Maria Shriver & Arnold Schwarzenegger Aren’t Getting Back Together

Along with rumors a reconciliation was in the works, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver both were spotted wearing what appeared to be their wedding rings over the holiday weekend, leading many to believe it was only a matter of time until her partially wet Predator tongs received his wayward Austrian baby dispenser in the grope of all gropes. Except a source close to Maria tells People it was not her wedding ring, but instead a family heirloom:

The bling seen on Shriver’s left hand is actually her late mother’s engagement ring. Shriver, who was extremely close her mom, has been wearing the ring since Eunice Shriver’s death in August 2009.
As for rumors that Shriver is having second thoughts about divorcing Schwarzenegger, a source close to the couple denies it.
“The reports of a reconciliation are not true,” says the source.

Of course, that’s just what the Illuminati wants you to think, and doesn’t explain why Arnold’s been running around with his wedding band on. Unless homely Latina maids love the feel of its rough edges inside the near-menopausal exit chute for Arnold’s next love-baby which, in hindsight, actually does explain it. I probably should’ve said that first.

Photos: INFdaily