Mariah Carey afraid of being confused with porn star

December 11th, 2006 // 138 Comments

Mariah Carey is trying to block porn star Mary Carey from trademarking her name because she’s afraid her fans could get the two confused. A lawyer for the porn star says:

“My first thought was, does Mariah Carey realize what her lawyer is comparing her to and are they seriously concerned? Do they seriously think the fans are going to be confused?”

I can see where the confusion might come from. I mean one’s a Grammy winning singer and the other, uh, has sex with men on film. Up until I read the article I didn’t even know there was a difference between the two.


  1. Jay from the Bay

    So. Fucking. Fat.

  2. etak

    I don’t know about you guys, but I like them this way. Not too fat, not too skinny, yes.

    Excuse me, my right hand has a meeting.

  3. PontiacFlanagan

    Whatever. I’d give her a proper thunderfuckin’ once, just like I would Britney, and then I’d run away really fast and wouldn’t tell any of my friends about it or ever call her again.

  4. HollywoodSnark

    Yup…they actually look alike…I can understand the concern Mary has…oh wait, it’s Mariah suing Mary for reputation loss?

  5. Mz_kay

    People are not going to mistaken this fat cow as a porn star. Mooriah is doing too much.

  6. Ah yes, I knew I’d see the men saying “fat” and the women defending her.

    The men who think she’s fat haven’t been laid in years, so who cares what they say?

    Ms Carey is not fat nor is she thin. She’s healthy, and my money’s on “the boobs are real.”

  7. allyrising

    The only thing people would confuse her with is a baby beluga.

  8. mari

    Look, I’m not saying you guys shouldn’t hate on the celebs. This is a gossip site, after all. You are completely right, these people put themselves in a position to get made fun of. Yes, yes. Skanks, Skinnies, Fatties, Crackheads, etc. And I’m not saying you guys don’t have a right to your opinion, as ignorant and retarded as they are, but I’m calling you haters because you’re hypocritical for calling the woman fat when you guys are most likely to be overweight yourselves, and likely to be ragging on the anorexic celebs for being so thin. All I’m saying is she doesn’t look like Rosie ODonnell. She looks normal, which is a fucking good thing in this industry. I didn’t say anything about her attitude, her poor choice in clothing and men, etc which is a topic I’m not touching.

    Thanks to CantLookBack, you speak with sense.
    JerzMom, eat some more bonbons and reading Gossip Columns while raising your bastard kids.
    Italian Stallion, or Mexican Donkey, rather…Mexico Called, they need you to help some immigrants cross the border.
    PapaNoNuts…your insults were so bad even Wilmer Valderama wouldn’t want you on his show.
    Oh, and my fav, Anonymous. Just keep being yourself, an insignificant nobody.


  9. RichPort

    Mari, you really should try eating just one cream puff at a time, I mean it’s a free country and all, juuuust some advice. I know, I know, it’s fun trying to top your “this many in my mouth” record, but still. You wouldn’t want the folks at Lane Bryant to tell you they don’t go up to your size, would you? I imagine you spitting your mouthful of food angrily at your monitor, wiping only when a thick chunk prevents you from seeing what you type (which you deftly toss up and swallow as if it were an M&M). I also imagine the cleaning folks having given up on your cube, much like the IT people now refuse to keep replacing your sticky, crumb-laden keyboard. Nothing personal really. I’d still bang Mariah like a 30 car pile up on the interstate, but I like fat asses and women with low self esteem.

  10. fuctheworld

    BIG?? Wow some of you must want to fuck chics with the bodies of 11 year old boys like Lohan or Ritchie…damn Mariah looks fuckin smokin hot. She has the body of a real woman, tits ass and curves. THAT is what women are supposed to look like. Not have flat chests where tits should be. SHIT WAKE UP YOU HOMOS!!

  11. mari

    i’m eating my cream puff as dessert to my big mac, rich port, and it tastes damn good. more so because i’m not an occupational underling at some office cave and i look damn good without having to shove fingers down my throat.

    but i’ve got to give it to you richport, you have a better grasp at insulting vernacular than your other cube-mates. at least you’ve got some imagination.

  12. Ass Ferret Jones

    112. Too fat to work, huh? Bummer, …

  13. Ass Ferret Jones

    38, 42, 51, 111. Heifers ;^)

    As for Mariah and Mary Carey, they’re one DD boob job away from being twins. Mary’s Wikipedia entry is an interesting read. When she ran for Governor, she had an 11 plank platform that included :

    2. Tax breast implants.
    3. Make lap-dances tax deductable.
    4. Wire the California Governor’s mansion with live web-cams.
    5. Create a “Porn for Pistols” program to reduce the number of handguns.
    7. Make those drawing unemployment insurance do jury duty for their pay.

