Mariah Carey Is Doing A Vegas Residency

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Mariah Carey announced her Vegas residency with an Oprahesque “You get tickets! You get tickets!” give away on Ellen. A gift that probably would have been better with, I dunno, plane tickets and a hotel room? Via Time (Wait, hold up. We’re quoting Time? Legitimate news source, Time. When did this start?):

A teary-eyed Carey went on to explain that the residency was inspired by her album Number 1’s, which compiled Mimi’s 13 number one singles, including “Honey” and “Hero”, as well as four brand-new songs. “This is now the updated version with 18 of them,” said Carey.

I don’t blame her for joining Britney Spears in going “Fuck it, I’m just performing where I live now. And exercise is a dealbreaker,” but Caesar’s might want to beef up the buffet staff.

Caesar’s Food & Beverage Director: From now on, she wants want you to put an equal amount of blueberries in each muffin.
Nick Cannon: Do you know how long that’s going to take?
CFBD: I don’t care how long it takes. Put an equal amount in each muffin. I won’t lose another finger.
NC: Respect, brother. *holds up pinky-less hand*

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