Mariah Yeater Is A ‘Good Person’ Who Just Happened To Statutory Rape Justin Bieber

November 2nd, 2011 // 370 Comments

Mariah Yeater, the 20-year-old California girl above who allegedly had unprotected sex with a 16-year-old Justin Bieber then sued him for paternity of her three-month-old son via a tabloid is really a “good, honest person,” according to her grandfather. “Why if it weren’t for that boy’s maple-penis, I reckon she’d be a doctor. Just look at these here medical photos she took on the computer box.” NY Daily News reports:

Eddie Markhouse tells Inside Edition that his granddaughter, Mariah Yeater, doesn’t lie.
“I don’t know the whole story. But, from what I understood, she met him at a concert and he sent two security guards down off of the stage to bring her backstage to meet him,” Markhouse said. “She said they partied, had some drinks and they indulged in sex … She’s basically an honest good person. She’s got a big heart. She’s a good kid and she loves this baby.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, now it’s both of them were drunk? So this good, honest, all-American, salt-of-the-earth church-folk of a nun accidentally poured alcohol into an underage Justin Bieber and then somehow his penis ended up in her without a condom on? Well, clearly this proves he’s a witch. I say we tie rocks to him and demand his magic sex powers compel him to float. To the quarry!


  1. sc4play

    If I had that nose full of nickles, I’d be rich!

  2. random madness

    Assuming he’s straight – all of the pussy that kid could be getting and THAT’S what he chooses to stuff? Doubt it – just a chick looking for attention.

    • Paloma

      Couldn’t agree more on ALL points…especially about the highly unlikelihood of his being straight.

    • karlito

      she got knocked up…parents hurt and appalled…says it’s not her fault…can’t claim rape..ah hah!! i was at the Justin Beiber concert…Mom, Dad, it was Justin Beiber..he seduced me. he charmed me with his Canadian accent, eh! what could i do? that’s OK dear we believe you. you can’t trust those Canadians. there coming down here and taking over the entertainment world and making babies all over the place.

    • cc

      I agree, can you imagine the selection in the front 5 rows in any given concert? He could probably find a couple dozen girls, at least, that make her look like something from the litterbox, left there by a cat with dysentery.

    • Artofwar

      …Still trying to figure out how a woman can impregnate a woman???….Artofwar

    • JC

      Rock stars pick women like this to fuck back stage because more than likely their cherry has already been popped and they are on birth control. Bieber luck just ran out is all. You don’t need a pretty little thing behind stage crying. That can get rather messy. A girl like Mariah can be more productive very fast. Just saying.

  3. Holly

    Am the only one who is secretly hoping the baby is his so this kid will disappear?

    • absinthe

      You are most certainly not the only one

    • Tinklepants Astronaut

      I’m behind you on the ‘disappear’ goal, but please not via a baby, because then in a few years we’ll have to endure the torture of Beiber trying to force the kid on us as a ‘star’. CF: Will Smith and his dreadful kids.

  4. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Skeerdy Cat
    Commented on this photo:

    Those’re some birthin’ hips…wait…

    • Karl

      no those are not birthing hips, those are just fucked up…birthing hips can look sexy on a woman this is just scary.

  5. Wouldn’t it be funny if this shit turns out to be TRUE!

    • Paloma

      Her stupid ass would be locked up for statutory rape if Beiber were my kid. This freaky-looking whore would be registered on Megan’s Lis for damn sure. That baby would be raised by the Beiber camp nannies like every good entertainment spawn. Beiber is going to pad his own future eventually. Gotta keep the family fortune flourishing somehow.

      • deen


      • brian

        who says they’ve been having sex

      • TheListener

        There are some facts to consider in whether it would be statutory rape such as age of consent laws for the state and the age difference between him and the adult. It could be either a misdemeanor or a felony. Only an attorney would be able to answer that question.
        Anyway, the truth will come out sooner or later.

  6. Schweddy Schnatch

    Judging by these pics, she’s more likely to be listening to the dulcet tones of dueling banjos than attending Bieber-Fest.

    • deen

      Dude, come on- they have been “dating” for a year. They get pretty skanky with each other in public, what do you think they do behind closed doors?

      • Schweddy Schnatch

        Hey, bathroom stall sex is for upper echelon whores, what with there being a door and all…

  7. Nattypants

    From this photo, it looks like she spends a lot of time in bathrooms.

    • Paloma

      Too bad she doesn’t shower while she’s in there. That skank looks disgusting. Hep C & God knows what else with all those disgusting piercings.

