Mariah Yeater Was Going To Give Bieber Baby Up For Adoption (UPDATE: And Claimed Ex Was The Father)

November 4th, 2011 // 125 Comments
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Getting knocked up by Justin Bieber is not only every girl’s dream, it’s also a winning lottery ticket waiting to fly out of your uterus and carry you to the bank on gossamer maple-wings. Which makes it odd that Mariah Yeater was contemplating giving up her infant son for adoption because if she’s not lying and Justin Bieber is the father, she legally has to carry that kid around in a burlap sack with a dollar sign on it. I know the law. Page Six reports:

“She didn’t know if she was going to keep him,” Samra Fae Stepper told The Post at her Fredericksburg, Va., home, where Yeater holed up while pregnant for several months last spring.
“We kept asking about the father, but I didn’t press it,” said Stepper, whose brother Anthony Simeonoff is Yeater’s stepdad.
Stepper’s mom, Frances Wilson, said, “I did ask her if she was going to keep the baby. She said she didn’t know.”
“I don’t think she knew until almost when the baby was born.”
Wilson said Yeater had told her, “I’m pretty sure I know who he is,” referring to the father. “But she said she wasn’t going to tell him.”

Mariah Yeater is “pretty sure” she knew who the father is, yet needed some time to think? Wow, that’s amazing because her attorney just told Dr. Drew that she was absolutely positive Justin Bieber is the dad. Via CNN:

In the relevant time period, she wasn’t having sex with anyone else,” Pare said. “That’s how we know Justin Bieber is, in fact, the father of the baby … we need the paternity test to verify that scientifically, 100-percent. It is a modest request. We’re not asking for an exorbitant amount of money. We need him to step up and take the test.”

Interesting. So she claims she wasn’t having sex with anyone else, yet couldn’t decide if Justin Bieber is the father? Again, I hope to God this turns out to be a Maple Baby, but how the hell else did Mariah Yeater think she got pregnant? “Well, it might have been that Justin Bieber concert, but then again, I went to Taco Bell last October and got cinnamon twists. I better be certain…”

UPDATE: Surprise! TMZ is reporting Mariah went nuts on her ex-boyfriend last year and told him he was the father of her baby. When he insisted he wasn’t, she broke his car window and beat the shit out of him. So long story short, Justin Bieber’s going to die.

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  1. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Another 5 piercings and she would definitely be doable.

  2. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, plea, please be truese be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be truep, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true!

  3. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    I told ya this story had legs…we’ve got at least two weeks of fun to be had on this ride.

    I don’t get what the big deal is though, it’s not like Bieber has to do anything for the paternity test. He’s 17 years old, just grab any of the rolled up sweat socks out of his laundry and test it.

  4. Dan

    This girl sounds like she should hook up with that chick who killed her own kid so she could party. They would have a blast together.

  5. MInky Wail

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to conceive.

  6. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Never have I seen a face I so desperately want to punch.

    • MMMM

      Good, I’m not the only one…… For some reason the face she’s pulling in this picture makes me want to kick her……

  7. zsiusa

    I think the father was the ex and the girl is crazy saying this, because once the paternity test is done, she will come out as a retarded whore.

  8. Man

    I beat off about men!

  9. K-
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG! This girl is NASTY! Deff needs to hit up her local gym. and $12,000 a month for child support? LOL! Does her baby poop gold or something?!? Thats insane! Ugh Just looking at her makes me want to throw up. She isnt any celebrities type….esp because money can buy them way better!

    • urfavoriteperson

      Folks…. Maybe not your idea of beautiful but guys are not always concerned with looks as they are more focused on whats in-between the legs. I read more details from the report…I believe this girl, maybe Im wrong but only time will tell.

  10. Nattypants

    It clearly states in the Bible (Aunt Jemima, verses 2 through 90) that “Thy offspring of thy Maple Christ shalt have the marking of a maple leaf on the underside of thine right butt cheek.” Just look, already, GAWH.

  11. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Vags 'r Us
    Commented on this photo:

    Her vagina has been edited out of this picture. That’s why she looks weird. Makes me think not many of you have ever SEEN a vagina if you can’t tell when one is missing.

    • Lisa

      Actually, a vagina is more like a tunnel. Did you mean her vulva has been edited out of the picture? If so, looks like SOMEONE has to brush up on his knowledge of basic female anatomy.

      • Vags 'r Us

        I’m actually a “she”. And saying “vulva” just confuses people. ;)

        Either way, her “nether region” is clearly photoshopped out.

  12. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Okay basically:

    I don’t/cant physically see Justin doing this. And to be honest he always seems to be so faithful and thankful and committed so I cant see him walking away from this if he had, had sex with her. He seems to be like such a decent guy and I can not see him walking away from wot potentially could be his daughter or son which is why I believe these accusations to be false and lies.

    I mean I don’t have anything against the girl and I don’t wish to say or comment anything bad about her because I don’t have anything bad to say.