    The “Junkies for Juries” proposal is my favorite. Of course, she’s a Republican, …

  14. Cheyenne_1

    Mr Superfish I request a Superficial redux, where the regulars on here get to post their photos (real or not), and then we who occasionally read but don’t usually like to break into the party can take a turn posting commentary — inane, witty, cheesy, briliant, hateful, serious, slap-goofy, you name it — about them.

    Pass me the hatorade. ROTFLMAO!! I love/hate/whatever you guys!!

  15. CowgirlUp

    Wow, she’s got a great body for her age… No flub that I can see! She def needs to stop with the teeny weeny clothes though…

  16. diddleysquat

    That is one big bone-ded beeyatch!!! (insert walrus sound effect here)

  17. LindaParson

    As annoying as people who usually call others ‘haters’ are, I’ve got to say Mari is actually funny. And she pwned your asses. Although richport has some hilarious replies himself. I just love watching the fights. Oh, and annonymous, stfu you’re boring as hell and your comments aren’t even remotely funny.

  18. ImaCracka

    DADDY LIKE!!!!


  19. re: mari and ‘haters’ comment

    ^ that’s usually what fat girls say.

    And just for clarity’s sake, ‘hatoraide’ is really spelled ‘hateraide’, and also, it is ‘you’re’ not ‘your.’

    This is a site for making fun of celebs, not for showcasing your butchering of the English language, not to mention simple slang.

    Anyone who saw Mariah when she was on ‘cribs’ knows shes a shallow, self-absorbed, boring, cunty has-been.

    Mari, I suggest you put on your ‘one cock at a time’ t-shirt, head down to the local cd store, pick up the latest Mimi album, listen to it, and admit you are a retard.

    Yours truly,

    A hater

  20. marie-jo

    Lol, like a real Narcissus.. drewling all over herself by her mirror vision on the water surface.

    This bitch is more than full with herself.

  21. killeristic

    dont we already give her that much attention she wants? or does she wants more??

  22. sexybitch

    If she were any more full of herself, she’d pop.

  23. shannonanigans

    holy hell… ok, so it isn’t so much the weight factor to me. no, she isn’t thin by any stretch, but not everyone can be a size 0 and personally, i don’t think anyone SHOULD be… but why is the name of all that is good and holy would she stuff 10 lbs of sugar into a 3 lb. sack? no one wants to see that…

    and am i the only one appalled at the extensions? that isn’t sexy, it’s gross.

    she needs either some lipo, or some clothing, and a good pair of scissors for that mangy hair.

  24. marie-jo

    # 123
    Looking @ her mouth, it’s starting already

  25. JuniorLeaguer

    She looks puffed up with helium………

  26. rmol100

    I’ll still hit that

  27. Uhn Tiss Baby

    Eh, whatever you wankers. Mariah is God.

  28. ZX10R_AC

    Mariah is a goddess. She is ridiculously hot. I don’t know why you guys are calling her fat and so on, but her body is healthy and she looks great.

    If you were a woman, you’d die to have Mariah’s body and looks. Without question she’d steal the spotlight everywhere she walked because she is so hot. Deal with it.

  29. Dr.Vapes

    Since 6/10 Americans are lard asses, 60% of you losers have it far worse than Mariah. Look in the mirror and get your disgusting reality check, fatties! To me Mariah is forever doable.

  30. I don’t hate her because she’s fat, and I don’t think she IS fat….but I despise all of her posed supposedly candid publicity shots.

    Who the hell walks their dog in a little School girl outfit and who runs around in the water posing like that? She just looks like she walked too close to a special ed class and caught a case of the stupids.

  31. nychag

    no confusion here, nothing to worry about fatty

  32. Shelley Bonnechance

    She is not doing that bikini any favors. One false move and she’ll lose the bottom half in her butt crack, so deep that she’ll have to hire an archaeologist to bring it back to the surface.

  33. uh, they do look kind of alike….although the porn star is probably smarter…

  34. mandy

    Her bathing suit top is just big enough to cover her nipples!…And Mary Cary looks younger and hotter than her!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ninia


  36. kb

    Ya’ll are some serious haterz Mariah is fine as ever. Stop being so superficial

  37. Winesnob

    You guys really think she looks fat? I dunno, I doubt if most of your g/f’s and wives look anywhere near this good (the few str8 guys posting here anyways).
    Now her ego on the other hand is pretty revolting.

  38. you'llsee#5

    i would fuck the shit out her to

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