Mariah Carey: From stamps to ‘The Hills’

March 27th, 2008 // 74 Comments

These are shots of Mariah Carey looking banging as she leaves Gotham Hall in New York City after performing on last night’s The Hills. Just months ago she was unveiling the new “Jury Duty” postage stamp and now she’s on The Hills. I think it’s time for Mariah Carey to look for a new career because this one has been officially super-fucked into the toilet. Ha ha, The Hills. What’s next, Rock of Love? Hold on. Bret Michaels just kicked in my door. No, I wasn’t talking shit about your show. And stay out of my eyeliner! Freaking mooch.

Photos: Splash News

  1. your mom

    FIRST NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. skrewup

    first…oh, shit…what now….

  3. skrewup

    first…oh, shit…what now….

  4. holby

    Shes ruined herself, but she still has a nice set of pins.

    mmm… bacon.

  5. Danielle


    take your ass to a street corner “your mom”.

  6. All I can think about today is how I get to leave early for a dentist appointment. I’m so excited.

    I love nitrous oxide!!

  7. A Superficial Virgin

    Let me just say, that I’ve never been able to make it into the top 10 posts at Superficial since its conception.

    It took a YouTube video about Mariah Carey to earn that honor.

    Thank you, Mariah.
    Thank you.

  8. bb

    I would hit that in a NY minute!

  9. Bmurphy72

    Please, I would “make sweet love” to her for at least 10 minutes after our traditional Kazastan sack ceremony……and you would toooooooo oh oh oh oh!

  10. Randal Parx

    Yay for Mimi! She is looking very fierce in the flattering dress. I’m certain all in attendance, (and after watching the video, me of course) consider her performance an A+! But I wish I had her skin complextion, mine skin is pimply. I get alot of greef from ppl incluing my BF & BFF. It hurts my feelings, any advide?

  11. evianobaby

    ive never rated her, not FIT!!

  12. rosa parx

    #10 are you making fun of me????????? You dont know me. You don’t know my world and how I live. R u jealous that you dont have a girl or b’friend? I come here looking for real advice and am respeactful – sorry I do not comment so much on the actual pics of stars.

    on another note – Is it ok to insert a frozen weiner up ones anus if enough lube is ussed?

  13. rach

    The premiere was on Sunday. Way to stay on top of your news, superfish.

  14. Vince Lombardi

    I will say this. As long as Mariah has some decent looks, she should work it. She’s going to lose those looks eventually, but the singing voice will still be there, so I’m giving her some slack.

    Caught me in a weak moment…

  15. #12 LMAO!!!!

    Oh. I should change my URL..

  16. This is not because she’s black but Jesus Christ could her face look any more Monkey like?

  17. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    She’s butt ugly but those legs are fine…. I hate her though, what an attention whore.

  18. deacon jones

    You know she’s a total sloppy fuck in bed.
    “Come on my face, come on baby *sticks tongue out* Ahhhhhhhh”

  19. deacon jones

    Remember Frank, attention whores are most likely to take it up the ass. Look it up, its a fact

  20. alright!

    Um, Mariah…looks good. Hmm.

    rosa parx — randal will still love you and say gushy things about you if you fornicate with a tube steak.

  21. meaghan

    Like Mariah, I was on the pill up until March 18th, please don’t flame me, it was my choice not yours.On the plus side my cycles were every 28 days, but on the flip side, I was not a plus sized girl until after I went on them, about a year before I got married.

    Yes I know all the negatives about taking the pill and such, I still chose to take them. But now, hubby admitted tonight that he wants as many children as God would want us to have, as do, and I was not taking the pill for him, I was taking it for the both of us. Mostly so my body could heal after having our daughter and losing our first born, misscarriage.

    But I guess my delema is this, hubby and I as a couple are super fertile, and would most likely get pregnant again soon after this little one is due, I really don’t want my body to work that hard.

    As for fertility signs like cervical mucus and such, didn’t have any of the signs when I got pregnant with this baby, so useing them to determine fertile times not reliable.

    I have no idea what to do, cept to pray about it.

    any thoughts? wish i could ask Mariah.

  22. Auntie Kryst

    @14 Coach what the hell? Did Landry beat you in a game of angel air hockey or something? Man up sir.

