Maria Beatriz Anthony topless = I should really start playing professional soccer

July 8th, 2008 // 71 Comments

These are topless photos of Maria Beatriz Anthony (a.k.a. Bia) sunbathing while on vacation with soccer star Ronaldo. (Not to be confused with Cristiano Ronaldo who’s nailing Nereida Gallardo. God, I hate soccer…) Anyway, Maria is pregnant with Ronaldo’s child, but according to The Spoiler, she dumped him because he was fooling around with transvestites. Yet he still gets to see some boob. Unbelievable. I remember one time I left the toilet seat, and you know what I got? A memo saying to stay out of the Ladies Room. Where’s the justice?!

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of Bia’s nipples that will pierce your heart. And I’m not being metaphorical, those fuckers are sharp.

Photos: Flynet

  1. sillysalamander

    First you mother-bitches!!! Finally!!
    Suck on that!!!

  2. Allioop!


  3. Allioop!


  4. first first first

    am i first?

  5. Allioop!


  6. Fat man Ronaldo was dating her? God, he has a face like a slapped arse licking piss off a nettle.

  7. Clarissa R.

    big nipples—-gross

  8. Randal

    Maria Beatriz Anthony letf him and Nike will possibly pull their $100million contract because transvestites simply don’t mix with their image.

    Good for you Ronaldo because you know where it’s at. Most brazilian transexuals are hotter than the women next to them.

    Keep aiming for the button buddy!


  9. Mugato

    You can put an eye out with those things.

  10. Kim Lardassian

    It’s football not soccer you thick fuck yank wanker, God yer another reason for the world to hate Americans.

  11. jesse blake

    Boobies? Check
    Nice legs? Check
    Cute Face? Check
    Happy trail? Barf!

  12. Ted Mosby

    Prego nipples rock!

  13. Vito DaGimpi

    These Spanish women have nice bodies but their faces are a little rough on the eyes.

  14. Vito DaGimpi

    Actually the world hates those nasty crooked yellow English teeth even more. You Limey wankers go bow down to your Paki masters.

  15. May

    She dumped him, but then she found out she was pregnant and decided to forgive him… Because she loves him 4 real, u know… even though he is fat, ugly faced and had a sex scandall with 3 really, really ugly transexuals, she loves him a lot, and only wants to be happy with his mon… ops, with him…

    Randal, the transexuals were really damn disgusting. Seriously.

  16. Sarah

    Guy in the red swim trunks is hot!

  17. ph7

    She’s got a body for loving and a face for cleaning hotel rooms.

  18. Mia

    I wish I was sailing right now topless and getting ready to have hot satisfying sex.

  19. joe

    Get rid of the fucking pop-ups!

  20. Ariella

    pic #11

    ps. those are some baby chokers

  21. my comment

    Brown nipples and thick-waisted and thick-thighed.


  22. Lipster

    Remember Ronaldo is a multi-mlillionaire. A proper one aswell, he gets paid in EUROS not your worthless dollar.

  23. They look like Hershey’s kisses.

  24. Surgeon General

    Any notice that the supposedly pregnant chick is being handed a cigarette in the last picture? Quit for a few months lady — the poor unborn fetus already has to fight through all those trany viruses contributed by Daddy.

  25. Surgeon General

    Anyone notice that the supposedly pregnant chick is being handed a cigarette in the last picture? Quit for a few months lady — the poor unborn fetus already has to fight through all those trany viruses contributed by Daddy.

  26. titsonsnack

    Who the fuck is this? Who cares. If I want tits, I can find better looking pictures of tits on the internet. I come here for celebrity gossip.

  27. malicious

    spot the implants

  28. Zippy the Wonder Slug

    Careful kid, you’ll shoot your eye out!!!

  29. Ted from LA

    Big nipples are the best. I just got off a couple of them myself.

  30. Carla

    Being Bi, I could suckle from them for quite some time ….. Yummy!

  31. Carla

    Being Bi, I could suckle from them for quite some time ….. Yummy!

  32. my comment

    The woman in the red bikini in the last picture has a much better body.

    That said– NOBODY cares about prego chain-smoking, used-up euro bimbos.

  33. emmy

    that’s not a happy trail you idiot

    Linea nigra (Latin for “black line”) is a dark vertical line that appears on the abdomen during pregnancy

  34. sunshine

    #23 ~ Hershey Kisses?!! hahaha, that is precious. Thanks for the laugh today.

  35. woodhorse

    Those are some industrial strength nipples.

  36. farthammer

    Brown nipples=disgusting


    To # 16 She’s got the pump to controll his dick in her hand. Or he has an extra nose to blow.

  38. Yankee Doodle

    Hey, #10…

    Don’t like Americans? May I say something in our defense?

    Hmmm…how should I put this…??? Oh I know.


  39. bootlips

    Those tits look so suckable.

  40. Ted from LA

    My wife’s nipples look just like these and ironically, they taste like root beer barrels.

  41. steve

    Pot-bellied pigs make such nice pets!

  42. asshat

    it was all good until she took off the hat covering her face…

  43. T-bag


  44. T-bag


  45. I just found your blog from a link on DG’s blog. LOVE IT!! I’m adding it to my bookmarked blogs for regular snogging off during the day.

  46. Plumbers Little Helper

    Her nipples look like the naked plumbing fixtures coming out of my wall, and they’re not very exciting either.

  47. Hamper Lint

    Is that is dick sticking out of those red shorts ??? Finally something for us girls to look at !!!!

  48. Aw hell yes I would suck on those bulging titties all night. Love big nips.

    PS: It’s feeding time!

  49. Shawn_solo

    Hmmm. Yes, I believe an infant could gain adequate sustenance from those, and he certainly would have no trouble finding the business end of the booby, would he?

    Mission accomplished, titties!

  50. Didn’t he claim h never knew they (yes he picked up three of them) were all ladyboys? Hmm time to get that vision checked or to crack out the truth serum, you decide.

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