  8. me

    look, his penis knocked on of her douchy star tattoos out of place..

  9. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
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    Ew. GROSS.

  10. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    how is it that she has a muffin top even without pants on?

  11. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
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  12. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
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  13. Katie Parrish

    I went to high school with Mariah. She sat next to me in a few classes. I have to agree with the statement of her grandfather. That’s the only Mariah I know: goofy, laid-back and intelligent. But who knows, shit happens.

    • Tinklepants Astronaut

      Katie Parrish sits next to me during mandatory group therapy at Hirsch Sanatorium. While I like to pretend I’m a kitten with a cybernetic eye, Katie likes to go online and pretend she went to school with random people from news stories. Hey, how much worse is that than what you are doing?

    • cc

      I used to go to the same truck stop/bar with Mariah. She sat on the bar stool next to me a couple of times. I have to agree with her senile, addled grandfather. That’s the only Maria I know, brain dead, sloppy drunk, and always cracking wise. But who knows, she may be thinking as straight as she was when she got those two tattoos that say, more or less, ‘Here is my pussy!’.

  14. Bluth

    I remember when i saw my first boobs too beiber

  15. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    If Justin did her he must have been 1 blind 2 really drunk 3 very very desperate or number 4 most likely all the above and a bag over her face. if he is the father i pray the baby looks like him!!!!!!!

  16. ugh


  17. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Anni Christ
    Commented on this photo:

    Justin Bieber is the hottest shit in America. Why would anyone believe he went for this? C’mon.

    • Snack pack

      He was sixteen, and she probably had her boobs out at the concert. That’s about all the math you have to do on this one.

    • karlito

      hottest in America? are you 12. besides he’s Canadian.

    • Esoteric

      Sentences like this make my brain ache. Oh, and that giant sucking noise you hear is our society circling the drain.

    • This is obviously false at face value. How would this freakshow of muffin-top meets face piercings have ever gotten back stage…she’d have to fuck the security guy to get in. Uh…wait a minute.

  18. Until a paternity test is taken, that baby could belong to the neighborhood mall cop .

  19. deen

    This headline kills me: “Mariah Yeater Is A ‘Good Person’ Who Just Happened To Statutory Rape Justin Bieber”
    It could easily be changed to “SELENA GOMEZ Is A ‘Good Person’ Who Just Happened To Statutory Rape Justin Bieber”.
    How easy we forget that Selena is 19 and Justin is 17. I guess he likes those older women. Smh.

    • TheListener

      The difference is neither Selena nor Justin have ever publicly stated that they have a sexual relationship. The public just assumes it, and unless someone is a witness to the actual sex act or they state they have such a relationship, the assumptions are not proven facts.
      On the other hand, Mariah publicly stated she had sex with a minor.

      • TomFrank

        Also, 17 is not underage everywhere. Neither is 16. (For example, Canada.) In fact, the 11 states where the age of consent is 18 form the exception, not the rule.

  20. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s butt fuckly I mean hes the hottest guy n America and he wood go for this I dint believe the rumors

  21. Venom

    Judging by the way that he is reacting to all of this, I am beginning to think more and more like he did knock her up.
    I so hope so, they will just be hilarious.
    He wants to be black so bad, he is on his way. Only about 17 more babies to catch up to Lil Wayne. lol

  22. “But, from what I understood, she met him at a concert and he sent two security guards down off of the stage to bring her backstage to meet him,” Markhouse said. “She said they partied, had some drinks and they indulged in sex”

    I think this guy’s been watching too many 80′s hair band “Behind the Music” episodes. Because, you know, that’s always how it happens, right?

  23. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
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  24. forrest gump

    psssssssst: “Dollars” will open most eyes& pockets of young mothers in america.

    • Schweddy Schnatch

      And thighs… don’t forget thighs…

    • “forrest”, you don’t have to piss yourself before you comment.

      Secondly, you don’t have to put “dollars” in quotation marks. I realize you live in a shithole where the last time you saw one was when you sold your baby sister for her kidneys, but since you’re posting on a site that’s based in the US, we actually know what they are.

      Thirdly, money will open most anyone’s “eyes and pockets” anywhere in the world, unless, of course, they’re blind and naked. I’ve long ago given up hoping that the first will happen to you so you’d lose your way onto this site. Look, if your mother was knocked up by some random American and you’re still pissed off, take it up with her and sell her for parts to even the score. You suck at posting here, that is all.

  25. bonerfest2011

    dat muffintop

  26. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Honey, just because they say “thong underwear” doesn’t mean you need to be digging to China on them hips.