    But I just want to say that I am sticking with my Justin Bieber and I believe him a 100 percent all the way.

    Love Anne : D xx ♥♥♥♥

  13. Donald Trump

    Now that Bieber is 17 – I have to public say – I would love to toss his salad.

    • bieber fever

      well i love justin an why would he pick her out of all the pretty girls in the world that is stupid come on people get real how stupid are u 2 even think 4 one sec she is telling the truth i am here for justin so wat ever u haters dont that the test justin it’s ok

      • splint

        He probably picked her because she let him bust inside her vagina. Looks don’t matter much to a guy who is horned up and needs to get a nut off.

      • Joshypoo

        he didn’t “pick” her, we aren’t limited on the amount of times we can fuck…..she probably was just a loose whore who had no standards, instant “get in”….but by no means (if justin did do her) was he planning to stay lol that’s just how it is….

  14. Venom

    Oh god enough of this shit.
    Take the damn paternity test and get it over with already.
    If he is 100% sure he did not have sex with this woman then just do it and get it over with. If you never had sex with her then you know 100% what the result will be and if he did have sex with her then there is a chance….

    It does not matter because I am sure Selena is scoping out a new man right now. She is the #1 target for any man in Hollywood or pro sports right now and they smell the blood in the water.

    • Richard McBeef

      She is the #1 target for pedophiles that want a legal outlet for their fantasy of banging babyfaced 14 year olds. Kinda like the whole asian chick thing.

      • stratacat

        Olivia Munn is not azn.

      • Schmidtler

        wtf, are you kidding? how is anyone who would bang a 19 year old a pedophile? how is a fat faced barely passable chick anyone’s ‘#1 target’? And so a fourth of the world’s population is pedophiles because they like asian chicks? wow. I guess I’m lucky my thing is fat grannies. I’d hate to be accused of being a pedophile.

  15. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    this chick looks like two assholes sewn together with pubic hair yarn

  16. Redneck Trash

    Someone sterilize this bitch. Her devil chute is cursed.

  17. Mariah Yeater could always get a job as a spokesperson for promoting vasectomies. Of course, your sperm count could drop just by looking at her and/or listening to her talk.

  18. D-chi

    I’m just saying, if Justin Bieber is going to lose his virginity at a concert backstage…. this girl is pretty shifty-looking.

  19. Poor Mariah Yeater is just confused and doesn’t actually understand the correlation between sex and childbirth. In fact, I’m beginning to think this is the second recorded Immaculate Conception in history, the first being, of course, Pinocchio.

  20. 2for2true

    Honey, your 15 minutes of fame will be SO not worth the years and years of shit, shame and scorn in store for you and your family when this nonsense blows up in your face. You sad, pitiful cunt.

  21. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like Carrie when she goes postal after the pig’s blood is spilled on her.

  22. Li

    I guess I am the only one hoping this baby is his… This would do great things for his swagger.

  23. Li

    I guess that I am alone in wanting Yeater and the Biebs going halfsies on this little screwed-up miracle. Such a move would significantly improve his swagger.

  24. Lex L

    She’s 20 for crying out loud. Any sane 20yo who isn’t in a relationship and finds herself preggers is gonna consider all her options, no matter who the baby daddy is. Perhaps the fact that she didn’t immediately demand money from the Biebs the second she found out she was knocked up is proof that she’s a good person, rather than the “retarded whore” some claim her to be. She could be lying about the paternity, but I find it interesting that he won’t take the test. Either he’s banging so many chicks he can’t remember which ones he’s banged, or he knows there’s a possibility he could be the father.

  25. KumaTenshi

    So, the “good” girl was holed up somewhere for several months doing jack shit, wouldn’t tell anyone who the father is, either because she didn’t know or just flat out refused for whatever reason, and was undecided if she was going to keep said baby or give it up for adoption?

    I love that quote, in the relevant time period….so what, before she was humping a bunch of other guys? Wouldn’t surprise me if the TMZ story is indeed true. Can’t wait to see this blow up in the bitches face.

    Hate Justin, but good on him for not bowing down to fame whores like this. He doesn’t have to prove shit to anyone if he doesn’t want to.

    If some crazy ass woman you’d never met before in your life came into your life and started demanding you take a paternity test, would you?? Not fucking likely.

    • FruitLoop

      This is why you can never negotiate with terrorists or kidnappers or the like. Once you do, it becomes open season for ‘em. If he takes the test regardless of the results, it’s just going to make the chicks crawl out of the woodwork all claiming he’s the father of their child.

    • cc

      ‘started demanding you take a paternity test, would you?? Not fucking likely.’

      Exactly. If there wasn’t a shred of truth to her story, which I am sure there isn’t, I’d tell her fuck off.

  26. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:


  27. thinkin logically

    if you no its not yours then hell yeah take the test and say kick rocks but if theres a chance its yours there may be hesitation just think about it

    • Ghost

      That was the thought I had.

