Mariah Carey finds acting work? How in the hell…

Mariah Carey, despite a tremendous effort in Glitter, somehow managed to score a role in the upcoming film Tennessee. But when the producers wanted to ugly her up for the part, Mariah decided to let them know no one mucks up Mimi. NY Daily News reports:

Carey plays a Southern waitress who sets off with two brothers in search of their father. While she consented to cornrows, she passed on the fake nose and bushy eyebrows that had been conceived for the part.
“When she saw the nose, she called her people and decided against it,” says the source.

If Mariah Carey is cast as Chewbacca, she should just smile, put on the Wookie suit and be happy someone remembered who the hell she is. I mean, she was unveiling stamps in the fall for God’s sake. Then she made a perfume that smells like S’mores. At this point, I was convinced Mariah’s next move was to design purses made of cat food.

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