Mariah Carey afraid of being confused with porn star

December 11th, 2006 // 138 Comments

Mariah Carey is trying to block porn star Mary Carey from trademarking her name because she’s afraid her fans could get the two confused. A lawyer for the porn star says:

“My first thought was, does Mariah Carey realize what her lawyer is comparing her to and are they seriously concerned? Do they seriously think the fans are going to be confused?”

I can see where the confusion might come from. I mean one’s a Grammy winning singer and the other, uh, has sex with men on film. Up until I read the article I didn’t even know there was a difference between the two.


  1. mari

    Oh, I’m truly hurt at all the fat comments thrown at me. Yes, I am boo-hooing over my McDonald’s Milkshake while reading your hurtful comments from “anonymous” and “italian stallion”. Really, I cry at the cowardace of anonymous and the pseudo-originality of italian stallion (Hey, how many people have that nickname? Please, you’re more like a mexican donkey). For your info, I am not a fat fuck but I don’t need to prove it to you guys. But it warms my heart to think that there are fugly people out there who can’t think of any other type of insult than “fattie”…Keep drinking your hatorade and while your at it, stick your fingers down your throat.

  2. jrzmommy

    Mari, say hi to Danielle when you see her back at the dorm today.

  3. RichPort

    I’ll let her blow me… but I like fat fucking pigs. Or is it fucking fat pigs? Yea, one of those.

  4. Italian Stallion

    @52 “Mexican donkey”….really, I’m not interested in what your having for lunch, but thanks….I hope you choke on some donkey bones……

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Stallion and Jrz, want me to pass you some of that hatorade I’m drinking? It taste real good.

  6. Anonymous

    Maybe she needs some of our hatorade to wash down those donkey bones!

  7. PapaHotNuts

    @52 Mari

    You are so fat that your stupid comment weighed 37 pounds.

  8. aliomali

    Captain Ahab’s Photography did a great job of Mooriah.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t see how anyone could be confused. Unless, are oil tankers doing porn now?

  10. BarbadoSlim


  11. jbb

    I personally don’t think her body looks “horrible,” but it definitely looks awful needs lots of work! It’s obvious she’s sucking in her gut and sticking out her puny chest. As for her hair, Jesus Christ, it looks like it hasn’t been washed in weeks the way it’s all over the place and clining to everything. God, it makes me sick to look at it! Blech!!!

    I’ve hated MC for years now, and these pictures pretty much sum up why so many others hate her, too. Call me a hater. I won’t deny it! Her music is terrible, she’s got an ego that goes on forever (much like her thighs), and she’s duh-duh-duuuuumb enough to think her movies are good. Honey, you NEED a porn star’s reputation. At least then people will think you’re good for SOMETHING!!

  12. Jenster

    its not so much that shes fat as that the distance from her back to her belly button is
    longer than the houston astro dome

  13. BarbadoSlim

    She’s a lazy fat-ass, and she eat lots of crap and junk food. Just try to imagine one of her farts, I’m thinking sewer with a cheese tang, and always wet.

    Gawd, I just grossed myself out.

  14. Anonymous

    Yes Slim, hatorade. According to Mari a few of us have been drinking our hatorade (meaning, we hate on celebs too much or whatever). But since that is what this site is for, I don’t understand why FAT MARI would even make a comment. It is obvious that she has mistaken The Fish for MC’s fan club site. So drink up haters! Cheers to all!

  15. jrzmommy

    I’ll take a bottle of bile flavored hatorade, please!!

  16. ginettissima

    You know, I’m actually pretty proud of her for not feeling like she has to be scrawny. But does anyone else think Mariah has a monkey face? Just curious…

  17. MizScarlett

    Does this bitch EVER wear clothes? Fat or fatter, she’s always virutally naked. She only wears too-tight/short dresses from the Britney Ho-Bag Collection, or worse, thongy items such as this.

    She obviously can’t deal with getting older – she still sees herself as the Cute Early Mariah. It’s only a matter of time before she’s Norma Desmond. Would somebody please get this woman a mirror?

  18. BarbadoSlim

    I’ll take myhatorade in Chugger form ’cause i’m X-treme and that’s how I roll, flavor of choice:Cool Blue Misogyny

  19. jc

    God all mighty…

  20. Anonymous

    I take my hatorade in the Big Gulp size and my flavor choice: fuck you fat bitch, I don’t give a shit what you think and I will say what I want to say. So blow it out of your ass.

    Long flavor name I know but damn it’s tastey! Cheers!

  21. Tyler Durden

    i’d hit that til my dick turned purple and fell off into her ample but beautiful butt-cheeks

  22. checkyourshorts

    My favorite part when the lawyer calls the client “what”:

    “My first thought was, does Mariah Carey realize what her lawyer is comparing her to and are they seriously concerned?”

    As in, “my client is such a whore, she’s barely human. And Mariah Carey thinks she can compare to that?” Thanks, Fuckface. Your check is in the mail, along with some incriminating photos with your spouse.

  23. wedgeone

    #51 – Actually, some size in between a Nicole and a Mariah would be ideal.

    The reason that MC is pissed is that she was about to embark upon a new career in porn. If Mary trademarks her name, then she’ll have grounds to sue Mariah since she LTC on video 1st.

    Mariah needs a strong cup of STFU. Grande sized.

