Maria Francisca Perello is internationally bikini-fied

July 10th, 2008 // 69 Comments

These are pics of Maria Francisca Perello (a.k.a. Xisca) who is the girlfriend of Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Maria is hot. That is if having the body of a 15-year-old boy is the cat’s pajamas in Spain right now. I dunno. I’m not what you might call “world traveled.” Unless you count Cracker Barrel, in which case, I’m freaking Magellan.


  1. felya

    I’d hit it. If i’m first of course.

  2. JC

    how old is this girl?? she looks like she’s 12!

  3. JC

    how old is this girl?? she looks like she’s 12!

  4. rebecc

    shes fat

  5. Deacon Jones

    WTF is that guy thinking?

    She’s a flat chested 7, at best. Ive seen hotter girls working at Burger King.

    Well, now that he won Wimbleton I guarantee she’s gone in a couple months

  6. rebecc

    shes fat

  7. Ethura

    I think she’s perfectly fit and has a beautiful face – stop hating on her.

  8. If that’s the body of a 15 yr old boy then most men must be closet pedophiles. what a silly statement, just because she doesn’t have big fake tits she’s built like a boy? Guess those of you complaining like your women bigger like Kim K (and smelling like pee).

  9. Tom

    I like her. She’s young, firm, and quite fuckable. Of course, she’s probably pretty stupid, so she wouldn’t be wife material. She’d be fun to fuck once or twice, though.

  10. GGG

    Superfish Guy,
    You are a loser. She is not even a celebrity, nor is she trying to be. She’s actually normal. She is pretty, young girl.

    This site is supposed to be for celebrities and gossip, not girls in bikinis. It’s become a shell of what it was before… Step it up or be prepared to lose your readers… and advertising dollars.

  11. zimbo

    she’s gorgeous! rebecc, are you a moron?

  12. She does NOT look like a 15 year old boy. She looks like a 13 year old girl. Duh..

  13. havoc

    Ooooh, what I’m thinking is probably way illegal…….


  14. Alex

    Beautiful hips, great legs, arms, and a perfect waist. No implants = boy? Get off the internet, stop looking at porn, and fuck a real woman if you can get one. Jesus. Thin women usually have small tits. 95% of the ones that don’t have plastic balls stuck in them. It’s not hot or natural.

  15. Ramble

    dang… she needs to get some boobs…
    I mean they don’t have to be huge but she’s nearly flat chested….

  16. Greg House

    I’m sorry but I’m going to have to agree with Alex.
    I bet none of you have ever gotten out of your parent’s basements and been with a real life woman. It’s sad really, projecting your lack of confidence in yourselves on a very pretty woman. shame.

  17. Kim Lardassian

    Good for her for not getting implants – YET, until she reads all the insulting BS on sites like this and feels she’s a freak for being an A or B cup and gets her tits unnaturally stuffed.

  18. Ted from LA

    I don’t know who she is, but the fact that she is friends with Winnie Cooper (#4 photo) makes her A OK in my book.

  19. brooke


    Up for a one-nighter?

  20. Duke Nukem

    She’s got small tits, but she’s smoking hot and in great shape. Tough to get huge boobs and low body fat in one package.

  21. Public opinion

    To the superfish writer and anyone else making the boy comments: Grow up.

  22. Layla

    Those of you saying she’s not attractive or looks like a boy are just agreeing with what the writer said, if he had writing “hottest body ever” I’m sure you’d be singing a different tune. She’s a gorgeous, athletic looking woman with pretty typical breasts for her apparent body fat percentage. I’m not a guy but i think I’d take that over chest balloons and a metric ton of make-up on a girl while she OUT AT THE BEACH. Furthermore to agree with whats already been said I highly doubt those of you hating could come close to even talking to a woman like this… in your wildest of dreams after sniffing glue in your mothers basement. This is my first comment ever on this site but I get sick of seeing troglodytes bashing a pretty girl just to follow the whim of someone they don’t even know. Pathetic…

  23. ph7

    She’s tighter than a snare drum.

    She could ride me all night long.

  24. NotBlonde

    I don’t think she looks like a boy, she looks like a really young girl that is the problem. She looks almost exactly like one of my friends when we were in middle school. Absurdly high, small breasts, suuuuuper long belly and skinny legs.

    There is nothing fundamentally unattractive about her. That is, if you are attracted to young girls. The only way you can tell she’s a grown woman is because her hips are so wide.

    And the writer DID NOT say she should get implants. There are definitely thinner women with large breasts and the writer didn’t say she should get “big fake tits” to not look like a boy.

    The point is, this woman is really very very thin and you’d think that most guys wouldn’t be attracted to that considering that has always, throughout human history, been a sign of sickness, sexual immaturity and the inability to have children. Why we have these weird standards now with this “skinny is best” crap is a mystery to me.

