Mariah Carey Thinks She’s Demi Moore

April 6th, 2011 // 141 Comments

Here’s a naked, pregnant Mariah Carey posing for the cover of Life & Style and there are two surprising things about this post: 1. The swimsuit photos are actually from over a year ago and not this morning which, don’t feel stupid, I didn’t believe either. And 2. The artist who drew the cover forgot to erase the pencil line on her stomach. That’s bush league.

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. rien

    look, octomom dyed her hair!

  2. The hardest part about getting her pre-pregnancy body back is drawing the abs on to look right.

    • Stupid babies… they always smudge the lines trying to get a hug. Why can’t they just understand that mommy’s a DIVA???

      • Lol, the post below explains what it is and I, too, was thinking maybe fish was being sarcastic. But it always, always makes me laugh when people are disgusted by pregnant women. It’s so funny, I can imagine them as kids and their mom is pregnant, then older, their girl is and they have the same reaction. “Your fucking gross — vomit — get that thing away from me you pig!!!! OH MY GOD they fucking took a picture?????? waaaaa my mommy forgot all about me when my brother was borrnnnnn”
        lol, silly older sibling, your mother never loved you.
        …idk where I ended up there towards the end of my post,,, just started rambling,,,,,
        ,,,,,,, okay, class is starting :) :)

    • Mel Gibson's Shrink

      Mary Jane, what grade are you in?

  3. Annie from Fremantle


    • Honest Abe

      Yet another perfect vag stretched & ruined by child birth. What a shame…

      • me

        what are you? 15? Vaginas don’t get stretched out by childbirth. They actually get tighter after a vaginal birth. (can’t believe I’m taking the time to write this to somebody who obviously is too young and immature for sex)

      • a

        they Do get stretched by childbirth

      • Etrigan

        Yet another husband who married a hot, young, slim woman only to end up with a fat, saggy, pot-bellied, baby-dropping machine.

        Here’s to sex with the lights off- the way all husbands have to do it after the second kid!

      • Cardinal Fang

        Bones and ligaments loosen up. Not sure about the actual hole and labia and all that.

      • Honest Abe

        40, not 15. MY wife had a C-section- still snug. My wife’s best friend had 5 kids the natural way… she recently had her tube tied AND had the Doc “snug” it up. HER husband told me it NEEDED IT!

        Immature, maybe. Pervert, yes. If you’re a woman and offended that your vag may be stretched, get over it. YOUR HUSBAND HAS!!

    • Angeline

      Man, what a bunch of rude asses. As for the remark they forgot to erase the pencil mark….that is a common occurance in pregnancies. The line up the belly in a pregnant woman. I;m not a fan of her but she has a beautiful voice and she is still a human being. I don’t think she is trying to eradicate medicare or ss, or dump radiation in the ocean.. wtf.

  4. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Some people can look hot no matter what they’re doing. Some OTHER people, Mariah.

  5. Ron Burgundy

    Doesn’t her belly always look like this?
    Oh, but now it makes the cover because there’s a baby in there instead of two big macs and a shamrock shake.

    I see how it is.

  6. That’s what you get making a deal with the devil to be as big a singer as Elvis and Sinatra. She got the Bedazzled version.

  7. Juniper

    Only this revolting pig is arrogant to think we want to see her sloppy gut knocked up or not. I think I might vomit.

  8. JinxedJill

    hahahah… you’re joking about the line right

    • me

      I’m thinking this site is run by college kids that have never created other humans. They DO NOT understand creation, whatsoever. I’m so glad they did not air brush the line as it is a natural part of pregnancy. I think she looks like a beautiful mama and this site is really bringing me down with all the stupid remarks. It’s like so “uncool” to be pregnant in these days I guess……sigh.

      • noooooooo

        Hi you must be new here.

        “It’s like so “uncool” to be pregnant in these days I guess……sigh.”

        Yeah that’s why for the past like 3-4 years the horrifying teen / young adult trend has been cranking out kids for status symbols. Way to be up on the current social landscape. I forgot you’re being persecuted though oh lawdy help this poor soul. /facepalm

      • testington

        me – are you an idiot? if ever pregnancy was “cool” it would be now. the past few years every celebrity that is pregnant takes photos like this. years ago a pregnant star was kept out of the public eye almost completely

      • Blech

        I dunno if I’d call pregnancy “uncool” or even “creation”, but I would call it a real challenge in this economy.