  24. beifiori

    well hell’s bells. I’m fat, always have been, probably always will be, but not for lack of trying not to be, and I can say that mariah carey is way too jumbo to be squeezing her heft into a damn string bikini. her bubble brain obviously got frostbite in NY, which is why she walks around like she’s in a constant state of blissful orgasmic frenzy. cover it up mariah, cover it up! please God make the woman cover it up, and cut the damn extensions already **shudder** bleah!

  25. mariah carey has no business being this big

  26. dirt chicken

    I dunno, I’d smack that ass and ride the waves… she looks alright to me.

  27. ph7

    Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure she’s a fun fuck.

  28. HughJorganthethird

    Has any one seen my junk anywhere? oh wait there it is…

  29. ksmithy

    sweet … both are equally hot …

  30. cole007

    it’s that damned bathing suit. looks like hell on her. get a one-piece baby, preferably one that covers up the ponch.

  31. beifiori

    78, that’s because she’s crazy and is in no way in touch with reality…and 81, it’s not just the bathing suit, she has no concept of well fitted clothing. she always wears things that are like 6 sizes too small. so she’s big, oh well, but she needs to stop wearing clothes that a 15 year old would wear and stop acting like a nubile nymphette when she’s pushing 40. it’s just not becoming. it’s like she’s had a damn lobotomy or something and no longer has any concept of what is good and what isn’t.

  32. andrewthezeppo

    Why is is that the fatter she gets the less clothing she insists on wearing? Or is just buying things in the same size she did 10 years ago? You know, before she was a ho

  33. CantLookBackWontLookBack

    #38 and #52- which I am assuming are the same person.

    YOU”RE RIGHT! I think Mariah looks great. Bangin body and she’s thick. Not sickly thin like most of these bitches who look like they need a sandwich.

    And I’m a chick. And I’m a size 10. And men love that. The rest of you are closet gays who would rather fuck a bag of bones or a 12 year old boy than a bad ass woman with some meat on her bones.


  34. RichPort

    Go easy on her… you know the camera adds 10lbs… of course the voracious appetite adds the other 150, but still…

    This would look a lot better if it these were vidcaps from Midget Chubby Chasers #12: Blubbery Bitch Beach Bodies. I bet that thigh burn hurts like hell after a while…

  35. Mary Carey led a group supporting natural breasts and staged a small street protest in Hollywood against a U.S. Military policy offering free breast implants to female soldiers.

    Carey, said the military should spend its money on “bullets, not boobs.”

  36. Anonymous

    Hey CantLookBack… why can’t you look back? Neck too fat?

  37. normella

    Her body shape really bothers me. Okay, it’s not so much her shape but it’s what she wears. This proves that you don’t have to be a fat ass to look terrible in certain outfits. She always looks 20lbs heavier in everything she wears because it’s too fucking tight or short for her shape.

    She doesn’t look fat in these pictures, in my opinion, but she doesn’t look attractive, either. She just looks…awkward.

  38. CantLookBackWontLookBack

    Cute! Did you learn that at Jerry Lewis’ School for the Special Kids?

    Like I said, wankers. My neck is just fine. As is my chest, my ass, my thighs, my arms, my ankles, and most importantly MY BRAIN.

    Let’s all get off the weight thing. All you men know you’d do her if she walked up to you and said so, and the rest of us women only wish our legs looked like that.

    Sad sad people.

  39. RichPort

    #89 – I’m not a good person to judge all other men against. I like ‘em large and in charge, that way when I scream “suck my dick you fucking fat piece of shit” they don’t get offended. And it’s not nice to make fun of Jerry Lewis… he’s fat too you know.

  40. James

    They both look alike they are probably related, one whore and one allegedly half nigger slut. Interesting combo.

  41. RichPort

    James! Put down your family album and apologize to your Black mother right now… and don’t forget to tie your shoes in little Nazis.

  42. NicotineEyePatch

    When she filmed Wise Girls here, my ex-boyfriend and a few of my family members were extras. They told me that she listened to her own music on-set between takes, got told off by Mira Sorvino for being a diva, and was an insipid cuntseep to be anywhere near. So she’s earned whatever insults she gets from me based on those facts alone.

    Nice nickname, “Mari”! Now that you know where you are on the internets, why don’t you try to find a Mariah fansite? Good luck…

    ps. I would like one 500ml Extreme Tangerine Cynicism Haterade, please.

  43. Anonymous

    #89 nope, not Jerry Lewis but I can tell you Hookd on Foniks worked for me!

    Look, if you plan on jumping on the “let’s not hate on the celebs although they are always putting themselves in a position to be hated on” bandwagon, get off this site. Once again, THIS IS NOT A FAN SITE. We are here to hate. Please note, as told to FAT MARI in the previous post. We are all drinking our haterade so get over it and get out.

  44. 12/11/2006 NEW RECORD RELEASE:

    The Emancipation of Mimi’s Bikini

  45. 86

    She is seriously in love with herself.

  46. 86

    PS you guys fucking crack me up

  47. Boogie Monster

    Those pictures are exactly why she is more commonly known as Mariah SCARY. I’d hate to cross her path in a dark street. Those thunder thighs could probably take on a sumo wrestler and win!

  48. Lagoon

    #9, i almost pissed myself reading that!

  49. hilaroushillary

    oh god, these are soooo old pictures *spiderwebseverywhere*

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