Mariah Carey: From stamps to ‘The Hills’

March 27th, 2008 // 74 Comments

These are shots of Mariah Carey looking banging as she leaves Gotham Hall in New York City after performing on last night’s The Hills. Just months ago she was unveiling the new “Jury Duty” postage stamp and now she’s on The Hills. I think it’s time for Mariah Carey to look for a new career because this one has been officially super-fucked into the toilet. Ha ha, The Hills. What’s next, Rock of Love? Hold on. Bret Michaels just kicked in my door. No, I wasn’t talking shit about your show. And stay out of my eyeliner! Freaking mooch.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Browen Weeks

    Mariah is hott, her album with go multi-platinum rocking everyone else off the charts, shes a goddess!

  2. Auntie Kryst

    Nope not me either. The trolls that is, nor the dick in Mike’s mouth.

  3. Ript knows, who is it??

  4. ah-choo

    this is why i change my name once a week…

    mariah is too old to be dressing the way she does. and her music sucks now (this coming from an actual fan of her older stuff).

    oh, and feminists don’t support heather mills, whoever said that up there… a gold-digging bitch is a gold-digging bitch, period.

  5. Randal


    What a shifty road of deathly curves on my baby Mariah! The soft ample cleavage is no doubt sprinkled with perfume that will waft to every nose of everyone that happens to walk on by.

    Top notch!

  6. Suzy

    When is she going to realize that she isn’t 25 anymore… And that she should go back to her roots (in music, lol) with her first 3 albums which were fantastic… her music really is just blah…

    she sounds like she’s whispering all the time… what the f**K.. i liked her back in the day..

  7. alright!


    Do you call your parents auntie and uncle, too? It must be weird to be a product of sibling love.

  8. XavierH

    I’ve always thought she had the face of a Thundercat. But yes, she has an amazing voice.

  9. Come ON!

    Meaghan, go cry on the shoulder of your fellow “pudgy” (AKA FAT) attention whores and take your own advice by stopping your stupid annoying rants.

    P.S. Mariah is just a has-been wanna-be-20-year-old whore. She was hot like what, 10 years ago? Time to call it quits.

  10. PeachPie

    Desperately peri-menopausal. Bitch, at some point, you ARE gonna have to put away the fuckng skimpy outfits.

    I can see why there are comparing her to Madonna. Both are pathetically, desperately trying to cling to being 22 years old.


  11. #49 you skank

    This is Uni-Troll and don’t blame me Father fukker. I have sooooo moved on to lesser endeavors and new innocent victims. Just not the ones mentioned!
    Muah haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Live each day in darkness with the knowledge that with each passing day you are older and therefore less attractive than your favorite picture of yourself you so cherish. Your chances of hooking up with the man of your dreams are diminishing with each year drastically. You will gain more weight and wrinkles, your chances of having a retarded baby increase, and more grey hairs will appear on your genitals. Life is sooo too short.
    Oh and if you were not implying me – sorry.
    And if you were (as I intuit) I hope your molar pregnancy survives and must be maintained in a small aquarium in your manufactured, shall we say errrrr home.

  12. Hamper Lint

    Love the Hello Kitty band aid !

    She looks good, just loose the gold jacket :(~

  13. Ript1&0

    I don’t have to live in darkness. I’d say, I’ve got plenty to look forward to, wouldn’t you?

    Mmmm. Hell yeah. It’s gonna be so fucking good too. I’m gonna handcuff him to my bed and beat the shit out of him. Sweetly of course. And after we come (intensely and painfully), we can cry together.

  14. alright!

    #61 is that retard, “Gerard Vandenberg”…he thinks he’s actually talking to Mariah. I don’t mean disrespect to the guy. You just won’t be able to reason with him #63.

  15. Ript1&0

    Ahh.. I see. Well, I won’t bother then.

    Thanks for the headsup, man.

  16. Reason?

    #63 nice!
    There is no reasoning here alright. A lack of it – intense superficiality. Expect nothing from me and my other me’s, you CO2 producing methane pumping several buckets of …

  17. Kim


    She is so fucking full of herself I actually get physically nausious when I look at her! I’ve never seen anyone who thinks so highly of themselves.

    NEWS FLASH MARIAH—- It’s not 1989, you are not 18 anymore, that dress that you wear EVERYDAY went out of style in 1991! You look like a cheap prostitute. And everyone knows you call up the papparazzi to let them know where you are so they can take the “candid” shots of you. Please crawl under a rock and stay there for the rest of your useless life!

    OK I feel better now.

  18. kevin

    There was a time when Mariah was thin, classy and beautiful. Sadly stardom got up to her head, she became big headed with a big ass !

  19. Alden

    She has a big gap where her clevage should be.

  20. EuroNeckPain

    Never liked her. Her body is distorted somehow, too chesty, no neck. She has a weird caramel skin color. And she has this “I’m a diva, I’m so fantastic” look on her face all the time. She is a mixture of too many ethnic types. And she is a waste of talent,: with the incredible voice she has, she could have sang something different, she could have invented the music of the future; instead, she made the very same boring stuff as Whitney Houston and the likes.

  21. hee hee

    I actually think Meaghenns (or whatever) posts are funny!

  22. STevec

    she still looks like that monkey cartoon character “Curious George” and I hate monkeys

  23. stoplookingatme

    “What’s next, Rock of Love?” Well… close, actually. Mimi is scheduled to appear as a “mentor” on this season’s American Idol. Or so I’ve heard.


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