Mariah Carey Ruined Christmas Or Something

There are way more important things happening in New York than Mariah Carey acting exactly like Mariah Carey, but if we talk about Eric Garner instead of Christmas tree lights, Gretchen Carlson’s jaw will unhinge and open a portal to the demon world. So above is Mariah Carey performing live at Rockefeller Center after blowing off a pre-recorded taping Tuesday night by leaving an NBC crew and a group of 10-year-old backup singers in the freezing rain while she made a three hour phone call. TMZ reports:

Carey was supposed to tape a segment for the live show that airs Wednesday night. But as fans waited for hours in the rainy, cold night , there was no Mariah in sight.
People connected to the hotel tell us … Mariah was ensconced in her East Side hotel, yacking with her lawyer on the phone about her divorce. People who overheard her say it did not seem nasty … she was going over the property settlement.
When she pulled up to Rockefeller Center more than 3 hours late, she was still on the phone and people overheard her continuing to talk divorce.
NBC execs were full on enraged — ditto the crew — and Mariah’s people were told to just go home. We’re told she really wanted to perform, but the network had clearly had enough.

Mariah later apologized and promised to perform live which she did but without hitting the high notes, so someone should probably choke her or shoot her to death for acting like a “thug.” White people tell me that’s an acceptable response to these things.

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Photo: Splash News