Maria Menounos’ Ass Is Quitting ‘Extra’

Photo Boy and I enjoy very few perks in our line of work: No commute, no dress code, sick days, vacation days, federal holidays off, health, dental and vision insurance, creative freedom, minimal managerial interaction, movie days, decent paychecks for essentially looking at tits and making jokes about our wieners. It’s a goddamn chore is what I’m getting at. And now it’s going to suck even more because we’re not going to see daily shots of Maria Menounos’ spectacular ass filming Extra thanks to her quitting. So here are 40 pics of it in all its splendor while I stare out the window with more sadness and sorrow than if you told me I have cancer. Or worse, Mila Kunis’ baby is mine somehow even though I have none of the memories of making it. I’d fucking shoot myself.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFphoto, WENN