  25. coffeebean

    It doesn’t matter how thin she is now, she’s a Mexican and all Mexican women end up fat by the age of 30. Something to do with their genetics or maybe it’s all the burritos.

  26. gina

    she’s gorgeous!

  27. alisa

    her bikini top is padded… shes COMPLETELY flat…poor girl..but the rest of her body is really nice

  28. BM

    agree with #8 and #14 .. took the words right outta my mouth

  29. Just a poor lonely nerd

    She looks great; I’m sure I’ll never get anyone that nice. Actually most of the Superfish’s babes look really great.

    Maybe I should apologize to poor Fish for all the times I’ve mercilessly trolled this place . . . meh, what am I saying?! I’m still going to troll the hell out of this place!!! I’m not even a little bit sorry!!! : D

  30. LD

    @25: She’s not Mexican, dumb fuck, she’s Spanish…and yes, there is a difference.

  31. Lauren

    OKay, her top is padded. This girl has no boobs.

  32. ToTellTheTruth

    I’m starting to get tired of seeing these stories of bitches walking around in bikinis. Damn let’s get some REAL INTERESTING stories posted up Frist. Shit you’re losing your touch.

  33. my comment

    She’s very ordinary.

    So whats the deal with all the soccer whores lately? Who cares?

  34. R. Nadal

    I poot eet in soft and listen to zee bones crack when i am become hard.

  35. Kate

    She’s got the “anorexic pooch” on her stomach, it’s from malnutrition.

  36. Anon

    “Anorexic pooch” ? Please. Her abs are incredible She has a great body; she’s just naturally thin. Great hips and abs, especially.

  37. Wowie. Random non-celeb has normal, non-celeb looking body. What a groundbreaking fucking post. You gonna trot out tomorrow and take some pics of random beachgoers so we can all marvel at the fact that they don’t look like Victoria’s Secret models?

  38. Ted from LA

    Aloria has a good point. This site is dying a quick death. Madonna and other famous assholes only get 29 posts total. I find myself trying to decide, “Should I comment on this stupid fucking lost poor little girl Britney or should I do a load of laundry?” Lately I’ve been choosing the laundry. Perhaps I should write about how skinny and close to death Amy Whino is. That will really be funny. Fish, you’re doing a really shitty job lately. Get with the program or I am taking my business elsewhere (porn).

  39. wanted

    nadal’s arms are simply beautiful but his body doesnt match his arm. he has wide body.. and those asses are so huge.. and he doesnt have any bulge at all.. wassup with that..

  40. gio

    She’s beautiful!

    The key to Rafa’s incredible success at such a young age [22 - 6 grand slam titles] is a strong family support group. They all live in a big “compound” in Mallorca, and he hangs with his family, his childhood friends and the locals. He does not go gambling in Monte Carlo [tho he's a multi-millionaire], hang out on yachts, drive expensive cars or any of that crap. He’s keeping his feet on the ground, and part of that is dating a girl from his town whom he’s known since they were kids.

    It’s so sweet. He doesn’t bang coke-snorting supermodels. He focuses on his game and his family. Brilliant strategy, and it’s working.

  41. BleahBleah

    I don’t know. Her chest looks flatter than a washboard. So I guess if you don’t like the boob thing then….

  42. Hannah

    Gotta say, I agree with GGG.

  43. Holyfuck

    To say that she looks like a 15 year old boy is retarded.

    One thing is for sure, she’ll still have a great body when she’s 40, unlike Kim Kardashian. And big deal if Federer doesn’t want some chick that looks like a whore. Like Kim Kardashian.

    Guarnteed most of the women on this site would switch bodies with her in a second. And if you say you wouldn’t, you’re lying.

  44. Stowe

    LoL/ She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  45. Kim Lardassian

    Insulting to call her Mexican! I have been to Spain and Mexico and the two look nothing alike Mexicans are midgets, Spaniards are pretty tall Southern Europeans. Spaniards are European, Mexicans are very little Spanish and more Native American.

  46. George Washington

    I have had the unfortunate oppurtunity of visiting this third world euro trash country. It looks like a huge trailor park with an ecomomy that doesnt even equal 2/3 the L.A gross cap.
    To call spaniards european is flat ignorant.These barbaric idiots were killing mexicans before North America was even heard of. Look at the head start these fuckwads got on us and you cant even buy a toilet there, it has to be shipped in from another country.

    These chics are a dime-a-dozen there and always will be….

  47. Please eat less and next time we can count your ribs.

  48. meeatu

    the cavemen couple

  49. meeatu

    nah ppl shes not mexican
    a typical spaniard chic: midget , big nose ,probably hairy , big hips most of spanish women have big hips because their men want to have lot of sex
    they love fiesta because they all day fuckin each other

  50. meeatu

    Kim Lardassian
    they are europeans . yeah but..
    as a nordic european i think those ppl are mixed with all kind of southern dark european shit , thats why we call them trash, absolutely rubbish

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