Mariah Carey is at the top of her game

September 13th, 2007 // 101 Comments

Mariah Carey unveiled the new “Jury Duty Postage Stamp” yesterday. The state of New York felt she’d make a great host for the event. Wow. Did they call her mother a whore in the process because why stop at just asking her to unveil stamps? What’s even sadder is she actually accepted the invitation. I guess I can expect to see her cut the ribbon at the new KFC down the block – that is if she fixes herself up a bit. We’re talking fried chicken, people, that’s the big leagues.

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  1. Jaxx

    Each of you would kill to either be or be with Mariah. So she’s different. Stick figures and mainstream high fasion are too boring. But I digress. Mariah is immortal and most of you will die alone and forgotten. Go get jobs. The postal service is hiring.

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