Mariah Carey and her dog leave Hotel Gansevoort

June 1st, 2006 // 247 Comments





  1. Are we really that surprised that she has to doll herself up to walk the dog?

  2. dammit, i almost made it to first!

  3. Alacran

    I would do the dog to Mariah

  4. waterranger

    Wow, its amazing that Mariah could actually take PHONIER pictures than the pnes with the homeless guy. As if she could walk in those shoes! She can barely pose in them.

  5. waterranger


  6. waterranger


  7. hurley

    she looks so awkward with that dog. she’s such a fat cow. and pigeon-toed. i liked her so much in 1991.

  8. Adam

    Doesn’t she have a huge NYC apartment that most of us have seen on Cribs? Then again, if I was doing the walk of shame, I would want a dog with me too…”I don’t have bed head, the dog had to go!”

  9. littlelady04

    wait, didnt she wear this on 106 n park yesterday?

  10. Poor shrinking violet. She’s utilizing the “cute doggy” act to get attention. Bet you that dog winds his leash around her stilletos and she flashes the beav again.

  11. gammanormids

    dress up to walk your dog is not the problem… dress up to walk your dog and act like the most stupid of the whores, it is, IMO.

  12. Look at that black dude “mad dogging” the dog. Ha. Bad joke.

    He kind of looks like Lando Calrisian (sp?).

  13. hurley

    where are the baggies for the dog’s poo?? you can’t crap-up manhattan with your friggin dog. i hope she gets a fine. friggin lazy losers who don’t pick up after their dogs.

  14. Proteon

    What a tragedy. In the last stages before her age is impossible to hide, Mariah is a MILF except I don’t think she’s had a cock in years – maybe ever. She is in for one of the rudest wake up calls of all time – either that or paranoid schizophrenia within 2 years.

  15. Zed

    I always get this dressed up to walk my dog. And, like Mariah, I pose a lot as he makes poopy. What’s the problem?

  16. Italian Stallion

    She was learning Chinese recipes and just picked dinner up from the local pet store. Check out the picture with the muscle dude, he’s like “I can’t believe she’s gonna eat that shit”…….

  17. hurley

    in the 2nd photo it looks like she’s “presenting” to the guy in the striped shirt. or to anyone behind her…

  18. Sstyles

    I want to see the picture of her bending over and picking up a steaming pile of dog crap.

  19. pinky_nip

    Good thing she’s not wearing nylons. Those thighs rubbing together could start a huge forest fire.

  20. PapaHotNuts

    I wonder if the dog is a half-breed like Mariah.

  21. Could she be any more OBESE??? Her dress looks like sausage casing to her mounds of fat. She could learn a thing or two from Nicole Ritchie.

  22. Giggles

    What a POSER!

  23. alaskanchicsickle

    Guy in striped shirt is there for picking up dog poo, and he’s not too happy about it. He also is the one who wipes Mariah’s ass for her.

  24. energythief

    Looks like she’s a six-fingered Thalidomide baby in the first pic. And what’s with the dog’s cock? TCLT(dog’s)C.

    Stripe in the 3rd picture looks PISSED. Like that dog is a football and he’s Charlie Brown. Except that Mariah is no Lucy, Lucy was way hotter.

  25. hurley

    look at him, he’s a mutt! he’s white with a BROWN EAR. looks to be untrained; he’s all over the place and his head is hanging. and mariah’s holding the leash at arm’s-length like she’s never held a leash before.

  26. Italian Stallion

    It was raining in Baltimore the other day and I was headed to my Korean friends house. When I got there him and his cousins asked if it was hard to see while I was driving. I told them it was raining “cats and dogs” out there. For some reason they all grabbed forks and knives and ran outside………

  27. trophywife

    and just think… she just insured her legs for $1BILLION… i can’t imagine how much it would cost to insure that fat ass..

  28. MotherOfPearl

    Maybe she’s wearing those spiky heels and walking the dog in the hopes that the dog will trip her up, thereby causing her to fall and break a leg or 2, and thereby allowing her to collect the $1 billion in leg insurance.

  29. spamnews

    I’d regret it, but I’d hit dat. Fat girlz need lovin; too.

  30. Fisher55

    if i saw her on the street i would just think she was another nutjob on the streets on new york

  31. hurley

    she wises so bad she could’ve been a supermodel. fat ho.

    Good call, MotherOfPearl.

  32. Dr.Rokter

    In the first picture she looks like she has to piss worse than the dog. Either that, or her knees have kung-fu grip. Which is probably the case, because I read somewhere that she actually has hands on the ends of them.

  33. Catscratch

    She is so wearing a girdle!

  34. Puppy Kicker

    Only Mimi can make walking a dog look sexy. We need to see more sexy everyday pictures, like Mimi doing laundry, Mimi changing a tire, or Mimi frantically searching for a bathroom because she has the runs.

  35. krisdylee

    Why is there a giant banana walking a dog?

  36. Saucie

    The only way this could not be a photo op would be if she was seen scooping up the dog’s poo and carrying it home in the little blue bag. But since the woman can’t even drink out of a straw by herself there’s no way she scoops the doop.

  37. geedarn

    She is a fat ugly cow. All those mean kids from school she talked about on Oprah were absolutely right. Her legs loog like pillow cases full of chocolate milk.

  38. alaskanchicsickle

    @21 Please don’t ask that because I’m sure its possible, and she would probably keep dressing like a 5 dollar ho.

  39. geedarn

    BTW, isn’t she married to that skinny-ass douche from Jailbreak?

  40. Jedi Kevin

    What a bitch! The dog, too.

  41. mushmouth

    Oh, she’s not that attractive as celebs go. She’s a little fat. But here in the real world, we guys are mostly looking to thoroughly boof a chick with jugs like that. It’s just what we do and how we are wired.

    If you gotta problem with that, sorry.

  42. PapaHotNuts

    She looks like a taxi, only bigger.

  43. When people finally figure out her singing is horrid she has a bright career ahead of her as a linebacker. Look at her beefy shoulders.

  44. krisdylee

    Stacey and Clinton have always said no mini skirts after 35… I’m sure they’d say no sausage casing EVER……

  45. Binky

    She’ll need a lot stronger leash than that if she starts singing.

  46. Dr.Rokter

    What’s funny is that you don’t get to see the pictures where she unhinges her jaw and eats the dog, her bodyguard, a broken parking meter and the lower half of her left arm. Fatty.

  47. hurley

    but at any cost? what if the cost is syphilis? or chlamydia? i’m afraid that’s what we’re talking here.
    infested receptacle.

  48. These are even more phoney than her beach photos with the dog. Who walks their dog in 5 inch heels. And…..this just in, Here is STar Johnes apt. that is for sale. Scan through the pics to see just how tacky it is. I would like to point out the bathroom tile and the zebra striped furniture…

  49. ptprez


    that’s what the black guys are there for…

    alright said it…

  50. DancingQueen

    This bitch uses that dog as a ploy every time she wants attention. I remember a similar photo of her in a bikini walking it on the beach in the Bahamas or some shit. I also just heard she’s getting ready to go on tour. She’s just using the dog as a publicity opportunity. I’m sure she has someone who gets the pooper scooper duty. Lucky bastard.

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