Mariah Carey afraid of being confused with porn star

December 11th, 2006 // 138 Comments

Mariah Carey is trying to block porn star Mary Carey from trademarking her name because she’s afraid her fans could get the two confused. A lawyer for the porn star says:

“My first thought was, does Mariah Carey realize what her lawyer is comparing her to and are they seriously concerned? Do they seriously think the fans are going to be confused?”

I can see where the confusion might come from. I mean one’s a Grammy winning singer and the other, uh, has sex with men on film. Up until I read the article I didn’t even know there was a difference between the two.


  1. They pretty much both have the same dumpy looking body

  2. hingsten


  3. Pointandlaugh

    Yeah, I can see how people would easily confuse the two. Both are skanks. Mary Carey should sue Mariah for bringing down HER reputation.

  4. mrs.t

    Wait….are these pics of Mariah or “Mary”? I think I better get in touch with MY lawyer, because whoever this tramp is, she’s totally biting my signature “gasp-over-shoulder-almost orgasming-from waves” look.

  5. llllllllll

    She looks like a linebacker

  6. fergernauster

    Look. Nothing against her heft factor. Honestly. She’s likely gained 40 lbs alone since commencing the anti-depressants several yrs. ago, but it’s her irrepressible EGO that irks me.

    The skin-tight mini-dresses, 6″ stilettos and pouty-lipped “who… me?” expressions while walking her ditzy dog in NYC. Will she forever believe she is “all that”… even when she’s 56? Mariah, you have to stop the bus at some point…

  7. #5

    Damn, mrs. t., please get on the blower to your mouthpiece ASAP. That over-the-shoulder look you’ve got going demands to be protected!

  8. crabbie

    If I were Mariah I’d be more afraid of being confused with a pregnant wildebeest.

  9. sexybitch

    For a women who basically airbrushes her clothes on that’s a dangerous argument to start…

  10. misterveryze

    I love watching that walrus slosh around…

  11. mrs.t

    And she needs to fire all the queens who follow her around assuring her that she’s still hot. “Girl, you are crazy! Sure, you’re thick, but it’s in all the right places. You weigh 195? Shut UP! You are totally giving 140 in that bikini…”

  12. She should be more worried about being confused with a manatee.

  13. Rich From Your Home

    Ugh. What a crazy ho-bag. She hasn’t been hot in YEARS!

  14. fergernauster

    Are her zoobies real or fake? I’m guessing real, since they’re stuffed with whale blubber.

  15. *required field

    she need some interauricular liposuction

  16. sexybitch

    Breaking News: Shamu Sues Mariah Carey For Identity Theft

  17. Mariah Carey

    You be nice to me!

  18. fergernauster

    Oh #13… PLEASE don’t compare the gentle-natured manatee with this beached marine mammal! :D

  19. Italian Stallion

    She should change her name all together. Mariah Carey? Trust me, ain’t nobody able to ‘carry’ that bitch anywhere………..

  20. ugh. What a ho-bag. She hasn’t been cool, or attractive, in years!

  21. arrested-development

    Since when did Mariah Carey’s ass start eating the articles of clothing attempting to cover it?

  22. I would like to have a threesome with both of them. The end. Thank you.

  23. Anonymous

    2 words: FAT ASS

  24. fergernauster

    BREAKING NEWS: Nicole Richie arrested for DUI in the wee, wee hrs. of this morn.

  25. Tits_McGhee

    Haha, #17 that comment was so delicious it has to be fattening…speaking of fat, I feel as though I need an insulin shot just looking at the beached whale.

    Say, what is Mariah Carey doing these days? I mean, other than stuffing her face. Seriously, is she on a hiatus or something? The last thing she did was “Glitter” and we all know how that turned out. You never wanna retire on a disatrous, embarassing project like that.

  26. irshliquor

    she might be a bit thick, but still, i’d stick my dick so far up her ass…

  27. PapaHotNuts

    She leads the NFL with 10.5 sacks

  28. Ive never found her attractive,dont know what some see in her.

  29. *required field

    i thought the breaking news was going to be that nichole richie was found hiding in mariah’s ass

  30. Fruity_Metcalfe

    Porn stars usually have more natural looking tits than Mimi. At least she won’t drown with the flotation devices she had wedged into once-upon-an ‘A’ cup breasts.

