Mariah Carey at Versace store opening in London

September 20th, 2005 // 57 Comments

Standing next to Donatella Versace is probably the best way to avoid being made fun. Beef jerky woman is just too damn distracting to let you notice anything else. Mariah Careh could be completely naked and covered in tattoos and you’d still be like, “Damn, what’s wrong with that woman’s face on the right?”


  1. Tacos Supreme

    omg first!!!1

  2. mac2048

    I’m on the fence about Mariah. She was really hot back in the day. (And I mean WAY back, I’m talking her “Vision of Love” days.) I just don’t understand how she can look so bad when it is possible for her to look pretty.

    Come back to us, old-school Mariah!

  3. greenjesus

    Why do you hate us?

  4. Kangascoop

    Way to waste it Tacos.

    Do you think Donatella is incapable of moving her neck in the direction of the camera? I think her skin may be too tight.

    Is it me or does she look like Martin Landau with a sex change?

  5. Master Shake

    She looks like a saddle bag with eyes.

  6. greenjesus

    Someone should shoot off her lower jaw, soak her until her skin falls off and then rebuild her. We have the technology!

  7. She looks like a Miami hooker made out of smoked salmon.

  8. that picture made my balls crawl up inside of me.

  9. WTFweretheythinking?

    Is Donatella capable of closing her mouth? I can see flies gathering.

  10. goldilocks

    omg my EYES!!!!!!! THEY BURN!!!!!
    warning: if you spend your entire life on sunbeds, you will end up like this. God, its enough to make a woman go off leather

  11. hautecouture18

    Wow they are both hideous. Donatella’s nose… and her lips… her face in general… well I guess Medusa is a good symbol for versace! Ugh and Mariah looks tired and old! Ewww they are both gross!

  12. Cid_Acid

    OMG!!!! That thing is hideous! Imagine waking up next to that!??? I don’t think any type of alcohol could make me drunk enough!

  13. Gillz

    everytime i see Donatella Versace i wanna puke. the fact that shes standing next to Mariah Carey makes me want to puke even more.

  14. MrPloppy

    OK I know what a human looks like and that isn

  15. Clance-man

    That’s a dude.

  16. Tommy Cruise

    I was there. I threw acid in her face, but it didn’t have any effect. It did cause Mariah’s left breast to droop slightly, though. Oh well, next time I guess I’ll have to use holy water and a stake through the heart. Whatever it takes, bitch, you’re going DOWN!

  17. I wonder how Dontella managed to come out darker than Mariah.

  18. Karl Hungus

    Mariah Carey was at a wax museum?

  19. EtotheN

    I didnt know leather face was in Paris. I also didnt know that “opening new store” meant “combination of all uglyness

  20. Dawn

    I’m just going to make a general rule that taking a page out of Michael Jackson’s “Plastic Surgery for Idiots” handbook is a bad idea.

  21. hautecouture18

    amen sister

  22. hollyflowers999

    Wall vs Versace – Wall wins.

  23. maetl

    donatella haunts my dreams :( :(

  24. sugarplum

    I think Mariah looks like a bull with long hair.

  25. Gophergutz

    Why would Mariah pose with her luggage? Oh. What? That’s a what? Get outta here…Seriously?

  26. manekmonday

    D. Versace looks like she should be in the wax museum. They don’t need to make a wax sculpture she just needs to stand there as herself. More pictures of Allegra the allergy relief ethiopian daughter of hers…please!

  27. borictor

    she scares me.

    i’d hit it though. i love the feel of leather on my wang.

  28. bone_daddio

    Versace is hot! So hot, she’s melting Mariah’s waxy boobies!

  29. Mariah is beautiful, as always. Donetella, on the other hand…((shutters))

  30. mariah actually looks classy in this picture. she prolly planned it that way “ill go stand next to that carrot-colored prostitute and i’ll look super”

  31. sk8er

    her smile scares me.

  32. HooeyBooey

    Ya, I’d hit that.

  33. HooeyBooey

    What, wouldn’t you?

  34. Tooner19

    ya, thats some leathery skin, kinda looks like my coin purse.

  35. jfive

    omg!! it looks like carrots and throwup!!

  36. enshi

    I’ll be the asshole that points out the Carey typo in the last sentence. D:

  37. The joys of cocain, Ibiza and botox ™.

  38. MissKiKi

    LMFAO @ Beef jerky woman

  39. ki

    Good lord, it’s skin cancer personified.

    Oh, and p.s.: I’m sick of that ad on the right. You know the one. With the woman digging in her vagina. I don’t need to see chicks’ fingers all up in their vajayjay every time I come to this site.

  40. seminole

    OMG that woman is a monster. I would never let my kids near her, only because I’m afraid that the sight of her would give them nightmares for years. Truly disturbing.

    p.s. I’m pro-fingering vajayjay pics.

  41. fuzzlebutts

    she is a leather cow with a hide of steel.
    fugly bizzitch.
    still, id hit it…
    all night long…..

    i am sorry, i will now be quiet

  42. Bettie_T

    I still say Donatella Versace is a walking zombie, she died 10 years ago!!

  43. Joe Mamma

    She looks like the fricking Joker!

    The messed up thing is I think she thinks she looks good! If a sane person looked like this they would hide in shadows.

  44. roomsey

    Mariah is still a goddess and looking better now she has tried to go classy again rather than being a RAP girl. On the other hand, what does carrott look like – if she bends her neck it will probably make her head fall off

  45. stinkypinky

    I have it all figured out…Every morning Allegra gets up and wolfs down a lumberjack breakfast. Then she looks across the table and sees that thing. She vomits up the lumberjack breakfast. How could anyone keep food down?

  46. yogurt

    AH! I thought Donatella Versace was just a hideous mannequin when I first looked at the picture. She has some similarities to “leather face” from Texas chainsaw massacre… I think they might be brother and sister.

  47. daydreamerc35

    Caption of AD: “Ban Tanning Beds! Help fight against the cure for skin cancer!”

  48. It looks like clay/putty…I wonder if she can sculpt her face to look however she wants?…

  49. jfive

    omg its leatherface from chainsaw massacre!!

  50. CastIronBitch

    There are no words.

    Except ew and ‘who cares?’

    Get over it people, lets go back to actual celebrities?

    You know, those people we salivate over while pretending we hate them.

    People we would recognize without a caption…

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