  27. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She seems demure.

  28. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Yah, what a choice bit of backstage ass this is.

  29. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    Let me get this straight, Justin Beiber looked around and picked this girl out for his bodyguards to bring to him. Yeah, un huh, all that talent and this is the chick. And then they got drunk and did it…..something smells fishy here !!!!

  30. Cock Dr

    “they indulged in sex”
    Really? Did they? And what kind of sex did they engage in?
    I think it unlikely the “Maple Christ” would mount a big meaty woman like this. It’s much more plausible that she bent him over with a 10 inch strap on.

  31. vanessa

    Im gonna DIE if this trick is telling the truth! & Hes just like every other male celeb. Gets his guards to find groupies. And then in front of the camera hes so “wholesome”.

    • Lucy

      Y wouldn’t it be true? What would she gain from lying? She has an attorney so obviously they can’t b that stupid to just conduse some story to try and make money…and y does this female have to b a “trick or a whore”? I’m sure your just a good little christian that never did anything wrong…..

      • name

        What does she have to gain from lying? Really? Do you know how much InTouch and US Weekly offer to people like this for “exclusive interviews?” Not to mention the “bragging rights” of being able to say you fucked a famous person, whether it’s true or not.

  32. CranAppleSnapple

    An old man said “they partied”, that creeps me the hell out. Oh hang on, Grandpa might only be in his forties, if you consider how fast trailer trash can churn them out.

  33. Derp

    Legal age in Canada is 16…just sayin…

  34. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    “I just want to apologize to Justin’s mom, Selena’s mom, and my mom. And I’m sorry to everyone. I was very naïve. I am so so sorry for everything that has happened. Because in spite of what Justin says now, it is my fault. Because it was my vagina and I insisted. I insisted on everything. I insisted that we weren’t drunk. I insisted that we keep going. I insisted that we walk to the bathroom. Everything had to be my way. And this is where we’ve ended up and it’s all because of me that we’re here now—cold, hunted, and saddled with a kid. I love you Mom, Dad. I am so sorry… What is that? I’m scared to close my eyes, I’m scared to open them! We’re gonna die out here!”

  35. Schweddy Schnatch

    Rumor has it, she’s buddies with Courtney Stoddens and is currently under her whore tutelage. Too bad she mistook “Lesson 3: Finding a sugar daddy” for “Finding a sugar baby.”

  36. DeucePickle

    I believe that it happened but i also believe he said something more like, “I’m going to intercourse the poop out of you”.
    Canadians are very polite.

    • kimmykimkim

      Intercourse the poop out of you! Hahaha! I’ll have to use that on my girlfriend. I’m sure it’ll really turn her on.

  37. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    These photos might have been after birth or even during pregnancy. Maybe she was skinny beforehand…

  38. peteyandjia

    She look dirty… like in the dirty good sex kind of way. Most hot chicks are full of themselves and are actually pretty frigid in bed.

  39. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s like she has a pair of hips on top of her hips. That is a strange shape.

  40. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    I thought the kid was a queer. How did this chick engineer this?

  41. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Mike Walker
    Commented on this photo:

    They need to exchange eye sockets.

  42. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    you can tell she’s got some sort of mental issues rattling around her head.

  43. fait

    Sounds like some fanatic’s horribly written fanfiction. pass.

  44. direchef

    This whole thing is so awesome.

    • eh not really, not til the maury moment when they open that envelope.. THAT i’d love to see, one way or the other

      • guest

        OMG that would be awesome. I can imagine it right now, with Maury saying, “Justin, you ARE the father!”, and the audience would react with digust and vomit with rage.

  45. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Have you seen Justin’s girlfriend? I doubt he would even look at this nasty chick.

  46. Venom

    For all those commenting on her looks, are these photos before or after her having the baby because that would make a huge difference.

    • “…She’s got a big heart. She’s a good kid and she loves this baby.”
      Her heart ain’t the only thing that’s “big.”

      Actually, I think she’s kind of cute and definitely doable, especially if, as Venom pointed out, these pictures were taken relatively soon after giving birth. Reading between the lines and doing some math proves that’s quite plausible.

  47. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Free pussy, sometimes it is a motherfucker. lol

  48. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    The blonde woman on the left is Sophia Richardson, and Englishwoman and voice actress living in San Francisco.

  49. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Given that these photo’s seem to show that it was an option, I’d have just tit-fucked her!

  50. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    I would hit anything for a love child…… But I wouldn’t hit that.

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