Mariah Carey and her dog leave Hotel Gansevoort

June 1st, 2006 // 247 Comments





  1. LilRach

    I used to think Mariah was really attractive, god she used to be my idol when i was about 12!

    These photos have just completely changed by mind. In photo 2 and the last photo she looks incredibly manly – an atractive transexual though!

  2. LilRach

    I used to think Mariah was really attractive, god she used to be my idol when i was about 12!

    These photos have just completely changed by mind. In photo 2 and the last photo she looks incredibly manly – an atractive transexual though!

  3. Miss Skyline

    Personally, there’s nothing wrong with her body, she just needs to wear a different dress. Ugh.

  4. happy_bunny

    203- Except for the cankles, the thunder thighs, and the gut.

  5. radically4peace

    Why would anyone wear a spandex ribbed yellow mini-dress? She looks like she’s wearing a big condom…

    And I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but her forehead is seriously so big that it’s a fivehead… She should think about some Progaine…

  6. gogoboots

    Since when did she get a dog? The poor pooch must be like great, you walk me now so you can get attention for dressing like a slutty Big Bird…where’s my parade, bitch?!!?

  7. LittleWatson

    when is your website going to be up and running?

  8. redsonja1313

    The comments in here are almost better than the story it self. The website is called the Superficial right ?????
    So uhm I am guessing I get to comment on things that are with in Websters definition of………………..

    SUPERFICIAL implies a concern only with surface aspects or obvious features. more generally derogatory in implying lack of depth in knowledge, reasoning, emotions, or character

    Cut it any way you want her obvious feature is that her HIPS are too big for her height.

  9. yolonda613

    why does she act like that?

  10. suzy

    anyone else think this lady needs to start wearing a bra before her boobs head south??

  11. Anonymous

    Have you ever seen an overstuffed Twinkie, where there is waaaay too much white cream crammed into the yellow spongecake that the cream bursts out from all direction? I haven’t, but I imagine this is what one would look like…only not so whorish.

  12. Dee

    nah, she’s not fat but nasty dress and the worst boob job…i love the shoes…those are nice…

  13. Iambananas


  14. Whipper_willow

    They didn’t take a picture of the dog taking a dump, now did they?

  15. Don Boogie

    That’s a shemale Mariah impersonator, right?

  16. Pagan Queen

    Like, oh my God!! That is so the dress I donated to the Salvation Army in the late 80s for sure.

    I didnt know it could stretch like that! LOL

    I dont think she looks bad, she just dresses bad. Really really bad.

  17. TrannyGranny

    Oh, that whole photo shoot just screams “Desperate enough to fuck Tranny!!!!”

    Cost ya a 6 of Schlitz, and a bus pass, bitch, I ain’t cheap…

  18. TrannyGranny

    216, Pagan;

    Damn it, I almost posted that exact comment

  19. Chris'sMom

    I hope when I am Mariah Carey’s age my breast still defy gravity. If I were ever on a plane that went down over a body of water I would have no other choice than to use her a a flotation device. I love her music though. Well, some of it.

  20. TiredAndEmotional

    I can’t hold back any longer, if I see that woman in another tight lycra minidress like some 80s throwback I will KILL someone.

  21. kristina marie

    that is the worst fucking wig i’ve ever seen.

  22. TaiTai

    #208 everything about her is too big for her height.

    Including that giant forehead.

  23. Claude Balz


    No comment.

  24. poopbucket

    Can you say glorified street whore

  25. Dan

    God she’s hot. Too bad she’s a crazy person.

  26. plasticprincess911

    If this is what we are defining as fat these days, then perhaps I should get me some of that thigh-rubbing, fat-girl body butter because my 5’6, 130 lb disgusting, morbidly OBESE frame!!!!! Curves are hot, bones are not. C’mon, people…Mariah looks like a real woman and not some skeletal freak such as Nicole Ritchie.

  27. TellMeWhy

    Mariah’s issues aside. She is a black woman and as such has curves. In our communities this is way more attractive than Nicole Richie or Kate Moss or any of the other emaciated “role models” that are part of the cause of eating disorders in the young. Mariah could dress better, but the body rocks.

  28. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    If this was a normal person, they would be arrested for street walking. She looks like a hooker.

  29. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    227 – Sorry, Mariah’s not black, she’s black, white and latino. We’re all glad you’re a fan of fat chicks, but I have one word for you: Eracism. Fat knows no color.

  30. alaskanchicsickle

    This is fat
    Mariah is a big girl, but she’s not fat

  31. why does this woman always stand with her legs like that, looking like she has to urinate? i guess pee is the new sexy.

  32. Seneca Fell

    i actually think Mariah has an adorable figure. the problem, as has been noted earlier, is that she dresses horribly and tries way too hard. look at that second picture! it also wouldn’t hurt if her hair had a tiny bit more volume, or wasn’t flat-ironed into complete and utter submission. i think that’s what’s really increasing her hideousness in this picture, by making her forehead look unnecessarily large and making her look even more vapid than she has to. she should get a makeover from whoever did kevin federline.

