Mariah Carey in Barbados

February 3rd, 2006 // 119 Comments

If photographers were donuts, Mariah Carey would be the happiest woman alive. Here are even more photos of her, this time wearing the unhappiest bikini in Barbados. I don’t know what she’s doing on the boat, unless she’s there to scare off pirates. She may be setting course for Cheeseburger Island.


  1. SuperSpence

    If she’s not careful someone is going to harpoon her by mistake. Probably by mistake.

  2. JennyD

    That was soo not cool to do to me right after breakfast. For shame, Superficial.

    At least post a NSFE link and give people the CHOICE of whether they want to gouge their eyes out or not.


    *NSFE = Not Safe For Eyesight

  3. cadavra

    Mmm, pirates, cheeseburgers, and Mariah Carey . . . it’s every red-blooded man’s wet dream.

  4. Geno

    I do have to say, even in her present shape, Mariah is 100 times more attractive than Nicole Richie.

  5. LaydeeBug

    Dude I was eating…Oatmeal actually, which happens to look like her belly. Ewwww. Lawdy, lawdy, that girl has NEVER done one sit-up in her life. She obviously did not get the good African American genes. What a pudding!

  6. LaydeeBug

    Geno, EVERYBODY is more attractive than Nicole Richie. Hel-LO?

  7. With all her money, I can’t believe she can’t hire someone to punch her in the head every time she takes a bite of pizza. Mariah is losin all her assets, fast. Too bad, she used to be kinda cool.

  8. Twenty bucks somebody says “I’d hit it” before comment #25.

  9. Ell

    I’d hit it.

  10. Realistic

    Is she training for Surreal Life?

  11. playahater101

    I’m all for being who you are and being happy about it, but there comes a time and a size when you need to realize it’s time to stop wearing a bikini. If not for yourself, for the rest of the world.

  12. Sheva

    Do it for the children. There’s no sense in traumatizing children.

  13. Kelly

    Good for her, she knows she’s chunky and she still works it. Personally I don’t like Mariah but I can respect that she’s not giving in to a guise that she needs to be thin to be sucessful. But then she can choke on a ham sandwich for all I care!!!

  14. spamnews

    Monkey, yr right, ’cause I would. She’s still got bedoinkadoink going on, and I’d hit it, from behind.

  15. gigi33

    Maybe she’s auditioning for Celebrity Fit Club 4.

  16. I’m still can’t figure out why she IS sucessful. She can’t sing anymore, and she’s not much to look at, so what gives??

  17. Binky

    She looks better than on the German TV show the other day – I think she’s working out.
    That first pic I recognize from the “Jivin’ With a Javelin” DVD

  18. amma

    …Uh…where are those painted on abs when you need them?

  19. ESQ

    # 10 & #15 GREAT comments…

    Not an attractive sight at all..Nothing worse than seeing sausage pouring out of its casing. Just plain disgusting.

  20. The Devil

    She’s added some weight, no doubt, but nothing a little working out can’t fix.

  21. Darby

    Come on people she is a human, I mean if any of you out there wore something that skimpy I bet 85% of us don’t look that good! I mean she is not perfect, but who is people?? With standards like these we get celebs like Nicole Ritchie who seem to think you can’t be too thin! Maybe working out isn’t her thing…Is it yours??

  22. sqongo

    She’s big but defo not outta shape,i’d hit it big time,rubenesque,i’m dribbling,hmmmmmmmmmm!!

  23. HollyJ

    She’s got a flat-ish weird-shaped ass. It’s supposed to be round, full and heart-shaped, not oblong and flat like a serving platter. Poor Mariah. ::::shiver::::

  24. mrsthayer

    Her body proportions are so…well, ‘unbalanced’ would be a nice way of putting it.

  25. CoJo

    Two words: SADDLE BAGS

    Once again, Superficial, you made my day. I never liked her, even when she was pretty…wait, sorry, she was never pretty. I meant thin. I hated her even when she was thin. My cat sings just like her when I try to give her a bath – so either my cat is a vocal genious or she sounds like a cat about to get dipped in a tub full of water.

    Someone should just kick the shit out of her and then send her boxes of dead butterflies with all their wings pulled off.

  26. escapevelocity

    she looks okay from the back, IMHO. but then again id just woken up, without my contacts on.

  27. benjamin01

    I’m with you Darby #21… what I see is a human being within normal (non-anorexic) weight range for a human female, who lookslike she is relaxed enough to really smile and enjoy herself which is lots more attractive than DD implants.

    She’s heavier than my girlfriend, but I also wish my girlfriend wasn’t always worrying about what she ate. I’d be glad to see her trade in her 23-inch waist (well, to a few inches larger) for a little more relaxed, happy chow time.

    I think the Superficial oughtta start requiring that people who trash somone for being in the weight range that Mariah Carey is still within there post a photo of themselves. LOL!
    Maybe the nasty double-standard we have for celebrities is our way of getting them back for making such obscenely large sums of money.

  28. drowningfool

    Dear Darby,

    With comments like that I am positive that you are morbidly obese. Those are the kinds of comments only fat people can make.

  29. joancrawford

    I hope she wears that to the grammy awards next week!!! LOL

  30. Tracy

    I look just like that in a bikini. That’s why I’m not in Barbados, but at home, running on the treadmill.

