Mariah Carey Thinks She’s Demi Moore

April 6th, 2011 // 141 Comments

Here’s a naked, pregnant Mariah Carey posing for the cover of Life & Style and there are two surprising things about this post: 1. The swimsuit photos are actually from over a year ago and not this morning which, don’t feel stupid, I didn’t believe either. And 2. The artist who drew the cover forgot to erase the pencil line on her stomach. That’s bush league.

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. Cardinal Fang

    I thought this was a picture of her new giant right tit.

  2. Dem babies

    we’re fucked

  3. Twenty years too late and not the babies I had a Vision Of Love about.

  4. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Do all pregnant woman’s belly button disappear?

  5. Isn’t the fake hair extensions covering boobs thing a bit overdone at this point?

  6. Forklift

    She’s finally achieving her goal of actually becoming Stifler’s Mom

  7. “I’m definitely changing my stage name” –Mary Carey

  8. In this corner…weighing in at 280 lbs…the Round Mound of the High Pitched Sound…Mariah “Emancipatin’ Mimi” Carey!

  9. Greenie

    She looks like one of those chicks who should be on a Mexican Motorcycle Magazine.

  10. Jamie

    That’s not a pencil mark, dumb ass. At first I thought “Ok, how is the guy supposed to know what a linea nigra is?” but then I realized that you spend all day, every day posting pictures of, talking about and ogling naked lady parts so you should really know better.

  11. sue

    I have yet to see her face NOT have that “DO ME NOW” expression. And, now instead of showing us her body in two-sizes-too-small dresses, she decided to show us her entire body. SHOCKER. She truly can’t get enough of herself.

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Good for her, if they inherit her voice (larynx/lungs capacity) good for humanity.
    A miracle is a subject of experiencing it (like divinity) and until you experience it on yourself it is hard to understand with a reason (mind).

  13. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    waooooooo she look like baby.

  14. Phil

    This pig likes darkies like the other 3 fat pig sisters.
    Lost appeal immediately.

  15. Kisses4Katie

    The fact that they emphasize the baby boy will “look just like daddy” makes me think more and more that Nick Cannon has nothing to do with either kid. Artificial Insemination go!

  16. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:


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