  33. Seneca Fell

    also, the latino dude behind her in one of the pics is laughing his ass off. i’m going to go ahead and assume that he’s laughing at her, and it’s because she has no freaking clue how to handle that dog, and is clearly posing and trying to pick up random dudes like him on the street, even though she’s supposedly a star. so sad.

  34. MonkeyBoy

    In the first photo it looks like the dog is strategically placing himself to make her trip.

    In the third photo you can see that the guy in the striped shirt is pissed at the dog because he didn’t go through with it.

  35. dimestoredetective

    When ever I see Mariah, it always reminds me that
    1) Fat chicks work harder in bed
    2) Crazy chicks are great in bed
    3) Loud chicks are an ego boost in bed
    4) Latina chicks know how to please in bed

    So as much as I don’t like her, she must be a damn good lay. I’d schtup her once or twice just to see.

  36. Anonymous

    I’m hoping that the administrator of The Superficial will post something about Star Jones soon, because the only thing fatter, more hideous, more self-absorbed, more annoying, and more desperate than Mariah Carey (if that is even possible) is Ms. Fat Ass “Look at Me” Star Jones.

  37. redsonja1313

    as 5*8 women and a former size 13 who is now size 7. I only justifed/defended my size when it was TOO BIG !!!!! Now I spend that time at the gym

  38. Elizabeth

    she looks pathetic.

    i liked her pre-rehab.

  39. indescribable.romance

    What the hell are those poses?! Look at the second and third ones!

    Oh, and did she actually walk her dog or parade it around in front of the hotel? ‘Cause it looks to me like she paraded it around in front of the hotel. My logic – she’s standing in front of the hotel in all these pictures.

    Great job, Mariah. Great job being an asshat.

  40. herbiefrog

    ok enuf :)

    lol guys

    me and paris :)

  41. Robin

    Mariah has man hands and man feet.

    Look, it’s true.

    She didn’t seem to have them when she was married to Tommy M–wonder if they were a divorce prsent????

  42. celebshaveissues

    mariah carey is p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c. she gets on my nerves and i cant stand her. she needs to stop wearing them tiny ass and tight dresses because she is not small.she said in an inteview shes a size 4. are u kidding me more like a size 14. i wish her career would end just like ashantis

  43. llllllllll

    Her face kinda looks like a chipmunck permanantly carrying acorns in her cheeks

  44. bitchgoddess

    Why does she always insist on looking like a common gutter whore????????

  45. stevie is a girls name

    mariah carey looks like a fucking caveman with a rock for a head and no fucking neck, shes lucky she has a body and millions of dollars or she would be about the most disgusting thing ever

  46. You all need to stop hating on Mariah.U may not have to like her as an singer,but at least respect her as a person.I think Mariah looks gorgeous in those pictures.And her dog,Jack, seems to enjoy it more than she does.I think u all really need to get a life.And for the people who say negative comments about her,I don’t think it’s mean..b/c it’s your opinion…(and I respect that)…but some of u r taking it TOO FAR.U would’nt want people making jokes about u..would u???I like this little website and all and I think u guys r very original with your jokes but gosh,U don’t even know Mariah..She’s nice,kind,beautiful,funny,caring,and she is so not the kind of person they say she is in the tabloids.And i really wanna know, what makes her a bitch…If u wanna call someone a bitch at least have a good reason why that person is one.Just wanted to let u know that some of the comments on here r just plain disrespectful…and i’ve been overlooking the subject of her being so called “fat”…look at it this way.Marykate Olsen had a eating disorder(and could have killed herself if she had continued) b/c she wanted to look like those other celebs she was seeing. I think it’s nice that Mariah shows that she doesn’t have to be super skinny to look beautiful and other girls can look up to her for that.And guys,would’nt you want a woman with curves and an “real” ass u can smack around???Skinny girls r beautiful too,some just wish they had a big butt.Well I’m out of here..just had to get that off my chess and stick up for my friend Mariah….She’s an outstanding person and I could’nt just sit back and read all of this without saying anything.


  47. lauraENGLAND

    yous are al jelous except TRUE FRIEND *MARIAH HAS THE VOICE OV AN ANGEL* she is no were nere fat and wud it matter if she was she has amazing talent and she is a beautiful person i thinks its really sad that people have 2 crisisize a really beautiful person beacause of what they look like it is really pathetic just take a step back n c if ur really perfect huh????? jus stop all this hatin it happens on like every “stars” websites/chat rooms i understand it on some like people hu r degrading nasty bitchy and mariah carey is a beautiful person and comes under none of that she is truly an angel xx add me 2 your msn if you would like 2 chat more about this but i think the majority of you are very jelous of her fame and OUTSTANDING TALENT she is fantastic HOPE PEOPLE ADD ME PLEASE XX

    take care and just respect Mariah for who she is *Mariah Carey has the voice of an angel*

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