Maria Shriver looks familiar…

February 27th, 2009 // 109 Comments

Maria Shriver attended the Lakers game last night which raises the question, do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger would have sex with a robot sent from the future to destroy John Connor? It’s not like he isn’t on a slippery slope here.

Photos: Splash News, 20th Century Fox

  1. Deacon Jones

    “The only way outta here is that valley that leads to the east. But I wouldn’t wish that on a broke-dick dog!”

  2. Deacon Jones

    “Billy. Billy! The other day, I was going down on my girlfriend, I said to her, “Jeez you got a big pussy. Jeez you got a big pussy.”
    She said, “Why did you say that twice?” I said, “I didn’t.” “

  3. Darth

    I need a life! Tom Brady be mine I need your touch

  4. Apes in the White House


    That happens to my mom and I all the time. And one time, I found my watch up there that I lost a while back, and it was even still ticking (Timex!). Wow. Good times.

  5. lola

    And you wonder why so many women get plastic surgery? This is a woman’s worst nightmare. No, she doesn’t look that good but neither did Arnold on the beach in is swim trunks. As long as she is happy with herself then I don’t see a problem. She could look worse

  6. Deacon Jones


    Wellll….yeahhhh, if you poured boiling water over her face or something

  7. aulray

    what the superficial writer wrote doesn’t make sense.

    ok, he’s having sex with the predator. but to ask the question if he’d have sex with the terminator as well is sort of redundant seeing that he, himself played the terminator.


  8. this is the worst post that you have ever posted. it seriously made me vomit.


  9. kennedy skin cream

    Strange how every one of the Kennedy women have a moment in time when they are beautiful, and then they fugly up as they age. All of them. Even Jackie O, who wasn’t related.

  10. .

    I think the predator is prettier. I mean come on, what a hottie!

  11. Moolarg

    She DOES look like Aughra !!


  12. Conservatives Rule

    Yeah, that’s what all libtard women look like when they realize Obama (and the lefty congress) just put the screws to everyone, including rich liberal socialists.

    Gotta love it when we can say, “told you so!”

  13. f



  14. Dutch


  15. Logic, Reason, & Rationality

    @62, The rest of us get pretty tired of saying it to folks like you.

    Nice state of affairs that the last 8 years of conservative leadership has left this country (and planet) to deal with, eh?

    I think the constant “U!!! S!!! A!!!” chanting that’s going on in your head is interfering with your ability to form an intelligent thought.

  16. NO LOGIC

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. the last eight years and all that crap. Libtards were in charge of congress the last two. They did not do anything constructive either, pal. W was powerless the last two years. Try thinking about the current situation logically instead of living in the Bush administration and reliving yoru hate at Republicans. Is it not plain to you, simpleton, that Obamy and his congress of socialists have taken us WAY down. If you look outside the MSM for information (know that is hard since they are the providers of Kool aid for people like yourself), you will see that it was the DEMOCRAT policies going back to CARTER and CLINTON that made banks and other lendign institutions lend money to persons who wer not able to pay their mortages. Look that up, dude. It is there if you look outside of the MSM. Look at the economy downfall over the last six weeks. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s coming. LOGIC. Something libtards have no clue about.

  17. Well...

    They say the Kennedy’s are cursed. Sure seems to be the case here.

    And, btw, I *love* what she and her socially-conscious husband have done with California! Nice to see a socialist agenda resulting in another Nirvana.

    Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Brezhnev, Castro, Mao, Pot, Ho, Kim, Chavez, Guevera, Roosevelt, Carter, Obama, Schwarznegger, Corzine, every Chicago and NYC politician for the last 1,000 years… the list goes on and on and on.

    When you really want to take a good economy and destroy it, or take a weak economy and completely fucking gut it, turn Left. It works each and every time.





  19. onlooker

    @68: There is medicine for one of your conditions. There is NO medication for stupidity though. Sorry.


    Damn. I guess I’m stuck being a republican then. :(

  21. onlooker

    Yeah, we have had a problem of late with the likes of you. RINO’s. Like a wolf in sheep costume, but worse. Live short and wilt, libtard!

  22. Funeral Guy

    #55 Actually, I don’t think anyone (human) could look worse than this.


