Maria Shriver looks familiar…

February 27th, 2009 // 109 Comments

Maria Shriver attended the Lakers game last night which raises the question, do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger would have sex with a robot sent from the future to destroy John Connor? It’s not like he isn’t on a slippery slope here.

Photos: Splash News, 20th Century Fox

  1. kala

    scaryyyy, oh FIRSTTT


    awww, dont insult the predator.

  3. feckless


  4. Jeff B

    That’s funny because it’s so TRUE! I pissed myself a little…

  5. Darth


  6. Kobe Bryant

    Damn. I mean, ya’ll know I’ll fuck any white chick, willing or unwilling, but I don’t want to see that face after I come in her mouth.

  7. Sam

    She looks like that from years of bitterness over being married to a guy with much better tits.

  8. Darth

    Kobe #7 you can see mine when your done

  9. Erica

    She looks like a guard at a concentration camp…hey, wait…

  10. jrz

    *fantically slathers anti-aging lotion, SPF 1000 and vitamin E oil over entire body*

  11. g_girl

    is it Arnie’s wife? Nice face, i like it.

  12. Andy

    So…does she pull her own hair out? Or does Arnold pull too hard when he’s giving her his best Austrian buttblasting?


    Check out this bitch’s mother. Can you imagine THIS leaning over your bed to kiss you goodnight? GAH !!!

  14. Darth

    I have some lotion for her if you all know what i mean. get it???? my lotion… mine!!!!!

  15. Darth

    I have some lotion for her if you all know what i mean. get it???? my lotion… mine!!!!!

  16. obligatory

    #11 – so, uh, now that you’re all lubed up….

  17. movie preview voiceover

    “In a world where a Kennedy marries a Nazi…a monster is created…”

  18. Ericalee23

    She looks ugly….. But I just heard that she is hooking up with a tall basketball player on a tall dating place named: ___Tallmingle Co M____,really?

  19. Erica

    I LOLed.

  20. Nella

    Lol….. seriously funny. It seems we have a funny superficial writer again!

  21. Robert

    Wow. Is she an anti-cosmetic surgery advocate or something?

  22. Valerie

    Holy shit the resemblance is uncanny! Lord have mercy, she inherited the WORST genes, bleh! I…actually….feel sorry for her. Kinda.

  23. havoc

    Nah, she just looks like a Kennedy…..

    The dead ones…


  24. Kobe Bryant

    #19 – the fuck you talkin about?

  25. chedda

    @ #19

    Hey Ericalee23, I heard that all the people on your website make the pic on the right look like Halle-fucking-Berry, that’s why you keep trolling for hits on the ‘Fish …do I have my facts right?

    …One more thing– go fuck yourself sideways with a rusty cheese grater, you toothless meth-addled whore.

  26. tragedy?

    Ted, Maria…look at what happens when Kennedys don’t die young. Or take Rush Limbaugh, for instance – if that dumb fat hypocrite windbag had OD’d back when he was abusing prescription painkillers like an over-emotional teenage girl, by now he’d be remembered with respect and fondness. Instead, he’s the leader of the Republican party, which is merely embarrassing.

  27. #26 – Talmengle is Fergie? Who knew???

  28. And shes still a proponent for gravity, lovely woman!

  29. Darth

    *Kettle drums* Here’s the real Darth! The rest of you all are trolls!

  30. Jrz

    17–Now that I’m all lubed up….let’s slide me down an air shaft and I can pull off a jewel heist….or rescue a kid in a well or suh’um. Right???!!!

  31. Deacon Jones

    No wonder Ahnold cheats on her all the time..

  32. Ali Knievel


    Fish, in my 2 plus years of reading this site this is the single funniest headline. Bravo, well done sir.

  33. Oh Geez

    # 27…The Kennedy’s are democrats. What the hell does Rush Limbaugh have to do with them? It’s like you’ve had a random thought vomit, because I fail to see your connections. And when did Rush run for president? Leader of the Republican party….? O.o

  34. S. Freud

    hmm…”Now that I’m all lubed up….let’s slide me down a shaft” zee unconscious mind iz a powerful ting…

  35. Capt. Douchebag

    The sad thing is she’s only 53 !!!!!!

  36. pat

    the Kennedy women just don’t age well – including Caroline Kennedy.

  37. Skip Smith

    I think the Fish has mixed up the Terminator and Predator movies.

  38. Ahnuld Swartzenstukainyomouth

    It’s not a tumah!

  39. Jrz

    Ah c’mahn Dr Freud…I said air shaft…..

  40. Zane

    I think it was a big mistake for her to make her bed blanket entirely out of those silica packets marked “do not eat”.

  41. Ahnold

    Maliah! You look fahntahstic!!!

  42. Gay Republican and Proud

    Why all the hate on Rushie? He’s truly a one of a kind and truly great American!

  43. She looks just like Ted Kennedy. IDK what that says but there you go!!

  44. Dutch

    If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  45. Darth

    NOBODY makes money on my back without my allowance.Don’t come in my eye.I can take easily back as it comes what’s mine.And i’m even not Sauron.You know who you are,you little redneckish bastard.You’re warned.

  46. Smatt584

    Ah man, superficial writer dropped the ball on the predator comparison, she looks more like the old witch from The Dark Crystal. She totally looks like a Henson creature.

  47. Darth

    I’m ofcourse not talking about my naughty lill’ trolls Binky,Jrz and Zanna:)

  48. Funeral Guy

    OMG what a horror. Tales from the Crypt. All she needs is a pointy hat and a bubbling cauldron.

  49. Anna

    That banner comparison was hilarious.

    Superfical Writer, you have cracked me up hard twice today. Thanks! :-)

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