Terry Richardson Photoshopped Mariah Carey? NO!

July 15th, 2014 // 10 Comments

Jezebel got a hold of the unretouched shots from Mariah Carey‘s photo shoot with Terry Richardson which I’m going to kick over to them because it’s their exclusive and I’m not a dick. I’m just a simple journalist trying to uncover the truth, and through that truth encourage people to ask themselves how many times Terry probably ejaculated on Mariah’s face for each edit because I wrote down eight. I’m going with eight.

Retouch My Body: Terry Richardson Pix of Mariah Carey Before Photoshop – Jezebel

Photo: Terry Richardson


  1. JC

    Well, that’s one big advantage of shooting all of your pics over-exposed against a white background–you don’t even need Photoshop, you can just use MS Paint to erase half of their bodies.

  2. Short Round

    Based on experience on the totem pole of good looks I rank as the fungus growing beneath the totem pole. But I still wouldn’t want photoshop. To look at that picture, see myself, knowing it’s not me and I’ll never look that good… I wouldn’t want to live with that self-delusional lie.

  3. brick

    Did he put the toupee on her too?

  4. It didn’t help

  5. Marketing Mike

    As someone who works in Photoshop all day, 5 days a week,
    Terry’s not very good at it. I can always tell one of his pictures,
    he shoots everything like he plans on rebuilding it again in post.
    The photographers that Victoria’s Secret, Playboy, and Sports
    Illustrated hire (year after year) earn their status with real talent,
    not free blow and “who they know…”

    • Hey, Marketing Mike, are you a graphics artist or something? I used to be in the printing business and used Photoshop to some extent. And more so at home. Amazing program, but DAMN the capabilities are somewhat overwhelming sometimes.

      • Marketing Mike

        Yes. Many photographers think owning a copy of Photoshop
        makes them a graphic artist. This is a perfect example of that.
        Making a picture look truly natural takes time, patience and skill.
        Blasting it with color tint, and using the blur tool is fast and easy.
        Like I said before, you don’t see the post production if it’s good.
        Every picture this guy cranks out, looks like he was in a hurry…

  6. Omigod, are you kidding me? I am like, so totally surprised!

  7. Is every page at Jezebel a continuous stream of Photoshop call-outs, or is this just some targeted high school girl “…gawd, don’t you just HATE her…” bitchiness? Because here’s a little hint for the discerning Superficial reader…if it’s in print, it’s been Photoshop’d. If it’s a celebrity Instagram, it’s probably been Photoshop’d. And if it’s a candid paparazzi shot, and it’s flattering in any way, there’s still a good chance it was Photoshop’d.

    • Marketing Mike

      You’re right. Everything is retouched, sure, no question.
      The difference is, a real photographer takes great pictures
      that take a few minutes to touch up. They start out great,
      and we fine tune them. Photos like Uncle Terry’s look bad
      right out of the camera (in my opinion). Now that I’ve seen
      his raw shots, it totally makes sense that his “shop” work
      looks the way it does. I’m sure he does the best he can,
      but I doubt he gets any big name post production work.
      Except for those who take trades, of course…

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