Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon engaged

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are reportedly engaged. That is if you believe the monstrosity on her finger is an engagement ring. (Note: Not the Band-Aid. That would be too romantic.) MSNBC reports:

The couple sent the rumor mill into overdrive when 38-year-old Carey (with Cannon on her arm) was seen sporting a dazzling new piece of bling on her ring finger at the after party for her Tribeca film, “Tennessee,” in New York.
When asked at the party what he loved about Mariah, 27-year-old Cannon gave a one-word answer: “Everything,”

Of course, Nick’s answer will eventually* change to “Everything – except the gotdamn menopause. Woman, turn down the air conditioner. I can see my breath, girl!” Aw, man, nothing funnier than the change. Right, grandma? CHRIST! You stabbed me with a knitting needle! That’s not adorable. We’re out of boxed wine? Oh, well then. All’s forgiven. Now go fetch your coat and I’ll take you down to the liquor store. And, no, we’re not shooting hobo’s on the way down. Ha ha, okay, maybe a few.

EDIT: TMZ is reporting that Nick gave Maria the same ring he gave his ex-fiancee. No one ever told me Nick Cannon is the slyest motherfucker on the planet! All I have to say is: SWISH!

Thanks to Jessica who is the hottest of the woodland creatures. I, of course, mean the duck-billed platypus. Smokin’!

*Tuesday April 6 11:16 AM EST.

Photos: Splash News