Mariah Carey drinks in public

September 22nd, 2005 // 78 Comments

Look at her face and try not to laugh. I dare you. I also dare you to actually look at her face, because those breasts of hers are out of control.


  1. mospeada

    I dare you to look at her face and not that rack!

  2. bone_daddio

    what a total waste of fake boobs.

  3. grateful

    those boobs are trying to escape!!

  4. Geno

    Remember when she used to be hot? That being said, I would. And you would too. Don’t lie.

  5. Ms. Dilligaff

    Bwaaaah haaaa haaaa! What can I say? I tried.

  6. She’s doing it again – she’s giving us the BAD side of her head!

  7. hautecouture18

    Oh my god… Im speechless

  8. brettburns

    I don’t know what you people are talking about, “used to be hot.” I’d pay money to hook up with her.

  9. Joe Mamma

    Nice rack, but that look on her face! She looks like she is trying out for “I am Sam” 2.

    Or as Carlos would say… “Dee Dee Dee!”

  10. Eukonidor

    Eye searing side cleavage…. and I am laughing hysterically… I couldn’t help it.

  11. masc

    mariah’s practicing good water safety, would you look at those great flotation devices!

  12. mac2048

    Ooooo child, she looks a mess!

  13. diffigrl

    Remember when Mariah used to be on the same level as pop stars like Christina and Britney… oh, wait, she still is.

  14. subzero


  15. DallasFish

    What happened to the sweet girl who sang “Vision of Love”?

    Now she’s just a hip hop ho’ with jugs.

    Nice jugs.

    Nice, big jugs.

    Nice big, juicy jugs.


  16. And nobody noticed that she’s drinking red wine out of a champagne flute? Tr

  17. d-list

    why the h3ll would you pay that much money for such horrific looking fake boobs!? get a clue, mariah.. you’re NOT on fi-ah.

  18. Lizardqueen

    Tacky indeed! I do believe she is drinking red wine out of a candle stick and not a champagne glass. Why bother with the strips of gold fabric nipple covers anyway? What’s the point? It’s like those fingerless gloves.

  19. Clance-man

    Those fun-bags have lost all their fun.

  20. Damn she looks a mess. Needs to lay off the cheesburgers.

  21. Tommy Cruise

    Looks like she’s trying to give Tara Reid a run for her money. Sorry, Mariah, but nobody can out-slut Tara!

  22. mutterhals

    I think she peed on Jenny Mcarthy, then swallowed her whole

  23. Grey

    those are the worst implants ive ever seen. ive seen cheap strippers with better implants than those!!!!

  24. MrPloppy

    I agree with Grey. But then a strippers tits are her only source of money. So I

  25. bone_daddio

    put a pillowcase over that face and she would still look good.

  26. hautecouture18

    haha!!! ur funny bone… kinda gross but funny!

  27. torrance

    Ugh… they don’t even look good.

  28. *le-le79*

    it’s a shame what money does to some people

  29. asherdeus

    I must say, there was a time when her sleezy look attracted me.

    But I’m not 14 anymore.

  30. Momo

    I never really thought twice about mariah before her break down but since then i can’t get enough of the chick. I love the huge train wreck that shes totally becoming…can’t wait to see what the future holds

  31. Wow, you can tell by the way she sits…she’s a real lady.

  32. mutterhals

    Her titties look like they are made of ham

  33. Ragin_Pope_Angus

    You know, for all of her money, you’d think she’d be able to afford more of a bathing suit than one from the dollar store. Moooooooooo! Momo’s right … she’s a friggin’ fascinating train wreck.

    She looks like a ‘tard …
    … with ‘tardo tits!

  34. Obsessa

    Looking at that picture, I wouldn’t recognize her – I would think white hillbilly trash: bad ratty two-toned hair, buck teeth, sleazy bathing suit from Fredricks, and not to mention what’s already been mentioned – her drinking wine out of a champagne glass.
    Even if she was 30lbs lighter and had flab-free arms, she’d still look like shit. A bathing suit top is suppose to FIT properly, accentuate the form while giving support. Clearly, that’s not her intent at all. She thinks she looks hot and that’s hilarious!

  35. Hester Prynne

    Bloated much?

  36. carrie bradshaw

    I would like to personally thank the Superficial Website for posting pictures such as this, what with Mariah and Tara today. My self esteem has rocketed, since after looking at them I have realized that I’m actually quite pretty. In addition, since photos such as these destroys my appetite, I’ll become as skinny as Hilary.

  37. Darby

    She is one unattractive scank.

  38. robinz

    I’d just tittyfuck her. That’s it.

  39. izzy

    haha, i made a retard noise when i saw her face. i want to know: isn’t there a law against glass around beaches and stuff? that swimsuit top would fit an olsen. wait, mary-kate? are you in there?

  40. Juliette

    She really let herself go big time.

  41. Bean Paste

    “Damn, I just pissed out all of the diet coke that I’ve been drinking out of this crystal glass…wait..that shit is warm, yo…uh-huh”

  42. BastardotheGreat

    Mariah Carey sucks major ass. She has completely lost that charm she had back in the early nineties. Now she’s just your run of the mill whore for hire.

  43. sugarplum

    It’s not Mariah, it’s a booze drinking manatee with awful implants.

  44. Daniel Brown

    This photo makes her look like Sue from Survivor 1…with an enormous rack

  45. I dunno, she looks matronly. I think it’s due to that extra weight she’s haulin’.

  46. Spare E

    Again, a 14 who has deluded herself into thinking she’s a size 4.

  47. amy

    Good Lord…its like seeing Marlon Brando (the old version) in a bikini. Oh…I think my eyes are burning.

  48. him_lover

    SUSAN!! from survivor! that is so dead on that it is really very frightening.

  49. Mermaid

    I hate to stop the boob controversy, but those boobs are real. Implants would be hanging but still pointing north. Also, the fat in her underarms is real, idicative of a real rack. Still she seriously needs an underwire.

  50. Dawn7

    Ok, I hate to be hard on anyone, because no one is anywhere near perfect…BUT…as I recall, Mariah had smaller, pretty, perky, boobs in her golden years- I know they are supposed to sag as us chickie doos age..but when did her bitties become ginormous in the first place? Let alone deflate?? Also, The character she most reminds me of- Minnie Mouse. Does anyone else see that? I saw more of these photos somewhere else- her head is way too small for her body and she has a very large noodle. I rest my case.

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