Mariah Carey drinks in public

September 22nd, 2005 // 78 Comments

Look at her face and try not to laugh. I dare you. I also dare you to actually look at her face, because those breasts of hers are out of control.


  1. sugarplum

    Just because they are hanging doesn’t mean they are real. Skin DOES stretch, even if you put half a melon in it pointing upwards, gravity, is gravity. They are not real, and it’s obvious.

  2. Joe Mamma

    Thise aren’t Real! Look at the stretched and distended skin on the sides and how the crease is forming, a classic sign of a women with implants that are bigger than her frame can carry.

    Iv’e spent 6 years working for an online porn retailer, trust me, i’m an expert.

  3. Well… She’s Mariah, the brand new (big) mermaid

  4. Proteon

    Obvious train wreck aside – apparently being caught on camera equates to being in public.

  5. Ragin_Pope_Angus

    Everyone say with me while looking at Mariah.

    “Hai. My names Mariah Gump. Life is like a glass of grape juice. It turns your tongue purple.”

  6. hautecouture18

    lmfao hahahah! that was wonderful angus! Absolutely genius. haha im still crackin up

  7. Nikk The Templar

    It’s Lady Bathory!

  8. Martin92

    Why the hell is Shamu on the front page of The Superficial?

  9. Juliette

    The recent pictures of her and Eddie Murphy are equally as bad.

  10. eatme

    no one loves the big titties more than i but if they are that jacked cover those things up a little better – they make bathing suits with support – give the illussion of hotness you’re a celb for christ sake

  11. ImRichBitch!

    where r the pics w/ ediie murphy juliette?

  12. Xarah

    At least she doesn’t have her ‘abs’ painted on…that we can see.

  13. Juliette

    ImRichBitch- I think they are posted in the Forums Pictures section if I remember correctly…

  14. EspressoMilitia

    well getting fat, drinking red wine and swimming in the sparkling blue sea, that sounds exactly how I want to get old.

  15. follydolly

    …how was she ever considered attractive?

  16. sexydarin

    her tits look ugly and her face looks worse than her tits. She looks pie eyed to boot. Has she caught up to madonna yet in the slut category?

  17. mutterhals

    but her titties smell deliciously of ham in hot weather

  18. whitetigerjaide

    I dont think her breasts are fake, are they?
    They look real to me
    Oh and by the way
    Great group
    I love it

  19. bryansbaby


  20. Queen LaQueefah

    What you guys don’t know is that Mariah drunkenly wandered into the water to take a dump, and her face expresses the extreme release felt after a drunken poo.

  21. ImRichBitch!

    lmfao!!!! oh shit! literally! hahaha!

  22. ew. she’s so fat and disgusting looking.

  23. braindeadmonkey

    If she floats on her back and puts one of those little plastic cocktail palm trees in her belly-button, she could be mistaken for an island on satellite photos…

  24. LaydeeBug

    Oh jesus christ, It’s Mooby Dyke.

  25. tonks7

    she is ugly !

  26. mimi

    You people who criticize Mariah Carey for her appearance seem very vain. I

  27. MIMI

    This site Is ridicules. I left a comment defending Mariah and they removed it. Well I

  28. I admit it. I want to marry the woman. All got his mobile number so I can go ahead and ask her if she wants to get tied up with me

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