Mariah Carey at Versace store opening in London

September 20th, 2005 // 57 Comments

Standing next to Donatella Versace is probably the best way to avoid being made fun. Beef jerky woman is just too damn distracting to let you notice anything else. Mariah Careh could be completely naked and covered in tattoos and you’d still be like, “Damn, what’s wrong with that woman’s face on the right?”


  1. AmberDextrose

    You know how the Bride of Wilderbeest (or whadevva) had all that surgery to look like A Big Cat?

    Well I’m thinking that ol’ Dogatella wanted to morph herself into Janice from The Muppet Show. No wait, she IS Janice from the The Muppets. Dr Honeydew did the experiment on Beaker and… no it’s too complicated.

  2. Proteon

    Dear Mariah,

    The left side of your face is butt ugly. Let’s not see it. Ever.



  3. mutterhals

    I’m on a spree!!! They both would make great prostitutes

  4. Ayumi Sedona

    “Posted by Karl Hungus on September 20, 2005 03:28 PM

    Mariah Carey was at a wax museum?”

    My thoughts exactly. At first glance I thought this picture was taken at Madame Tussauds. But I was wrong.

  5. bryansbaby

    Oh my fucking GOD!

  6. Queen LaQueefah

    My uncle Reuben, who is a pre-op transexual, can’t even look at this picture because it makes him have doubts about becoming a woman. “If THAT’S what I get to look forward to in old age, I’ll just keep my dong! That bitch is a tro’!”

  7. Mariah Carey, Donatella Versace and Brittany Murphy attend the party celebrating the relaunch store renovation Versace store in London's Sloane Street, September

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