  31. cadavra

    Dear Darby,

    Go away and ruin someone else’s fun, you and your tiresome rational sensibility are not welcome here.

  32. suzy

    she’s not half black, she’s half hispanic…

    she’s just getting older.. she needs to dress her age!!

    a one piece would help

  33. CoJo

    The weight range Mariah Carey’s in? Have you really taken a good look at her. She is on her way to the Superfat Lands! Besides the fact that she really doesn’t DO anything except eat. I’m sorry. She doesn’t do anything but have people feed her.

    Just to clarify, her fatness is just a reflection of her personality – Lazy. Self-indulgent. Egomaniacal. Self-Centered. These are really the reasons why I hate her – her being fat is simply the result of these personality flaws.

    That, and she’s a dumb talentless slut that still gushes about butterflies and puppies and effing rainbows. How old is she?

    benjamin01 and Darby – There are plenty of heavier women that are sexy and beautiful (hello! Queen Latifah), but they aren’t assholes like Mariah Carey – and you’ll never see them with their bellies hanging out or them getting spoon fed by their assistants or them falling out of their dresses becuase they refuse to accept the fact that they are just bigger.

    Did I mention that she sounds like a yelping cat?

  34. jackuup

    Hispanic is not a ‘race’ you can be black and hispanic at the same time….
    so..she is half black…her dad is Brazilian…and there are many many black Brazilians…black Dominicans (ie Sammy Sosa…etc) black Puerto Ricans…etc etc..

    Please travel…

  35. Captain Awesome


  36. sammygirl

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think her dad is Puerto Rican. Not light skinned Puerto Rican like JLo, but dark skinned.

    Anyway, the crime here is that she wore a string bikini. Girl, try some boy cut shorts. Or a sarong. Sarongs are good.

    Please forgive my naivete, but did she get a boob job. The gap between them is about a mile wide.

  37. Her assests still look pretty good. I also agree with Gino Poster # 4. Four solid weeks on the cardio machine and Mariah would be smoking hot again.

  38. crazydelicious

    i feel bad for mariah because she has no ass.(whoever said she’s got a gedoinkedoink, you need some point of reference, i.e. beyonce) i mean thanks to saline, she has huge boobs, but she’s just badly proportioned, in my opinion. she’s top-heavy. her abs are nice, i mean not everyone is washboard. but we all have to remind ourselves that even though she thinks we want to see 99% of her skin at all times, she is the best singer EVER. and to #16, olichial or whatever the F your name is, have you been hibernating for all of 2005?? mariah has outsold all other artists. why?? because she’s the bombscare diggity!!!! stop hating on “The Voice”!!

  39. playahater101

    Like I said in #11, there’s comes a time when you should stop wearing a bikini. Especially a string bikini. I’m not saying she should go hide and never hit the beach, but at least wear a little more of a bathing suit.

    Yet again, I must agree with CoJo

    There are plenty of heavier women that are sexy and beautiful (hello! Queen Latifah), but they aren’t assholes like Mariah Carey – and you’ll never see them with their bellies hanging out or them getting spoon fed by their assistants or them falling out of their dresses becuase they refuse to accept the fact that they are just bigger.

  40. HughJorganthethird

    At least she can always have a lucrative second career as ballast when the fame is gone.

    Land? Ho!

  41. LaydeeBug

    She has SOOOOO much money but she wears an ugly-assed bikini you could find at Mandee. AND it don’t fit. What in God’s name is wrong with her? Can someone please tell me?

  42. julema

    Don’t have to be thin to be a singer…but from mariah…She’s not THAT big, but she acts like a 120 pounds girl. She thinks she still 25! She’s just a BIG CRAZY LAZY DIVA!!!Not surprise to see pictures of Mariah spending her time on the beach, on a boat, on the beach again…

  43. LaydeeBug

    Shut up Darby, and yes it is my thing. EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR YOU. It is not just for aesthetic purposes. All that time on her hands and she won’t even ride a bike, or row a boat, or even swim some laps. DO something. It seems like all she does is sing and nothing more. GOSH!

  44. fame is funny

    ok, scroll back up to the second picture…now listen really hard and off in the distance you should be able to hear a bikini bottom screaming…

  45. MystressJade

    She’s no spinner…but she actually looks worse wearing those skanktight dresses, than this bikini.

    #40 HughJordanthethird…a million laughs for that one.

  46. LaydeeBug

    WORD Tracy, WORD!!!! Cadavra, YES! CoJo you said it and Queen Latifah is SOOOO gorgeous!!! Shaun, precisely. But that won’t happen will it? That would mean she does something for herself, by herself. Oh and people who say “hating on” well, they need to be shot or returned to school. That is just plain stupid. And to top it off is the lovely julema and her eloquence.

  47. CheekyChops

    Mariah Scary needs to try the Nicole Richie diet.

  48. *barf*

    ugly people need to cover up. Its an unwritten rule!!

  49. CheekyChops

    I started to dislike this one when I caught her MTV Cribs episode. I never saw anyone so shallow or self absorbed than she is. How come every one of us wears outfits but she wears “ensembles.” She keeps stuffing her face the way she is she’ll be calling those ensembles “tents”.

  50. fame is funny

    i forget…is she on the starboard side…or the portly…

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