Maria Menounos’ Ass Is Quitting ‘Extra’

March 25th, 2014 // 21 Comments

Photo Boy and I enjoy very few perks in our line of work: No commute, no dress code, sick days, vacation days, federal holidays off, health, dental and vision insurance, creative freedom, minimal managerial interaction, movie days, decent paychecks for essentially looking at tits and making jokes about our wieners. It’s a goddamn chore is what I’m getting at. And now it’s going to suck even more because we’re not going to see daily shots of Maria Menounos‘ spectacular ass filming Extra thanks to her quitting. So here are 40 pics of it in all its splendor while I stare out the window with more sadness and sorrow than if you told me I have cancer. Or worse, Mila Kunis’ baby is mine somehow even though I have none of the memories of making it. I’d fucking shoot myself.

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  1. She’ll be back on TV.
    That ass will not be allow to disappear – there’s too many good years ahead of it.

  2. Parting from those buttcheeks is such sweet sorrow.

  3. Maria Menounos Butt Leaving Extra
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    Sorry, but that ass does not look fantastic naked. It looks better with spandex covering it.

  4. She’s got the reality show on Oxygen to keep a paycheck coming into the household.

    Since the primary theme of the reality show seems to be “Maria needs to get pregnant soon”, she needs to be around the house more so that everyone can repeat that theme over and over again. All that time on the Extra set keeps her away from the house.

  5. Maria Menounos Butt Leaving Extra
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    A video montage needs to be posted of all the ass shots she has provided to us over the years with the Sarah McLachlan song ‘I will remember you ‘ playing in the background.

  6. Maria Menounos Butt Leaving Extra
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  7. Frunken

    I think you’re looking at that Mila Kunis situation wrong. If you WERE the one who did it you could wait a year or two then get a paternity test. You could be the man who destroyed their relationship.

    • Frunken

      And if you end up having to give her 2 of the 10 comics you get for working here in child support then that’s just the price you pay.

  8. Jane

    “Quitting”? From some of the blinds out there it seems more like she wasn’t renewed due to issues on set.

  9. My boner weeps for Extra.

  10. Is a boy allowed to dream that this is because she’s discovered her deep-seated and never fulfilled love of performance in adult entertainment? Is it too much to ask?

  11. Maria Menounos Butt Leaving Extra
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    I worship that ass of hers, but I thought she was shit-canned ’cause she didn’t suck Lil’ Mario’s chalupa!

  12. Did anyone else hear “Yesterday” playing in their head when they read this story?

  13. The headline is in error. Maria’s ass just won’t quit!

  14. Maria Menounos Butt Leaving Extra
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  15. wtf

    People get paid to write the crap on this site?
    There is no god.

  16. Maria Menounos Butt Leaving Extra
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