      • TomFrank

        So basically every time some nutjob comes out of the woodwork (or wherever it is nutjobs come from) and says “he’s the father!” Bieber has to submit to a blood test? Yeah, I’m not going along with that.

  28. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Every guy has banged a chick that they hope no one ever finds out. This one is Bieber’s lol.

  29. This is really really sad. I’d love to rag on this bitch but I can only pity her, does she think this is her meal ticket? If she does she’s doing it wrong and what about the poor kid having to grow up knowing all this shit? Is she really that deluded that she can’t see the consequences of her actions, how does she really see herself?

  30. In spite of my disdain for Maple Jesus, there’s just no way he’d nail this bar slut in training.

    Hell, I wouldn’t touch her with his dick.

    • See, that’s what I thought at first too. But then my husband reminded me of Tiger Woods and all of the HIDEOUS women he slept with (I mean, Perkins waitress?!?!). If all of that hadn’t been confirmed by Tiger himself, we NEVER would have believed he was having all those affairs. So now, when stuff comes out, I just never know!

      • Schmidtler

        yeah, except Tiger Woods isn’t a homosexual. other than that fact, I guess your logic holds up.

  31. the truth

    Seriously he probably fucked her, he is 17 with money he is gonna be fucking a lot with or without a girlfriend. The thing about that being his baby is another story, but I think he did fuck her.17, millionaire, good looking, u ain’t sleeping around get the fuck outta here.

  32. Tinklepants Astronaut

    We’ve shed enough light on this story, which may I point out, lacks attractive women, but includes a teenage ladyboy. Time to move on to something else. Anything else. Except kardashians.

  33. Jayla

    Honestly the girls is ugly and trust me he would pick her to come backstage with him:/
    If anything he would get somebody good looking.
    She wants attention;this happens to most celebs.

  34. Xezili

    For one, did’nt he say he wanted to be a young, unmarried father? And two, out of all the hot girls out there who is obbsessing over you, and you choose the retared whore? Sweetie, they have hookers for that.

  35. Maggie

    Why take a paternity test? We all know lesbians can’t get pregnant.

  36. Lololol

    God, she obviously is up shit creek and doesn’t have but lawyers as a paddle. She has no money and I have a feeling she just wants to get some of that Beiber money…He replaced MJ, everyone is trying to get a payout.

  37. bieber fever

    wow Mariah Yeater u are the most stupid girl i ever heard any one talk about come on how slow are u to think any one well take what u said as anything other than a joke u big loser. come on you are the most ugly chick i have ever seen so far this year. An why would u say u had sex with him if u know u well go to jail wow i wish i could just hit u in the face that well help u look better for court bitch lol u make me sick u stupid bitch

  38. I made a Yeater versus Bieber nail art tutorial!

  39. forrest gump

    please cut the crap…….THE BOY IS STILL IN PUBERTY!!

  40. terry

    Bieber said everything but the word “LIE”. Hmm!
    Fabrication is vague. and that is what his lawyers are telling him to say. You and I know Justin is fucking groupies around the goddamn clock and he probably doesn’t even remember 99% of them.

  41. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Girls that have star tattoos on their stomachs are fucking trailer trash. Seriously, it’s like saying i’m a product of inbreeding. Show me a hot girl with star tats like that? you cant do it.

  42. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m confused…
    a) this chick is white
    b) this chick has a myspace
    c) its 2011
    d) how much further down is her vajeeezy?

  43. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    of all the gyal beiber could fuck what possesed him in his mind to get his willy wet with her :S (i mean not saying that i wouldnt but bare in mind im an average guy who has to settle with average pussy)

    • Meh Mehington

      Something tells me you couldn’t pull average pussy, your clapped-out, ruined, disease-ridden trailer park sister probably turned you down. *sadface*

  44. stenchblossom

    i hope its true (unlikely, but it would be absolutely hilarious!!!)!! bye bye justin bieber!

  45. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    she is not justin’s type, he likes apanish and sfrican-american chicks~ She is older than him and she looks like a rappist~ Justin is not stupid enough to rap a girl backstage, when he can choose a prettier girl to have mutarl sex with. She’s a liar*

  46. Velendrix

    he said i neva meet her or hve sex wit her..blah3.. den why da f*ck didn’t he just tke da test and get it over with already!! i tnk he likes it bcuz he gets more atention bcuz of diz bulls*it!! such a famewh*re

  47. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    How can a nose piercing not feel like a booger?

  48. Mariah Yeater Pregnant Justin Bieber Love Child
    Commented on this photo:

    All this does is make me want to kill whoever invented MySpace

  49. Jazmin and jalon!

    That hoe outa thea! She need to be brutally murdered justin aint even a man, I mean wtf you look like being pregnant by a child?
    Justin baee hold yo head up.

  50. Victoria

    She probably did slept with ” Justin Beiber” the roadie. She was most likely drunk and barely coherent and the roadie claimed he was the “beibs” to bang her in the bathroom. And this is where her recollection of sleeping with beiber comes from. So if it isn’t the ex bf it is most likely that roadie’s baby.

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