        As for Mimi’s show-it-all, no one asked to see that.

  9. I think she needs to shave her pits.

  10. The boy who WILL look ‘just like daddy’, which according to the picture at the sperm bank, will look like a homeless Kenny Rogers.

  11. she looks like a young Jocelyn Wildenstein

  12. slappy magoo

    Sad thing is, that photo was actually taken a year ago after a Grammy after-party. Ain’t no baby in there yet, just 3 Super Big Gulps of Mr. Pibb, a bottle of Cristal, 2 bags of Scoops Tostitos and some once-potential offspring of various NBA players.

  13. fishisoutofwater

    So that “Pencil Line” you speak of is actually a Linea Negra. A linea negra is a pale line that runs from the pubic bone to the belly button. In most women it is hardly noticeable. However, when a woman is pregnant, the linea negra may darken from a light, rosy brown to a very dark brown.

    Some women feel initially concerned that a dark line now runs down the middle of their belly. In many cases, the darkening of the linea negra will disappear a few months after a pregnancy ends.

    Do a little reading before you criticize.

    • Sahara

      i think, I THINK he was joking.

    • Any Guy

      no one cares about your fucking thesis, this insane he-she and its belly are fucking disgusting. period.

      • Father time

        why disgusting? i dont understand. im sure you have a beer belly, an old wrinkled fat wife who wont touch you and you have considered removing some of your ribs so you can suck your own cock. now that, kind sir, is disgusting.
        pregnancy, its beautiful.

    • CC

      Why thank you Mr. effin Wizard.

    • rarely does one see clueless douchitude of this magnapacity. I salute you sir.

    • Reece

      I heard its caused by the separation of your stomach muscles…Until men are able to give birth (and not the “born a woman, living as a man, but pregnant…Its a miracle!!” thing that ppl thought was so amazing ) , guys not should criticize. Its a horribly painful thing.

      That being said…Eating a baby doesn’t warrant a magazine cover. Especially if its been an on going thing for the past few years. Congrats you were able to eat two in one sitting!

    • rican

      wow, what an imbecile. Do you feel smart now that you’ve enlightened us with bullshit nobody really cares about?

      • fishisoutofwater

        Obviously, not NOBODY cares because I cared. And imbecile? For stating something? Harsh! My feelings…. OH MY POOR FEELINGS!!!!!

    • Rancid

      Hey brainaic, will you explain why I have a crease running through the middle of my taint? Or, if you will, my “gooch”?

      • fishisoutofwater

        No problem, :)
        That line you speak of is from your gender reassignment surgery, It is where the doctors sew up the vagina and turn it into the whole male anatomy.
        Good luck with the recovery!

    • The Critical Crassness

      The only thing out of water here is YOU! This site specialize in sarcasm, but being the brain you feel you are, you probably never heard of it!

  14. Ed


  15. She’s not pregnant, she made a kangaroo pouch for Nick Cannon.

    • My Name Peggy

      Looking at pictures of Mariah Carey is a lot like having flaming hot constipation. In both cases I’m praying to God to make it stop.

  16. elizabeth

    fishisoutofwater – i know, right? that line is so gross. you would think they would photoshop the nasty out.

  17. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    The blogger had quite the Formspring session….poor baby must be exhausted.
    Mariah appears quite capable of lactating for 2 – even when she isn’t pregnant.

  18. AlexK

    Naked Mariah Carey.
    I would have been happy as hell to hear that if it were still 1995.

  19. Any Guy

    RuPaul looks like he ate WAY too much. Slow down bro!

  20. RoboZombie


  21. Noel

    all you “haters” obviously don’t have children. a pregnant woman is a beautiful thing and childbirth is an amazing journey.

    • CC

      Go have one then!

    • Cock Dr

      Noel should volunteer to clean up the beautiful & amazing delivery room floor after this beast blows it’s double load.

    • And I’m sure we all wish she’d enjoy it…in private. Shoving it in all of our faces, while typical of pregnant narcissistic women, is just a sad “look at me, tell me I’m wonderful” bunch of crap.

      • Richard McBeef

        when your sole purpose on this earth is to serve as a cum dumpster and shit out children, I imagine that believing that it’s beautiful and amazing is a defense mechanism to cope with an otherwise failed life.

      • !!!!!!!

        you don’t “shit” with a vagina. take a look. it’s in a book. a reading rainbow.

