Marcia Cross hates the housewives

tn_marcia_cross_globes_red_carpet_cr.jpgMaking decisions is usually pretty easy as a celebrity. Which drug should I get addicted to? Which plastic surgeon should I blow for some extra botox? Should I invite people I despise to my sham wedding? Desperate almost-housewife Marcia Cross is torn with the latter.

Her in list includes longtime friend Nicollette Sheridan and newfound one Felicity Huffman, the source notes. But having butted heads with Teri Hatcher and having “never connected” with Eva Longoria, Marcia, 43, prefers to leave them out.

If I was a chick, I wouldn’t want Eva Longoria at my wedding either. Chances are you’d catch her having sex with all three groomsmen on top of what’s left of the cake by the end of the day. What? She’s already admitted her whorish ways.

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