    Pip pip, cheerio gov’nah!

  24. mimi


    you obviously haven’t seen Massa’s mom. Oh wait– you said human. Nevermind.

  25. corky

    lendign,yep really miss you W

  26. Happy Hiker

    I was actually thinking she looked more like the witch off of the Dark Crystal.

  27. corky

    i think that one guy up ther in 71 sed repubelicans r like sheep. baaa baaaaaaa i like being a sheep its fun. yay. george bush is my friend.

  28. Charles

    re: conservative asshat:

    I don’t care that you’re just trolling to amuse yourself. This post is for everyone.

    A basic lesson on the history of American Politics in the last few decades with regards to socio-economic objectives:

    Democrats want:
    -Progressive taxes (meaning that the poor pay a lower tax rate than the rich)
    -Social programs such as national health care for citizens

    Republicans want:
    -Flat or regressive taxes (meaning that the poor pay an equal or higher tax rate than the rich)
    -Elimination of social programs that benefit the poor and not the rich

    A nation as a whole enjoys prosperity when it has a large and prosperous middle class. When 95% of our nation’s wealth is held by the top 5% wealthiest people, which set of policies sounds like it’s more likely to move us closer to a balanced and sustainable economic situation?

    If you’re one of the wealthy, I get it. You want to keep what’s yours. Every last bit of it. Even if others suffer. Even if it means you’ll have less in the future because everyone around you is doing worse. I get it. You don’t give a fuck.

    If you’re not one of the wealthy, congratulations on being a shill for them. I’m sure they’ll repay you handsomely for your support! By continuing to fuck over your economic class as hard as they possibly can for as long as they possibly can.

    Oh, and again, if you are one of the wealthy, I hope that some guy who just got laid off from his job shows up at your lovely home in the middle of the night, breaks in, and steals all of your favorite stuff. But I also hope he doesn’t leave with the loot before ass-raping every member of your family and hitting you over the head with a lamp or some other blunt object that’s on hand, leaving you in a vegetative state for the rest of your sorry existence. I respect your right to share your opinions, but seriously, fuck off and die. Seriously. Painfully. FUCK YOU. YOUR GREED IS THE CANCER OF OUR NATION.

  29. hair of samson

    #78, the country is owned by Jews, both parties. That is the “cancer of the nation” and always has been. They are bringing everyone down together in one heap and this has been planned for centuries. It’s about reaping the biggest ever collection of souls for their master, Satan.

    Democracy is not a new idea but an OLD idea — as old as paganism. It was not meant to work because government based on fallen human nature, without God who speaks through his Church — the Catholic Church — CANNOT work.

    You don’t have to worry about them killing you though. They would only do that if you actually cared about the truth and were an actual threat to them. To do that people would have to wake up and realize what has happened to the Catholic Church, leave the fake modern “Church” that is infected with Jewry, and go underground, where the true priests and bishops are keeping the spark alive. Since only a handful have done that, the Jews are content simply with making the rest of you naive and irreligious, thus killing off your soul.

    As for Maria Shriver, it’s not the wrinkles that make her horrendous, it’s the evil that shows through her face. She is revelling in ugliness, like a witch. You can see this kind of attitude permeating society today from the top to the bottom — letting the freak flag fly. But it’s about the soul, not the wrinkles. You can be deformed and still have a sweet soul and not be painful to look at.

  30. Charles

    #79, what a brilliant retort. I’m sure everyone with more than half a brain now sees it your way.

    Come to think of it, wasn’t there some other famous guy who used to blame everything on the Jews? There totally was! It was kind of a while ago though… What was his name again? He had a real cool mustache if I remember correctly…

  31. Dirtstarr

    Or that little midget chick with one eye in Dark Crystal!

  32. Dirtstarr

    @76…..oops! Agreed Sir!

    Great minds!

  33. TTToooooolll

    Man that shit is hella! funny!!!

  34. starship

    jesus she is ugly now.

    She is the original wonky-eye.