    • rican

      Noel, you moron, this is not the forum for your post.

    • Rancid

      Taking a dump is very natural and beautiful, too. Just this morning I gave birth to a gorgeous brown baby. The labor wasn’t long at all – just a few minutes, a few grunts, and out she popped. She even was swimming seconds after birth! Truly God’s miracle.

    • RasputinsLiver



    • me

      so glad there are normal people on here, thank you Noel.

      • mimi

        Babies are not “shitted out”. You morons.
        When your sole purpose in life is to shoot your load because you’re unable to do anything else, like creating another human being, I imagine that believing that giving birth is like taking a shit and that women are just “cum dumpster” is a defense mechanism to cope with an otherwise failed and aimless life.

    • Aggie

      I don’t care what anyone says, there’s something of the barnyard about being pregnant and giving birth. Blehhh.

      • mimi

        oh yeah, blehhhh…. “gross..disgusting, vomit “…blah blah..
        very courageous thought, you will have a lot of friend in this site, congratulations.

      • Richard McBeef

        hey mimi – go create another human being without somebody shooting a load.

        never said all women are cum dumpsters, just the kind that sit around waiting to get pregnant so they have something to do.

        thanks for the biology lesson on the difference between “shitting out” and “giving birth” I was caught completely unaware.

      • Blech

        People only call pregnancy and childbirth “beautiful” and “a miracle” because it all has a positive spin to it.

        Giving birth = NOT fun but vaginally destructive

        Having a C-section = fucking sucks

        Labor pains = some husbands/partners nearly die during those

        And as for raising a kid? Yeah, that’s easy for the next twenty years or more.


      • BrandiLye

        Hasn’t she done enough in life to to succumb to the very natural desire of wanting children? Jeez. And even if she hadn’t, wanting a few kids just isn’t a bad thing. Its natural. I used to love the humor on this site, but you guys are veering into meanness and stupidity. *jumps off soapbox*

        And Mariah has led a very interesting life, has done some weird crap and I kind of like knowing what’s going on with her and those babies. Imagine what a superfan must feel like.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        RichardMcBeef is a soulless douchebag who hates what essentially defines a woman ( read:closeted homo).

  22. Congratulations Mariah, you’re pregnant! That’s not something teenage sluts and stray dogs do every day after all, it’s a REAL accomplishment and the entire world is in awe.

    Why does every pregnant woman in the world think the rest of the world cares?

    • muffin woman

      i completely and totally agree.

    • kimmykimkim

      Exactly!! I hate how people want a fucking parade for not pulling out or not keeping their toolboxes shut! And then they have the audacity to send you an invitation to this parade and they give you a list of shit they’re gonna need to take care of this little fucker, who, let’s all face it, is going to end up hating them, blaming them for all their problems and if the parents are wealthy, shooting them in their sleep for the inheritance. So, yeah, congratulations bitches!

    • Blech

      Thank you.

      And they can shove their double and triple strollers up their vaggies.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        McFeely – I am not a fan of Mariah and I do believe it’s a heavy load on parents of teenage kids when those have children – but points are:
        1. It’s physically (not materially, not by mental /spirit maturity) better to have kids while still below 20 -for the baby and for the mother. It’s a fact of medicine! Deal with it.
        However with this in mind – SHE IS NOT THE TEENAGER, she is financially secure, mature woman with a father present for the baby – so why putting her in same context?
        2. Stray dogs: yes, stray dogs have puppies. You are somehow against it. So you don’t love other humans, you don’t love animals – I feel sorry for you.

  23. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I threw up in my mouth

  24. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    November 2009? How long has she been pregnant? Is she an elephant?

  25. Deacon Jones

    Mariah = Has been 90s star = Irrelevant.


    • and you are?

      yeah, she’s such a 90′s has-been that she’s released six albums during 2000-2010 and had several hit singles, one of which was considered THE #1 hot summer single of 2005.

  26. snarky_lurker

    that’s no Mariah. That’s a tranny with a massive beer guy.

  27. Paul

    She’s beautiful!

  28. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    who cares?
    Commented on this photo:

    “but who will save all the delicious, helpless cheeseburgers from these waves? WHO??”

  29. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    who cares?
    Commented on this photo:

    ironically, this is the exact same position nick cannon was in when their twins were conceived. same facial expression too.

