Mariah Carey Painted Her Pregnant Stomach Then Put it On Twitter

March 28th, 2011 // 70 Comments

As advertised.

Despite retreating into seclusion since December, Mariah Carey felt the need to paint a giant butterfly on her pregnant stomach and share it with her four million Twitter followers. Also, she apparently refers to her unborn twins as “dem babies” which proves she really is married to Nick Cannon even though I’d bet cash money those kids don’t have a shred of his DNA. “Haha! Use your sperm. Oh, Nicholas, you always make me laugh. Now, wheel my dinner in. And, wait, why aren’t you wearing those white gloves I bought you? Or the top hat. Goddammit.

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  1. MILF

    You can’t buy class! Maybe dem babies will use dem dollars to buy demselves books.

  2. StEvec

    Pariah has always been disgusting, whether she is pregnant or not.

  3. Sugar

    Some women are cute and glowing and attractive pregnant. Mariah is not one of them.

    • reformed_druid

      The only women who are cute and glowing when they are pregnant are the fake ones on TV. With the real deal you get morning sickness, bloating and misery.

  4. ThisisnotTigerWoods

    Good God, isn’t anything sacred anymore??

  5. Knippy

    I like the band-aid over the belly button, it’s a nice touch.

  6. gross


  7. when i saw the thumbnail first i thought it was amber portman’s stomach. except of course portman is brigitte bardot compared to mc

  8. mike

    I hope she did not use lead-based paint lol

  9. See Alice

    She might no be bright enough not to use lead paint .

  10. The dude

    I thought that said, “Down Babies”

  11. Aim a punch to the face when he opens his mouth. He’ll block with both gloves, allowing you to punch his stomach.

  12. why is there a painting of a butterfly on that alien pod that is about to burst open.

    • mel

      she loves butterflies for whatever reason. she’s also painted one on her corn wagon and it looks as if the butterfly is vomiting hemorrhoids! stay classy mariah.

  13. Reece

    Remember that episode of Seinfeld when he dates Man Hands?…..

  14. Sure she is glowing, all planetoids reflect sunlight.

  15. That’s because Nick Cannon refers to her as ‘dat fat bitch’.

  16. The Critical Crassness

    Looking at the picture gives you real insight into who wears the pants at Mariah;s house…..the pink wing is larger! Sorry, Nick!

  17. Any Guy

    how did Nick manage to knock up RuPaul? I mean, they are the same person right? you never see Mariah and Ru in the same room together… think about it. dem babies beez fake.

  18. This seems like something a teen would do, kinda immature.

  19. grobpilot

    She probably used lead based paint from China. Kid’ll be born with an arm sticking out of its ass.

  20. Jill Ess

    Those band-aids are grossing me out!

    • oh i know

      me too! don’t know what she’s worried about, the doc can make her a new one like he did after her tummy tuck in 2008, no biggie, well…maybe that’s not the correct phrase…hehehe!

  21. Does anyone else see the stretch line down the middle? Looks like its about to blow “dem babies” out… O_o

    • Jovy

      How old are you, 13? That isn’t a “stretch” line, it’s called the Linea Nigra. Most pregnant women and even non pregnant women get it due to hormones.

  22. Normally I scream RUUUUUIIINNNEEEED at this point but, really, who are we kidding with this one.

  23. noooooooo

    So what I’m getting from this is she just declared war on humanity, because that can’t be unseen unfortunately.

  24. diamond

    congrats to nick and the babies…mwuah..whoever wrote this is a jerk not everyone has sex out of proud of the new family whoowhoo

  25. youcandieNOW

    Oh God, now I’ll have those Mothra nightmares again.

  26. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    That’s disgusting.

  27. the one

    well, THE SH*T IS BOTHERING HER………….

  28. Mariah Carey
    Commented on this photo:

    How did they make Kirstie Allie and Oprah one person?

  29. Rebecca

    Being heavily pregnant very hard to reach as far as she did to paint the tummy….are we sure she painted it? Not that we want to look…

    • vitobonespur

      My thought exactly. Maybe she let her old man do it so he wouldn’t have a tantrum and beat her senseless.

    • There’s no way she could have reached to draw that. Clearly she woke up from a drinking binge on the floor of a waffle house mens room with that drawn on her belly, and “cock whole” written illiterately on her face.

  30. Clarence Beeks

    so. fucking. tacky.

  31. mfbinc

    i wish she would paint those giant tits and post that!!!

  32. oh i know

    the truly amazing thing is this photo was taken when she was just a few months along…

  33. Nick Cannon's Third Testicle

    That is the most disgusting thing I have ever had the cruel misfortune to lay my eyes upon in my entire life.

  34. Beatboi

    So you dress up your pregnant belly like it’s some kind gift box?

    Damn I feel sorry for these kids. All the millions in the world can’t help them.

  35. I would bang this chick, big belly and all. She still is fine till this day.

  36. omg

    its amazing how i can be soooooo utterly repulsed by someone i used to lust after soooooo much, ahhh the strange miracle of procreation

  37. anonym

    donkey punch

  38. Mariah Carey
    Commented on this photo:

    I suddenly want a glass of Kool-Aid.

  39. gigi

    I don’t get it– I think the pic is kinda cute… only thing is that she’s NOT…. and she must retaining water like the HOOVER DAM! check out her man hands – poor Nick…… ugh

  40. Mariah Carey Butterfly Pregnant Belly
    Commented on this photo:

    I just threw up a little…wait, make that a lot. Yuck.

  41. Elizabeth

    God Bless Mariah & her family. What has this world come to when “grown” people start making fun of pregnant women … wait, see I assumed everyone leaving these distasteful comments were adults.

    I hope some of the future moms on here never have to be made fun of during their pregnancy, nor have to go through issues even getting pregnant. But, if you do comeback & comment on Mariah again .. I’m sure you’ll have a different perspective.

    • Elizabeth, this may come as a horrible shock to you, but when you take photos of yourself that are of questionable taste, then post them to the internet, you’ve invited comments and you don’t get to demand only positive ones.

      Here in the real world, we call this phenomenon “The Real World”.

      Seriously, what is it with pregnant women? Every one of them acts like she invented the process and wants us all to bask in her glory. Pregnancy doesn’t impress us…in fact it’s frequently something you OUGHT to be ashamed on. Goddamn stray dogs get knocked up every day…congratulations for rising to their level.

      • peabody3000

        ah mcfeely, i know you think you are flexing some kind of power with your allegedly bold words, but you are dribbling pure weakness

  42. Holy hell MY EYES

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