  23. Ted

    deacon jones posts are just as annoying as meaghans.

  24. Tom Cruise

    #19 – you post about 100 times a day here, so…your place or mine?

  25. Ooba Gooba


    You’re desperate for attention, aren’t you?

  26. #21 we don’t care

  27. rosa parx

    huh?..Who is randall?

    I had beans for lunch today and lentils soup – both were on the menue. Now, when I pass gas, it smells more like mexican which I had yesterday. Is that how long it takes to dijest from a day be4?

  28. holby

    @ Rosa

    WTF? is all ill say.

    @ Meaghan

    WTF? please die.
    and learn how to spell ‘Megan’ you hillbilly fuck.

  29. deacon jones

    #24. Yours. My mom gets pissed when I leak on the bed. I call bottom!

  30. alright!


    It appears that you you need a friend to talk to. However, you will be roasted over the coals here. I’m not saying whether that’s right or wrong because I enjoy kicking Randal’s nuts into his lungs as much as the next guy, but the best you can hope for here is that you’ll end up in a one-sided “conversation” with a fool like Binky.

    The brain power on this site tends to be functioning on low most of the time. There are a few people who function beyond use of the brain’s stem, but not enough.

  31. deacon jones

    Shut up Ted, you sissy feminist. Surprised you werent supporting Heather Mills yesterday, faggot

  32. L.Linus

    Meaghan, after putting your life out there like that, what else is there that we don’t know about you?

  33. lipper

    I think rosa and randall are the same person. Freakin annoying.

    Mariah may be a sickening and has the personality of Meaghan, but her body really is hot. Boobs, not as bad as some, for fakies.

  34. alright!

    It appears that “rosa parks” is a junior high kid on spring break looking for attention. Aren’t you supposed to be busy downloading porn?

  35. deacon jones

    @31. Shut up troll!! Who cares what you say. waaa waaa waaa.

    Meaghan, hows about a little cuddle. I’m so lonely.

  36. meaghan

    I don’t believe myself to be fat, just a little pudgy. i might stop posting here.

  37. grunion

    I love Mariah. She’s like a big crazy-stupid blow up doll.

  38. deacon jones

    yous not fat grrrl, your juuuus rie. I’ll be on you like a fat girl on a roll.

  39. lipper

    Hey, my brain cells are just fine! *takes hit of helium and downs a shot*

    Just because we slam people and/or each other doesn’t mean we are stupid and have a low IQ. So lick my 140 IQ bitch! or Dick! Whatever gender you are.


    …I’m so offended.

  40. RosMeagRan

    #12 I am not jealous of you. I cannot be. As you correctly stated I do not know you. I have no direct knowledge of you. Only through subjective personel experience can one determine what exists and is truth. In my case, the truth is you can stick a hot dog up your rectum. I prefer Ballpark Franks as they plump when you cook them. But to my point about knowing you, in my eyes and much like science itself, your very existence is suspect. As is all the people who thought Mariah was through! NO WAY jose! She still has the chops and the show business chutzpah. She looks great and is a real show stopper. Mimi, we love you! I stopped the show last nite becuase my b’friend woodn’t take no for an answer. I have my standerds, and did not whant to do that *thing* behind the BP station.

  41. commish


    Wrong site. This ain’t The Fashionable Housewife.

    Go to your address bar and google your way out of here.

  42. meaghan's vet

    “i might stop posting here.”

    That’s what she says when she stops in one place too long and starts sinking into the ground.

  43. Racer X

    Would hit that ass for hours!

  44. alright!

    See, Meaghan? I told you so.

  45. deacon jones



  46. BunnyButt

    32, has Meaghan mentioned yet that she’s a hunchback with a goiter?

  47. Which Ted? Ted? Or Ted From LA? Anyway, it’s not Ted. I know who it is and I’m not telling. Alright I’ll tell you.

    It’s Mike from OfficeKrystBo!!

  48. Mike

    Its not me guys, Ive had a cock in my mouth for the past 20 minutes!

  49. Ript1&0

    I know who it is.

  50. Browen Weeks

    Mariah is hott, her album with go multi-platinum rocking everyone else off the charts, shes a goddess!

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