Marc Anthony hates you

manthony_fu.jpgThe New York Daily News reports that during Jennifer Lopez’s Bryant Park fashion show after-party in W Hotels’ VIP Illustration Lounge, Marc Anthony scribbled “FUCK YOU” on a piece of paper when asked to make a doodle to be displayed at W properties and later auctioned off for charity. Among the celebs who gladly participated in the doodles were Elisha Cuthbert, John Leguizamo, designer and socialite Charlotte Ronson, and Rocco DiSpirito from the Food Network.

“Everyone was drawing caricatures, doing their little drawings and stuff to be framed,” reports a Lowdown spy. “They handed a piece of paper to Marc, for either him or J.Lo to draw on. He wrote ‘FUCK YOU,’ and passed it back. People were totally taken aback. He was just too cool for school. You hear about him, and then you see him in action, and you just wonder. And now the other art is touring, and they literally have his ‘FUCK YOU’ in storage.”

Instead of actually writing “FUCK YOU”, Marc Anthony should have just drawn a picture of a hand giving the middle finger. And then he should have taken a knife and driven it through his own skull because he’s such a douche. I know he’s a zombie and all, but he really needs to lighten up. My other zombie friends eat brains for breakfast, but even they occasionally throw some change to the homeless. And so what if they eat the homeless guy’s brain afterwards? They’re zombies – it’s what they do.