Mariah Carey in Barbados

February 3rd, 2006 // 119 Comments

If photographers were donuts, Mariah Carey would be the happiest woman alive. Here are even more photos of her, this time wearing the unhappiest bikini in Barbados. I don’t know what she’s doing on the boat, unless she’s there to scare off pirates. She may be setting course for Cheeseburger Island.


  1. DURound

    well… Her feet look thin…

  2. HollyJ

    LOL 101

    Saying “Mariah still looks better than Nicole” is like saying “Mariah still looks better than a maggot-filled rotting corpse washed up on the shores of the Mississippi with crabs eating the eyballs out.”

    I can’t, off the top of my head, think of a LOWER standard of comparision for “beautiful body” than Nicole Ritchie.

  3. ha ha! Cheeseburger Island!

    How can I get there? Do I need my own boat, or is there a ferry?

  4. mary

    I don’t mind her being fat. It’s the lack of clothing that gets me.
    Honestly, what is she thinking?
    “Hey, it worked for the Renaissance” ??

  5. caf

    Geez i’m all for being critical of celebs but i’m not in the mood tonight, and i’d just like to say that if people actually class Mariahs body here as being disgustingly fat then geez, theres no hope 4 anybody. She should be so lucky to not be an anorexic bimbo like most other celebs. I’m betting the judgemental males on here never even get laid…with attitudes like that youll end up old and alone.

    P.s im most definitely not obese.

  6. PandoraKnight

    Okay- the problem here isn’t that she’s fat- far from it. The problem is that’s she still wearing her 6th grade bikini. Mariah, Mariah, Mariah, please no more air brushing every video/pic. Instead smile for the camera and say “Cottage Cheese”.

  7. SoCoDivka

    Wow. This really depresses me. Mainly because my legs look really similar to Mariah’s (and I love my body–but I think my boobs and butt may be better…) and everyone’s going off on how obese she is. She does have a thick waist and that bikini was an awful choice, but the girl looks healthy.
    I have really, really despised her music for years, but regardless, I just find it really sad and so bad for women’s self-esteem when someone who looks pretty much like a “real” woman is torn to shreds by men & women, and being twiggy crack-whore thin is what’s desirable. Scary!

  8. jennyjenjen

    If she wasn’t one of the most self-obsessed, bra-less woman on the face of the earth, it wouldn’t be so funny to see her let herself go. I think she’s so into herself, she doesn’t realize how fat she has gotten. Also, I hate how tiny her head is. It’s like a shrunken head on a big blubbery body.

  9. fluku

    the 2nd picture was taken 3 seconds before mariahs thong exploded horribly wounding the camera man

  10. Keefer

    How come sometimes Mariah looks like a friggin house… and Im not talking some double wide trailer, but a mansion. She sometimes looks like a fat girl on steroids. But in real life, she isnt that big. She has a nice shape – not supermodel thin or anything, but sometimes she looks so bloated.

    She looked like a cow at the Grammy’s. But she really isnt fat.

    But anyway, she has an OK body. She is totally crazy though.

  11. A Nobody

    So, I guess high notes need fat to succeed.

    To be honest, her butt is quite okay for her body. I wonder how she keeps it. I mean, to me, all the rest of my body is fit except for my ass.

  12. LaydeeBug

    #110, that’s cuz she keeps wearing the wrong clothing. A girl can be a size four and look like a pig if she’s wearing the wrong size, style, etc. for her body. If she dressed to impress instead of undress she would look nice all the time.

    But she won’t so she doesn;t

  13. mimifan460

    Does she really have a tattoo on her back?It looks like a butterfly to me.

  14. Novrcher


  15. lanag

    You lot are all fools, so what if she put on a bit of weight, where in the bible does it say you have to be size 0. I would really like to see the state of some of you. Stop hating you ugly people!

  16. Alvin

    I love Miriah, and yes she can still sing. Listen to her theme: They Can’t Take… Simply beautiful. Further some of you guys may have perfect bodies and I for one like to take care of my own but for pete’s sake, give a girl a break. However, I reall do like the harpone crack. That was original to some point. I do realize we are in the US were we can almost say anything we wish. (Imum knows different smile)

  17. I hate her. she’s so ugly.
    nasty. ugh!!!!

  18. Chris

    I’d BANG Mariah sooo hard. she is still fine regardless plus more cushin for the pushin. naw mean

  19. As weird and mentally unstable and stuck-up and haughty as she is, she’s still uber-doable. What a hot slut!

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