    If she’s this desperate for publicity, we may be just days away from another crazy, unscheduled visit to TRL, followed by a hospitalization for “exhaustion” – AKA

  31. justme

    I had a vision of Lard.

  32. shanonorato

    She’s got Kankles.

  33. PapaHotNuts

    This is a horrible remake of Splash.

  34. jrzmommy

    that is one big girl. DAMN!

    She’s just worried NOW that people will confuse her for a porn star? Huh. I guess she really did think her outfits were tastefull all these years, whaddya know?!!

  35. I live in Washington DC….Mariah, PLEASE call Joe Gibbs, the Redskins Defensive line sucks…they NEED YOU!!!!

  36. AnnoyingPseud

    Ugh. She needs to find a trainer, stop eating all that ‘white food’ [as in color, not race] and stick to protein & plain veggies. Minimum 40 lbs. need to go. And I think those are her own happy pads there on her chest; they have a natural sag that fakes can achieve. As for the rest of her persona….revolting. The whole “Mimi” thing makes me want to see her on Fear Factor, gobbling up a bucket of snakes swimming in some nice pig’s blood. She needs a serious ego deflating event in her life – as the failure of “Splash” or Glitter or whatever led to her cookies cracking and landing her in the goof hootch wasn’t sufficient to exorcise that arrogance out of her.

  37. mari

    You guys are just haters. I don’t see any rolls anywhere. So she’s not a size 0 waif like Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan, that’s a good thing. She is a thick woman with curves, and yet she still looks toned and has a flat stomach. I don’t see anything “blubbering” out. Shame on all of you for commenting so negatively on her weight, when at the same time you guys are the people who make fun of the stick thin celebrities. She may be a pouty diva, but at least she’s not the type of role model making little girls want to stop eating or throw up their food.

  38. AnnoyingPseud

    Erg…I meant, that fakes boobies can’t sag the way those jugs of hers are, e.g. dropping faster than her saggy reputation, hence they’re definitely real. The fakes all stay put like they’re cemented on…oh wait, they ARE cemented on.

  39. sexybitch

    Cleanup on aisle 38.

  40. She should be more concerned about looking fat and dumpy.

  41. little_fleabag

    How can you honestly think that this woman is fat? I mean, look around you at work, in the street, anywhere – most women are a lot fatter than this. You people need a reality check if you think that “looking good in a bikini” equals looking like a lollipop with a pair of grapefruits attached to the front. MC looks great!

  42. Anonymous

    Spoken like a true fatty #38.

  43. Italian Stallion

    @38 We don’t have the time for fat fucks as yourself, to make a comment on how “all of you are just haters” just so you can get some kind of response on the Superficial. The reason you are lonely and looking for attention, is because you couldn’t even try to fit into a bathing suit. Mariah is a fat pig, but judging from your comment, you are a whole new State yet to be discovered…………

    There is your response, put the Big Mac down and read it………..

  44. MrSemprini

    *singing* I like my women a little on the trashy side…

    That is one great big smack o’ mama…

  45. MrSemprini


  46. #28: …of potatoes… in her ASS?!

    I can see her concern though. The two of them are very alike. One will suck willies, but not for free, while the other starred in Free Willy! BOO-YAH!

    One stars in adult films, and the other had to “rest” because she’s a washed-up, careerless crack whore! OH YEAH!

    Wait. I don’t get it.

  47. Italian Stallion

    @42 read post 44 it pertains to you also, fat fuck………….

  48. jrzmommy

    haters. dazzling articulation. eat a carrot you fat fuck.

  49. beefgoddess

    You gotta give her props for not having a rail thin body.

  50. LL

    I actually agree that Mariah doesn’t look bad in these pics; no, she’s not skinny, but so what. Given the choice between Mariah in a bikini and Nicole in a bikini, I think most of us would say bring on Mariah.

    That said, her “fear” that her reputation will suffer if people mistake her for Mary Carey – bitch, please. I think Mariah’s done far more damage to her rep herself than confusion with a porn star ever could. Exhibit A: the way she dresses is little better than that of a porn star (or Paris Hilton), so Mariah… go back in your hole.

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