Maria Beatriz Anthony topless = I should really start playing professional soccer

These are topless photos of Maria Beatriz Anthony (a.k.a. Bia) sunbathing while on vacation with soccer star Ronaldo. (Not to be confused with Cristiano Ronaldo who’s nailing Nereida Gallardo. God, I hate soccer…) Anyway, Maria is pregnant with Ronaldo’s child, but according to The Spoiler, she dumped him because he was fooling around with transvestites. Yet he still gets to see some boob. Unbelievable. I remember one time I left the toilet seat, and you know what I got? A memo saying to stay out of the Ladies Room. Where’s the justice?!

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of Bia’s nipples that will pierce your heart. And I’m not being metaphorical, those fuckers are sharp.

Photos: Flynet