if it smells like the sensual Living Tahitian Tiare flower. She had me at boobs. Will you accept a check?

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  1. greg

    48- I may not be able to spell, you fucking whore, but at least I know better than to get close to your sick green festering vagina.

  2. Jack Moonshine

    Yeah, but imagine how much old, fat, hairy, record exec spooge she had to swallow to get where she is.

    …and what she must be doing to stay there.

  3. schack

    shut the hell up. Just because Jimbo thinks I’m gross doesn’t mean that I can’t fuck dead things. They think I’m hot. Well, warm anyway.

  4. schalack

    the use of quotation marks in the american vernacular indicates when something is so-called. i.e., the “pus” is female lubricant translates to: the so-called pus is female lubricant.

    i can’t believe you even require this explanation to get it… but this is one of those situations, hon, where you look really dumb, and your belligerence suggests you have some inkling of how dumb you look, but your words show that you still haven’t quite caught on.

  5. Jimbo

    with all this arguing, shack has forgotten to troll TT, me, veggi, and everyone else she usually does. How refreshing.

  6. TT

    New post FRIST!!!!!!!

  7. Tess

    To make a remark about something else other than her boobs or her face: Her legs look amazing!

  8. schalack

    wow, jim, you really are convinced. i’m telling you- these paranoid fanasies are exciting but you can’t swear by them, it’s dangerous.

    texas, or jimbo, i should say, i cannot troll. i have my voice and that’s it.

    i’m usually not on this thing anymore, anyway. i just have a fever today, so i’m immobilized.

  9. nobody cares

    59- nobody cares. go away now. thanks.

    ps: you’re a fucking loser. nice attempt at those BIG words honey. Doesn’t make you any less of a stinking hooker.

  10. schalack


    none of those words were BIG, you fucking lump. why do you even attempt to speak?

  11. jbird

    I stopped being her fan when she stopped using the full-throated, rich melody of her “black” voice and instead began using her “little girl” pop voice when singing. You yanks. you’re so ridiculous!

  12. Ript1&0

    NOW we’re getting somewhere.

    You guys should get married. In Vegas. While an Elvis impersonator drops in “ubiquitous” and “rumination”. And then for the honeymoon, beat each other senseless in a tub of vaginal pus. While I sit in the back row and get off.

  13. greg

    I write these things for your own good hookerass. I thought you might want to be informed that you stink. I feel bad for sluts that walk around with pus dripping out of their vagina and think that it’s ok. You need to see a doctor. Maybe several. It’s a disease schack, and it should be treated.

    You poor poor misguided fucking drone.

  14. betenoir

    A pumpkin face with tits! Mariah seems like she’s so in love with her bod. She doesn’t walk, she tips. Poor girl. She’s going to have yet another nervous breakdown when she goes through menopause.

  15. It is nice to see schack is on her meds today. That is the schack I use to know and like.

    As for #55, that is some troll and not me. However it was a nice comment for a change.



  17. PunkA

    remember when she was cute and thin and likeable back in the early 90′s? Now, she is just a big, fat unlikeable ogre of a woman. I mean seriously, would you want to be seen and photoed with that? Career killer, right there, not to mention your rep would dive to unseen depths..

  18. max

    fat ass!!!

  19. She doesn’t even sing anymore. Why is she relevant?

  20. Riotboy

    I’d hit it


  21. Teddy Kennedy

    er-uh, I would er-uh, glaze those mounds, er-uh and then drive her off a bridge er-uh.

  22. How now......

    I know cows that are more interesting. WAIT, she’s a cow. A stupid cow. No, she’s a sow, a crazy sow. Now, lets take a bow, to all cows and sows to pull the plows and get this bitch something green to eat because she’s so FAAAAAAAAT!!!!!

  23. Shallow Val

    She looks so ugly. Lose the weight and you won’t have that Moon Pie face, dearie.

  24. d

    I’d love to rest my head on those titties; oh, and my face too.

  25. Jane

    When is she gonna realize shes getting too old to keep dressing like this and dressing sexy never looked good on her time to retire

  26. Morticia

    Her boobs are so fake looking.

  27. that’s a beautiful thing there there. Also check out the story about her buying $13,000 worth of perfume. That’s her crazy side again..check the story out here…
    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  28. Feckless

    I wonder if Danny Bonaduce can throw her over his shoulders or if her thighs are just too powerful. With those floatees and those thunder thighs, she could swim the English Channel.

  29. jacknasty

    19 – “she is talenty- her voice rivals professional opera singers’” LOL not if you know anything about Opera. Maria was pretty good 15 years ago but she blew her voice out long ago…all her recent stuff is just heavy breathing and screaching just like J. Simp. and even at her peak she couldnt hold a candle to Whitney

  30. scooby

    now THIS is what a hot thick chick is supposed to look like. not the beached whale brtiney. shit yeah.

  31. wow, hot kiss ya. I saw her profile on millionaire and celebrity dating site where Charlie Sheen found his girl last May. It seems she is dating a billionaire on that site now! Sugardaddy? Who knows.

  32. 13to1

    She doesn’t have boobs, just implants. Hell, any guy could get them and fondle himself 24/7.

  33. mariah has always been cleavagey. but it’s really too ugly… her figure is inproprotionate!

  34. gerard Vandenberg

    This girl started the HORSE SHIT stuff of faking celebs like: paris, nicole lyndsay lohan, CHRISTINA AGUILERA crap. Because this superb dishonest whore fucked and later married and divorced her record-boss: tommy “asshole” motolla!! With the he would give her career a boost!! CHRISTINA AGUILERA just coppied the fucking-part!!

  35. craigj

    #58, I think I already did.

  36. STeve

    she still looks a lot like the old cartoon character Curious George

  37. Gloria

    i heard that she has a account on a dating site called, is she lonely? is sh still a single?

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