Mariah Carey is at the top of her game

September 13th, 2007 // 101 Comments

Mariah Carey unveiled the new “Jury Duty Postage Stamp” yesterday. The state of New York felt she’d make a great host for the event. Wow. Did they call her mother a whore in the process because why stop at just asking her to unveil stamps? What’s even sadder is she actually accepted the invitation. I guess I can expect to see her cut the ribbon at the new KFC down the block – that is if she fixes herself up a bit. We’re talking fried chicken, people, that’s the big leagues.

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  1. emi

    bernadette peters is in one of those pictures…

  2. lol

    yesss i finally did it om gosh itz so orgasmic ot br first1!!

  3. jenny

    fourth ^_^

  4. Nice Rack,

    TT do you approve of this outfit?

  5. whatsername


  6. PunkA

    She is one big nasty Amazon woman. And she used to be HOT. Before she ate her last husband.

  7. @2
    Bernadette Peters has the most sexy mouth I’ve ever seen, I would love to see her sucking a big cock with her beautiful lips.

  8. Lindsay

    I pledge allegiance to myself, to always look like a hooker… (picture 9)

  9. Jimbo,
    You can never go wrong with pink and black.
    I like the outfit and the view it provides.

  10. RUSerious?!?!?!

    Oh no Mariah! Next month we’re gonna hear she’s staring the “The Rural Juror.” Ha ha!! anyone?? no??? : /

  11. sportsdvl

    Nothing says “class” like Mariah Carey. From talented darling with a great voice to total whore in like 6 months. Amazing.

  12. veggi

    I love Bernadette Peters!!!!! Who told me she died? Gawd I’m an idiot….

  13. sportsdvl

    a $0.41 cent stamp for a $0.41 cent whore – coincidence?

    ps – Hey “lol”, being first and actually proud of it hasn’t been cool since before Mariah was a hooker.

  14. LOL
    In the last 2 pics, what the hell is that on the floor? Is someone trying to take an up-skirt photo, to see if she’s wearing pretty panties?

  15. Darth Hater

    MC was never as hot as she thought she was.

  16. Robert

    she’s cute with her hair that way.

  17. my comment

    Leave it to Moonface Carey to dress like a hooker at a postage stamp event.


    Someone ought to get the ‘no jeans on 80-yr olds’ memo to Cindy Adams.

  18. Mike

    In picture #8 notice the wrinkles on her left inner thigh. Oh well, I would still dig my face in between those thighs.

    Oh by the way, Veggi, how’s it going?

    Jimbo, what’s up?

  19. Rodrigo Vanderlei

    yeah but its FRIED CHICKEN… which she loves.

  20. P911GT10C

    In other news: Courtney Love chaired the first meeting of the NRA today.

    oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  21. vItaly

    Nice thighs… make me hungry. Ham. Now.

  22. E

    Why would they have a celebrity come for a jury duty stamp?

  23. Hey Mikie! where have you been?

  24. justplainconfused

    There’s just something about pic 5 that makes her look super intelligent. I get the feeling that she could fix global warming or even understand the plot of the last Matrix movie. Of course, the feeling isn’t exactly in my brain, but I’m going to go with it.

  25. I’d do her……for free stamps.

  26. justplainconfused

    By the way, does it look like she just passed gas in pic 7? She has the angle, and the woman next to her is covering her nose.

  27. You guys suck! How come you never tell me when there is a new post?!? Here I was, all alone talking to myself on the last post.

    Consideration, people, that’s all I’m asking for…



  29. FRIST I am going to call you as soon as there is a new post!!!!

  30. No, just tell me on here

  31. Hey FRIST……………

    This is a new post.

  32. Did someone say Rural Juror? That was funny

  33. TT, haha very funny…

  34. OK FRIST there is a new post!!!!

  35. I love you last comment on the last post………….

    More pink skull and crossbones………

  36. lambman

    Um, thats just weird, all around. Isn’t this the woman who can’t even hold her own can of soda while drinking out of a straw? how’d they get her to unviel something?

  37. flavio

    i know i’m crazy to say so and all but god i think she’s hot. her body is just what i like, full figured, curvy, with a bit of stuff to grab on to…

  38. #36 TT I called her but she just mumbled something about vodka and cheetos and hung up.

  39. Dushie Pink

    At least she wore a vest. She usually just throws on a top, calls it a dress and be done with it.

  40. Mariah and her giant boobs are always a nice thing to see, but the ponytail doesn’t work for her.

  41. Jeff

    Mariah’s an entertainer/ host/ eye-candy. Who gives a fuck what she does with her work? She’s been around for decades and will be around for many more. There are many pop stars who will never be able to hold a candle to her.

    Shouldn’t you be posting more boring photos of Hayden Panettiere walking around and smiling? That seems to be the big scoop of this site now…

  42. Mista Fista

    Lamest. Stamp. Ever.

    I’m holding out for the Rusty Trombone commemorative stamp.

  43. Pimp

    I’ll bet she would be a juicy fuck !

  44. Mike

    She’s hot. These pictures give me a funny feeling in my groin.

  45. hegadeth

    @18 Moonface! Perfect! Looks like those mams are turning into some low riding softies. I’d like to bang the girl behind her on the right in pic3. Mmmmm, Librarian type.

  46. veggi

    That fucking outfit hurts my eyes.

  47. Dan Rather

    This just in: With the successful launch of the Jury Duty stamp, the US Postal Service announced the next stamps in the collection. In November, they plan to release both the Stuck in Traffic stamp and the Colonoscopy stamp. The post office stated that they planned to have KFed on hand for the colonoscopy unveiling if he can find sufficient funds in his business accounts to cover travel expenses.

    More after this break…

  48. The United States federal government should concern itself with a cessation of murdering indigent people in foreign lands using our aircraft carriers abroad, and a cessation of lying about both classified and unclassified documents, and with a cessation of violating people’s Constitutional and civil rights domestically and spying on them without warrants, before implying that “We, the [presumed unwashed, irresponsible] People” need to be prompted towards responsible behavior.

    The stamp is reprehensible in every regard, implicative, and otherwise. The “Fed” is quickly becoming a tiresome Roman empire. Thank goodness we have Ritalin, Adderal, Prozac, and Depakote to offset the lead in our pipes.

    !All hail Emperor Docility!, MMVII ad nauseum

  49. @49
    Take your fucking political agenda somewhere fucking else.
    Your lame-ass screen name says it all, fucking ass-wipe.

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