  30. Nora

    Sick of celebrities who have twins and think they’re fucking heros. I have twins. I don’t have nannies and trainers and other people do raise my kids for me. Fuck these bitches who treat these babies like those small dogs they parade around with. I hope the nanny is smarter than Mariah, she’s a fool.

    • She’s in for a rude awakening, twins are a fuckin handful. Double trouble as toddlers (they share a brain, you know), and grown up, well after they’ve spent their whole childhood being identified with someone else, they’re out trying to prove how independent they are. Fun to fuck, horrible to marry. Just my own experience..

      • Deacon Jones

        Ewwww, Dude. You fuck your twin daughters? That’s gross

      • I knew it you bastard!! I called you a pedophile awhile ago for making comments about that young rebecca black girl who is 13. And now you go off and say this. You sir need help, counseling, and rehabilitation for your sick disease.

    • Dawn Mom of 7

      Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking!!!!

  31. Peter Pantsless

    Her face is more swollen than her belly.

  32. Fail Mariah

    Nothing attractive about this, looks drag queenish.

  33. the captain

    agee…………..LET’S VOMIT TOGETHER, folks!!

  34. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Not attractive.

  35. Shorty80

    I didn’t know Jocelyn Wildenstein was still of child-bearing age.

  36. Rancid

    What the fuck is up with her belly button. It looks like someone shoved gum into that bitch.

  37. RasputinsLiver

    Good fuckin’ gawds!

    In all pics Moo Moo’s one big ol’ disgusting cow. I like some meat on my girls, but ghetto/trailer court fat, no way.

    Cellulite and fat is not a stiffy-maker.

  38. Pik@chu


  39. me

    She looks beautiful. I’m so happy for her. I think she’ll be an awesome mama. She already loves those babies so much. I wish there were more women that were proud of their bodies while pregnant, but as long as there are “men” like the ones on here with their nasty comments abortions, unnecessary cesarian births, women giving up their babies for adoption, men not taking responsibility, etc. will exist. You guys aren’t men, you are very immature children who grew up on porn and do not have the capacity to appreciate new life and the miracle of the process.

    • Aggie

      I’m a woman and I find pregnancy gross. Honestly, no one looks good pregnant, just accept it and move on. If you can’t deal with people finding you unattractive for a few months maybe you should adopt.
      Also, is it really a miracle? Really, when ALL mammals living on earth do it? Think about that.

      • it does set the bar for “miracle” pretty low…

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Aggie: Yes, all mamals have children, including humans. So maternal instinct is a natural integral part of every healthy woman’s existance. You don’t want to have a child because you are unable to fall in love. If you don’t see a candidate for a potential father – baby is out of the question so your instinct (which is stronger than reason and which affects many decisions you you take every day ) is in a sleeping mode. It says more about men who are around you and available than of you yourself – which doesn’t suprise me, reading what some species of male gender have posted here, which was very disappointing.

  40. Inocentia

    Wow congratulation to u, having twins is a blessing from god may, good luck 2 being a mother

  41. DirtyGirl

    Why is the Wiz Prergnant??

  42. Inocentia

    Good luck with the twins

  43. LL

    Monkey face

  44. Aggie

    Idiots are going to take over the world simply by out-breeding us. Mariah Carey’s pregnant, and clearly those of you criticizing this article because you lack the ability to recognize straight forward sarcasm have kids. We’re boned.

  45. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    The Ugly Truth
    Commented on this photo:

    This doesn’t look good. The pound of makeup and hair extensions make it look so tacky. She shoulda gone for a more “natural’ look.

  46. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    The Ugly Truth
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s pretty obvious she’s not… they’re using a serogate and theyre too ashamed to admit it.

  47. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    At almost 9 months pregnant and bloated as hell, she probably needs the makeup for overkill from being sleep deprived from two moving babies. I’ve had a couple and by the end, I wouldnt be caught dead without makeup. And if I was naked on a magazine cover, I’d want the extensions to cover up the stretch marks on the boobs. So, screw natural.

  48. Mariah Carey Naked Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I would bang that ass right there on the beach, then wrap them legs around my head and go to work down there. Yummy

  49. Mariah is looking so sexy in pic#2 on that beach. I would get between those legs and eat it and beat it like there is no tomorrow. I bet she taste so good.

  50. Your Mum

    She has a face of a ‘My little pony” or 1 of those trolls u used to get with the hair or dare I say some hybrid Human Ewok breed……..i’d still bang her though :)

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