  35. stoplookingatme

    1. I know she’s aging, and that Kennedy’s don’t age well… still, don’t you think the pics look a bit photoshopped?

    2. Not that political affiliation has *anything* to do with a post about someone looking bad; but why does everyone assume she’s a liberal or democrat–just because she’s a Kennedy? Doesn’t anyone remember that Arnold is a Republican? I guess I could look it up to see which way she leans, but I’m too lazy.

  36. stoplookingatme

    BTW, I love you charles! Thanks for telling it like it is, for realz!

  37. corky part deux

    in responce to rush limpdick=no logic 66 you douche nozzel

  38. justifiable

    #66 Oh, fer chrissake, why don’t you do your fucking homework rather than listening to Rush revise history daily? Your name says it all. Just what and who do you think allowed the banks to get rid of the pesky regulations that previously kept them from doing a repeat of the 1930 failures? Reagan-appointed Alan “Deregulation” Greenspan and Phil Gramm, who’s been sucking on Big Finance’s dick for decades – it was his 1999 bill that Congress was idiot enough to pass that burned down all the firewalls.

    Reagan’s deregulation and tax cut policies were always about enriching the top 1% of the wealthy in this country, which I’m willing to bet you aren’t one of. Greenspan always advocated that with deregulation the markets and banking would be self-regulating – a myth which has been finally shown to be a fucking joke. At the House Oversight Hearings Greenspan finally admitted he’d found a “flaw” and Waxman declared that rather than finding merely a “flaw,” he’d really discovered out that his entire ideology was completely fucked. Greenspan had to agree. Sort of like getting Andropov to agree that Marx was completely off his ass.

  39. justifiable

    Oh, and #79? You gotta be Mel Gibson’s old man. Jesus, that nasty Jew, was all about living with the freaks and those who the rest of society despised. And FYI, he was NOT about mixing the Word with government or other social contracts – which you’d know if you actually bothered to crack The Bible and read Matthew and John. You must have a appearance that’s REALLY painful to look at because you are really one hateful motherfucker for all that you claim to be in with Him.

  40. There are indeed a few CHARACTERISTICS here, folks!!

  41. onlooker II

    @78, “Charles” Obviously you missed an earlier comment to another liberal idiot like yourself: “There is medicine for one of your conditions. There is NO medication for stupidity though. Sorry.” Sorry your life sucks big time. Sorry that it will not get better any time soon. Sorry you feel conservatives are to blame for your pitiful self. Sorry you don’t enjoy life without feeling like the government and the rest of us taxpayers have to take care of your sorry butt. On second thought I am not sorry at all.

  42. onlooker II

    @78, “Charles” Obviously you missed an earlier comment to another liberal idiot like yourself: “There is medicine for one of your conditions. There is NO medication for stupidity though. Sorry.” Sorry your life sucks big time. Sorry that it will not get better any time soon. Sorry you feel conservatives are to blame for your pitiful self. Sorry you don’t enjoy life without feeling like the government and the rest of us taxpayers have to take care of your sorry butt. On second thought I am not sorry at all.

  43. Chelle

    Wow. I think part of the scary comes from the fact that she has a bone-thin, aging fifty-something face with that twenty-something hair. If you just saw her hair — gorgeous color, lowlights, highlights — you’d think “What a babe!” But then you see her face and think “SAVE ME!”

    She is a testament to the fact that you CAN be too thin.

  44. shavederic

    She looks like a Kennedy. One of the dead ones.

  45. AndrewMacCloud

    Every morning when Arnold wakes up next to his wife Maria ,he open his eyes and first thing he does is, he speaks his favorite Predator movie qoute:

    You’re one… *ugly* motherfucker!

  46. saphkilla

    why say Arnie would fuck the terminator but show me a pic of the predator??? sometimes I wonder if a 15 year old girl is posting this shit.

  47. Chris Browneye

    Her face looks like a fucking old man’s ball sack. That is one scary lookin hag. WTF does Arnold see in this beast? She must be a 3 input woman..1 in the pink and 2 in the stink

  48. Jennifer

    Personally, I think she looks like a deranged Muppet.

    Maria Shriver totally looks like Aughara from The Dark Crystal

  49. jacky

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  50. dumb_fuk_gurl

    My husband just nailed it…she looks like OZZY! I wish I could post their side-by-side! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

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